Keto Shimizu Comments on the Shocking Cancelation of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’:”We Knew of All the Shake-Ups Happening”

Keto Shimizu Comments on the Shocking Cancelation of ‘Legends of TomorrowWe Knew of All the Shake Ups Happening

It’s been over two years since the final episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ aired. The show ended suddenly after seven seasons, catching even the creator off guard, which is why it ended on a big cliffhanger.

Fans wanted it to come back to wrap things up, especially because of the surprising ending. The person in charge of the show, Shimizu, felt sorry for not being able to finish it properly, blaming contract issues. They tried to bring in Booster Gold in the last episode to convince the network to keep it going, but Warner Bros. didn’t want to continue due to studio lease problems, so it got canceled.

Attempts to bring back the series on HBO Max or Paramount+ were blocked by existing contracts. Trying to blend the Legends’ stories into ‘The Flash’ faced hurdles due to episode limits and story boundaries. Even though people called for saving the series, big names like James Gunn, who later became co-chairman of DC Studios, focused on other things. As a result, the unanswered questions from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ lingered, affecting later Arrowverse shows.

In her interview with ‘The Showrunner Whisperer,’ Shimizu revealed why the show’s cancellation surprised her and why loose ends were left hanging without a proper wrap-up.

We knew of all the shake-ups happening, the potential sale and all of those things were coming as we were, again, very deep into writing and producing our season. It didn’t really seem like a possibility that we wouldn’t get a chance to wrap things up in a satisfying way, with at least half a season. Again, this was based on the decade-plus of precedent really set by The CW and them always giving shows a chance to end things their own way, even shows that didn’t have much of an audience. They’re always like ‘And there’s going to be eight episodes to wrap this up,’ so to us, and again, this was probably our hubris in a way – we just didn’t think that it was possible that we would get cut off at the knees without a chance to really make a satisfying conclusion.

The showrunner further explained that the decision was made by the people who never cared about the show:

If we had known going in, we could have pivoted fairly gracefully into an ending that was still fun and irreverent but that would have felt more like an ending. It just happened too late that we were too busy pushing the season forward as we should have been, that’s our job, to really come to grips with the fact that all these shifts that were happening in offices far, far away from us and far, far away from the people who we talk to every day about story and about the direction of the show. These were numbers people, these were finance people, these are not people who ever watched our show or ever really cared. It was just people who looked at the math and said ‘No this doesn’t make sense, we don’t want to do these kinds of shows anymore, so goodbye.’

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