Kevin Feige Talks about the MCU’s Connection to ‘X-Men ‘97’ & Its Canon Status: “I Think We Did Land in a Smart Place”

X Men 97 canon or not

‘X-Men ’97’ is Marvel Studios’ newest success. The animated series picks up where the original X-Men show left off, and fans are happy with how authentic the revival feels.

The episodes keep drawing in high ratings, and the story keeps improving. Season 2 has already been confirmed before its release, and discussions about season 3 are currently happening.

The show is officially part of the Marvel Animated Multiverse, but Kevin Feige mentioned that they did think about making it part of the MCU at one time, as he discussed in his recent interview with Inverse.

It’s actually gone back and forth quite a few times, and I think we did land in a smart place because [X-Men: The Animated Series] was its own thing, and I think that to continue it we needed to be our own thing.

Feige is correct in stating that introducing ‘X-Men ’97’ into the MCU would complicate the already complex canon. It would also require other projects to acknowledge the X-Men in some capacity before their live-action debut.

We’re getting the X-Men in this format and we’re doing it justice not just by ourselves, but also other fans as well, and we’re starting to get a resurgence of the X-Men in film again. I love that. And I think it’s great that we can have different things, let them be different.

Captain America’s shield did make an appearance in the latest episode, but this doesn’t necessarily imply that the show directly references the MCU in any manner.

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