Kate Bishop Vs. Yelena Belova Vs. Maya Lopez (Echo): Who Wins?

kate bishop vs yelena belova vs maya lopez

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Hawkeye TV show on Disney+ ended with a bang. Some awesome villains got their introduction into the MCU, but the highlight of the entire show was the three brilliant female characters, Kate Bishop, Yelena Belova, and Maya Lopez. They all possess incredible skills, but who would win if they ever fought each other?

The fight is quite evenly matched in the MCU versions of the character, with Kate Bishop having less battle experience than Yelena and Maya. If we consider their comic book counterparts, Maya Lopez will defeat both Yelena Belova and Kate Bishop.

Every character has their advantages, but if we take the most powerful version of Maya’s Echo against the most powerful versions of Kate’s Hawkeye and Yelena’s Black Widow, Echo wins, hands down. Even if we’re talking about their standard comic book versions, she’d still win, although it would be a much closer fight. Let’s dig in and see why.


Kate Bishop, Yelena Belova, and Maya Lopez are all human beings with no apparent superpowers other than skills and training. Therefore, their strength is quite similar, but some differences could help us determine who the strongest one among them is. Let’s start with Kate Bishop.

Kate saw Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, in action when she was just a little girl and has idolized him ever since. She saw how much Clint could accomplish as a superhero, even though he had no real superpowers. Kate started training from a very young age, becoming a prolific martial artist and marksman.

That being said, she’s still quite young. Bishop’s physical condition is at an above-average level for someone of her age, gender, and physical constitution, but that’s as far as it goes.


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The same thing goes for Maya Lopez. Echo is deaf, so she relies on her other heightened senses to fight. She also trained in numerous martial arts her entire life and got to the peak physical condition for a human being of her age, gender, and constitution.

She’s a bit older than Kate Bishop, but nothing significant would point to her being physically stronger than the new Hawkeye.

That leads us to Yelena Belova. She was chosen to replace the Black Widow when she was 15, training extensively under the Red Room for fifteen more years. She’s at a peak physical condition and strength, even topping the records made by the initial Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff.

I can’t quite remember a situation from the comics where I’d say Yelena presented strength superior to Kate or Maya (at least when she’s at her standard, non-enhanced power levels). However, in the MCU, she casually lifted Kate Bishop over her head and threw her off a building. 

Yelena is older and more thoroughly trained to be an assassin than Kate or Maya, and it seems she’s slightly stronger physically. She gets two points in this category, while Maya and Kate get one point each.

Kate BishopYelena BelovaMaya Lopez


Kate Bishop started training when she was very young. She had won countless martial arts competitions, fencing tournaments, and archery accolades. However, when it comes to real battle experience, Kate is the least experienced combatant of the three.

Regardless of her sports experience, fighting someone under a strict ruleset and fighting someone who’s actually trying to kill you isn’t the same. Kate’s inexperience and acting without thinking almost got her killed numerous times. 

While she did collect some experience over the years with the Young Avengers and the West Coast Avengers, Bishop is still nowhere near Maya Lopez, let alone Yelena Belova.


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Maya Lopez, aka Echo, lived with an adopted father who was a criminal, and she witnessed him getting killed. After that, she dedicated her life to perfecting herself as a fighter and mercenary. Echo was also a part of a criminal group and one of their best combatants, gathering experience in street-level combat for a long time.

After that, she turned around and joined the New Avengers, working with the team for quite a long time. Echo was also Ronin for some time and helped the heroes through some of the toughest times in their comic book history, such as the Secret Invasion, World War Hulk, and more.

However, Yelena Belova tops both of them experience-wise. She had been put under the most excruciating tests and training under the Red Room to become one of the most skilled – if not the most skilled – assassins in the world.

Yelena had seen countless battles, but her work in espionage sets her apart from the other two. Belova can work from the shadows just as well as in open combat, which can be quite useful, especially in a fight against somebody like Echo, who has a hearing impairment and has to rely on her other senses.

Maya Lopez gets one point in this category, Yelena Belova gets two, and Kate Bishop gets none.

Kate BishopYelena BelovaMaya Lopez

Combat Skills

Again, we have a similar situation here regarding close combat skills. Kate Bishop is a prolific martial artist and phenomenal combatant, training ever since she was a child to become as prolific as possible.

Kate is an amazing martial artist, but her true strength in close combat lies in her swordsmanship skills. Bishop is great in fencing but swordsmanship in general, too. Again, the only thing she lacks is discipline and experience. 

Kate tends to rush into things without planning and strategizing, which leads to her losing some fights not because she lacks the skill, but patience.

On the other hand, Yelena Belova is a highly skilled close combatant, prolific with all kinds of weapons, including knives, stakes, and more. Her true skills lie in her agility and creativity in battle, using gymnastics and acrobatics to defeat even the toughest opponents in hand-to-hand combat.


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Like all Widows, Yelena is a phenomenal martial artist, but she’s not just good – she’s one of the Red Room’s best ever. Is that enough to top Maya Lopez? Absolutely not, and there’s a logical reason why.

Maya Lopez goes under the name Echo. It’s not a random name – it stems from her photographic reflexes. Not many Marvel characters have the ability; the most notable character with photographic reflexes is the Taskmaster. It allows him and Echo to copy anyone’s moves and skills perfectly after seeing them only once.

