23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

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The Kingsman movies are outstanding spy films that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time, breaking the tension with some brilliant humor. On the other hand, some of the quotes from the movies are quite inspiring, if not educational, and each character has some great, memorable lines.

Without further ado, here’s a list of 20+ most memorable Kingsman quotes from the first two movies, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Kingsman Quotes About Suits

23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

“A suit is the modern gentleman’s armor. And, the Kingsman agents are the new knights.”

Harry Hart delivers the epic quote in the first Kingsman movie. It means that the times have changed, and brute force isn’t the way to go anymore. Instead, real knights of the modern era wear suits instead of armor.

The underlying meaning of the quote is that, in modern society, powerful men aren’t those who are the strongest physically, but rather those with the biggest societal influence.

Kingsman Quotes About Shoes

“Oxfords, not brogues.”

This quote came from Harry Hart in the first Kingsman film, which confused some viewers. Brogues aren’t a particular type of shoe, unlike the oxfords that refer to a specific shoe type with shoelace eyelets sewn under the vamp instead of the top, giving them a slim, elegant, sleek look, perfect for suits that all the Kingsmen wear.

On the other hand, broguing is a technique for ornamenting shoes by using small holes and patterns. All shoes decorated with broguing are called brogues, meaning that brogues can also be oxford shoes, but not all oxfords are brogues. Brogues don’t go that well with sleek, elegant, gentlemen suits, so Hart teaches his protege the dress code right away.

Funny Kingsman Quotes

“Is he dead?”

I found this quote, or rather a question, hilarious the first time I’ve watched The Secret Service. Samuel L. Jackson plays the main antagonist in the movie, called Valentine. 

He asks the question “Is he dead?” in a very particular situation, best described with the answer he got from Gazelle: “That tends to happen when you shoot someone in the head.”

“I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam.”

The only person in the world who could possibly say such a horrifying quote in such a polite manner is Colin Firth, aka Harry Hart. He delivers the epic quote in The Secret Service movie when a bigoted church lady picks the wrong guy to mess with.

“Eggsy: When you and I first met, I was just, like, a maggot. – Hart: Maggots turn into flies. Perhaps you mean larva.”

Know your biology, Eggsy. Even if you’re trying to say something nice to your mentor, you’re still getting a fact check. Who even says he was a maggot?

“We go shopping.”

The quote came in an exchange between Merlin and Eggsy in the second movie. Eggsy started getting emotional and desperate after Roxy had died. Merlin tries to calm him down, remember his training, and suppress his emotions. Instead, Merlin tells him they ought to engage in the “Doomsday protocol.”

When Eggsy pulls himself together and asks what that is, Merlin simply says they are going shopping. I found it hilarious, especially at the moment when Merlin had said the quote. I laughed out loud.

Kingsman Quotes from Eggsy

23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

“ Because my mum went mental, banging on about losing me as well as my dad. Then we wouldn’t be cannon fodder for snobs like you, judging people like me from your ivory towers with no thought about why we do what we do. We ain’t got much choice, you get me? And if we was born with the same silver spoon up our arses, we’d do just as well as you, if not better.”

I loved this Eggsy quote from The Secret Service for two reasons. One, it vividly depicts Eggsy’s character. Two, he had a point about the division between upper and lower classes. 

Some incredibly talented people don’t get the same opportunities as the “white collar” folks simply because they don’t come from money or an influential surname.

“Martini. Gin, not vodka, obviously. Stirred for 10 seconds while glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth. Thank you.”

This quote was obviously a reference to the legendary Agent 007, but it seems our boy Eggsy also has some particular drinking habits. His order is completely the opposite of what Bond drinks, but some say it’s oddly similar to what Winston Churchill’s regular order looked like.

“So, are we going to stand around here all day, or are we going to fight?”

This quote came late in The Secret Service film when Eggsy finally faced off with Valentine. He had great motivation to destroy the guy, seeing that he seemingly killed Hart just before.

It’s just another representation of Eggsy’s determined character that never backs down, not even when the situation is the toughest.

“We’ve got brains, skills… skipping rope?”

The quote was pointed at Pedro Pascal’s character, Whiskey, who uses a lasso as his weapon of choice, which Eggsy finds quite funny.

Kingsman Quotes from Hart

23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

”Just know that having something to lose is what makes life worth living.”

