Kevin Costner Reflects on His Underwhelming Role in Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’: “Maybe I Should Have Read This Thing Closer”

man of steel role kevin costner

Upon release, Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ garnered mixed reviews, becoming highly controversial for its darker portrayal of Superman and his decision to break his “no-kill” rule.

Snyder defended Superman’s actions by arguing that the character wouldn’t be genuine if he couldn’t make such tough choices, seemingly settling that debate. However, other criticisms, such as Pa Kent’s death, remained unanswered and prominent among them.

Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent sacrifices himself in ‘Man of Steel’ during a tornado to protect Superman’s identity, a scene often criticized by fans for its execution and premise. Recently, the decision to cast Costner in what some view as a minor role resurfaced amid discussions about casting choices for similar roles in other superhero films.

Costner has now reflected on his role nearly 11 years after the movie’s release while promoting his latest film ‘Horizon: An American Saga.’ When asked about his past and present projects, Costner humorously acknowledged his portrayal as a normal human in a superhero film, quipping and joking that it was just his luck.

It’s just my luck to be in a superhero movie and be the only person that’s normal. I was like, “really, I can’t fly, and I can’t put my fist through the wall? Maybe I should have read this thing closer. I’m a farmer?!”

Costner also drew parallels between his death scene as Jonathan Kent and one of the most poignant moments in his latest movie.

Critics questioned the logic behind Jonathan’s decision to sacrifice himself, deeming it unnecessary and unrealistic. They argued that he could have accepted Clark’s help to survive without exposing Clark’s abilities to the public. Many fans felt his death did not serve a significant purpose in Superman’s character development. Instead of inspiring Clark to embrace his destiny as a hero, it seemed to instill fear and uncertainty, disappointing some viewers.

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