That’s why Maya took the name Echo – she can copy everything you can do to perfection, which means that, if she ever fights Kate Bishop or Yelena Belova, she’d almost instantly pick up on all their skills, virtually becoming the same fighter they are. Add her own skills and experience to the mix, and you get the most prolific close-range combatant out of the three.

Maya Lopez gets two points, Yelena Belova gets one, while Kate Bishop gets none again. Bishop is an amazing martial artist, prolific in swordsmanship, but she’s not quite on their level compared to Yelena and Maya.

Kate BishopYelena BelovaMaya Lopez


The marksmanship category was the toughest for me to rate because all three characters are extremely prolific in that regard. However, some nuances helped me determine who the best of the bunch is, based on versatility, the weapon of choice, and overall marksmanship skills.

Kate Bishop is, as she says, “the world’s greatest archer.” Whether she’s best or not, the fact remains that she’s pretty close to it – even the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, gave her props for her outstanding archery skills.

Bishop can fire up to five arrows at once with perfect accuracy, hit trick shots, bounce shots, trick arrows, combine their effects, and much more. Just like the original Hawkeye, Kate’s archery skills are almost superhuman, even though she’s just a human being. Bishop doesn’t use guns or other weapons, but one could argue she’s even deadlier with her bow.

On the other hand, we have Yelena Belova, one of the world’s most prolific assassins. She’s an incredible marksman with all kinds of weapons, including guns, rifles, etc. However, due to her espionage background, she usually only uses her bracelets that release electric blasts, known as the Widow’s bites. 

Although she’s a great marksman, Yelena relies more on stealth, close combat than long-range shootouts.


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That leads us to Maya. Echo used her photographic reflexes to become an incredible marksman, not just with weapons but with all kinds of objects. Lopez watched a ton of Bullseye footage, copying his skills to become a phenomenal marksman.

However, just like Yelena, her primary battle choice is close combat. We’ve never seen her even try to use a bow and arrows. Even with her incredible photographic reflexes, I doubt she could get as accurate as Kate Bishop without years of training.

She can shoot as well as Yelena, but with a more versatile arsenal. However, seeing that marksmanship is Kate Bishop’s primary choice, she deserves two points in this category. Maya gets one, while Yelena gets zero.

Kate BishopYelena BelovaMaya Lopez

Additional Powers

Finally, we come to the additional powers that the characters have. They’re all pretty evenly matched so far, with Kate Bishop slightly trailing, and it seems she’ll continue to trail after this final category.

Kate Bishop has no additional powers other than her skills, intensive training, and the indomitable will that pushes her through the toughest risks and battles, even though she knows her life is at stake at every given moment. She gained more experience, skills, confidence, and battle intelligence over the years, but that’s about as far as Kate’s powers go.

The same goes for Yelena Belova when she’s at her normal power levels. Yelena is a highly trained assassin and mercenary, but she has no superhuman skills – up to one point.

Then she crossed paths with the New Avengers and attacked them, but an intervention from Sauron severely burned her upper body. Yelena barely survived, but while she was in the ICU, a man approached her along with an A.I.M. scientist and offered her a deal (New Avengers #6).

They gave her new, incredibly enhanced powers, and in return, she ought to kill the Avengers. Yelena became a Super-Adaptoid, a being capable of absorbing the powers of any enemy that attacks her. 


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She quickly gained the powers of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and even Sentry, making her virtually unbeatable – one of the most powerful beings in the universe. However, absorbing Sentry’s powers also made Yelena absorb the Void, which ultimately led to her defeat.

Maya Lopez has several powers one might call superhuman, although they really aren’t superhuman, per se. As I already mentioned, Echo has photographic reflexes, allowing her to learn any move or skill she gets a chance to see clearly – hence, the nickname Echo.

Maya is deaf, which can be a handicap in poorly-lit areas, but her deafness resulted in her other senses getting very heightened. She can sense vibrations that ordinary humans cannot read lips and more. Lopez even learned to speak simply by watching other people’s tongues.

That’s not all, though. At her strongest self, Echo became the host of the Phoenix Force (Avengers Vol. 8 #44), an omnipotent cosmic entity with unfathomable powers, making her not only one of the strongest beings on Earth or the galaxy but the entire universe. 

Her powers included flight, self-sustenance, superhuman strength and durability, immortality, cosmic pyrokinesis, and even resurrection. While hosting the Phoenix Force isn’t Maya’s standard character form, it’s her strongest version. And, even without it, she has the most additional powers out of the three characters we’re comparing.

Echo gets two points, Yelena gets one of her time as the Super-Adaptoid, while Kate gets none.

Kate BishopYelena BelovaMaya Lopez

Kate Bishop Vs. Yelena Belova Vs. Maya Lopez: Who Wins?

There you have it, folks – Maya Lopez edges out a victory against Yelena Belova, with Kate Bishop trailing behind the two. The situation might change in the future as Kate grows older, more skilled, and experienced, but taking things as they are, Echo is the strongest character out of the three.

She has the most powers that the others don’t have, even if we exclude the Phoenix Force and the Super-Adaptoid powers from Yelena. Despite her deafness, Lopez has other senses that are highly amplified, and her photographic reflexes allow her to gain the upper hand on almost anybody she fights.

Although Kate would stand the most chance if we’re talking about a long-range fight, her inexperience would probably cost her against highly trained and skilled characters such as Yelena or Maya.

And, when Belova and Lopez remain standing against each other, the copying abilities from Echo would push her over the top, giving her the ultimate victory between the three incredible, powerful female characters.

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