Colin Firth’s character, Harry Hart, had some amazing quotes throughout the first two movies, but this one particularly resonated with me. If you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to fight for, and if you have nothing to fight for, then you have nothing to live for. The quote is from Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

“Manners maketh man.”

This might be the most popular quote from the entire franchise – one that keeps coming back more than once. We first heard it in Kingsman: The Secret Service, when Harry Hart teaches some punks a lesson about good behavior.

The phrase is usually attributed to a 15th-century teacher called William Horman, and it means that a person is judged based on their behavior towards other people.

“Listen, boys. I’ve had a rather emotional day, so whatever your beef with Eggsy is – and I’m sure it’s well-founded – I’d appreciate it enormously if you could just leave us in peace until I can finish this lovely pint of Guinness.”

Harry doesn’t say “Manners maketh man” just because – he really believes so. Even after a group of punks starts beefing with him and Eggsy in a pub, he tries to tell them to back off nicely and politely.

Of course, they don’t listen, so he teaches them a lesson – an iconic lesson, that is.

“The world is changing. There’s a reason why aristocrats develop weak chins.”

Hart explains how things work in today’s world with this simple but powerful message in the first Kingsman movie. You see, wars today aren’t won by simply being physically stronger than the opponent. Words, influence, and manipulation became much more important for those with power to stay in power.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

This is a very deep quote from Hart in the first Kingsman film – one that had me thinking quite a bit after the film.

Although Hart says the quote in the movie, he actually quoted Ernest Hemingway, who originally came up with it. It basically means that we have to keep working on ourselves constantly if we want to progress. Strive to be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.

“If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.”

It seems that Harry Hart had the most memorable quotes in the Kingsman movies, but it’s only logical, as he is Eggsy’s mentor. This particular quote came in the first film, and it hit the money.

We all have our habits and firm beliefs. However, if you wish to change or “transform,” you can’t expect it to happen if you refuse to learn and adapt to new situations. If you keep doing the same things and falling into the same patterns, how do you expect anything in your life to change?

“Being a “Kingsman” is more than the clothing we wear or the weapons we bag. It’s about willing to sacrifice for the greater good.”

This quote from The Golden Circle is everything that being a Kingsman means. The clothes, weapons, and combat skills are all important, but what makes a Kingsman a true hero is the willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Kingsman Quotes from Valentine

23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

“Mankind is the virus, and I’m the cure.”

Although Richmond Valentine might seem like a mad man to some, the fact is, the guy had a point most of the times he spoke. He explained this quote and his stance on humanity quite nicely.

When a human contracts a virus, what do our bodies do? We get a fever as our body raises its temperature to kill the virus. Well, Valentine suggests that the Earth is doing the same thing – global warming to destroy humankind, because humanity is Earth’s virus, poisoning the planet until it is forced to retaliate.

“Do I look like I give a f*ck?”

Valentine plays no games. He doesn’t have empathy or emotions towards those in his way of achieving his goals or those who are collateral damage to his actions.

So, when Gazelle points out to him that many people will die due to his actions, he delivers this awesome quote in the most Samuel L. Jackson kind of way possible.

“Is this the part where you say a really bad pun?”

This was the last thing Richmond Valentine ever said. Eggsy managed to spear him through the back, but even when dying, Valentine kept his sarcastic sense of humor on full display even when dying.

More Kingsman Quotes

23 Most Memorable Kingsman Quotes

“We have nothing to protect but our honor.”

Mark Strong’s character, Merlin, delivered this great quote in the second Kingsman movie while talking to Whiskey. When you pull it out of context, though, the quote just gets a whole new dimension. Always look to protect your honor, even when the times are the hardest.

It will never be an easy decision, but it will always be the right one.

“Okay, but it’s really bad for you. Eight times more addictive than cocaine. Five times more likely to cause death. But it’s legal. So, you go ahead, knock yourself out. Don’t get me started on tobacco and alcohol.”

This quote is from Julianne Moore’s Poppy in The Golden Circle film. She is with Angel, who asked her to pass the sugar. When you start thinking about what she’s saying, it’s quite odd. Although we all know how bad sugar can be for our health, we keep consuming it daily.

“You know, my momma… she always told me, ‘Us Southerners get our good manners from the British.’ So I was thinkin’, “Ain’t that a pity? Y’all ain’t keepin’ none for yourself”. Y’all ain’t ever heard of knockin’ before you enter?”

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The quote from The Golden Circle is delivered by Tequila, an American Statesman agent that delivers this snark after the Kingsman barge in on him.

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