‘Kleo’ Ending, Explained: What Is Inside the Mysterious Red Suitcase?


This is the ending explained for Kleo, a new German spy-thriller drama on Netflix that is ready to pull you into its world and characters. The series has a heavy Tarantino influence as we follow the protagonist of the story, Kleo, in her search for revenge. You see, Kleo was betrayed by its own people, the members of the Democratic Republic of Germany. She lost the baby she was about to have, and she also has a list. There is even a mysterious briefcase with unknown contents. If you like Tarantino, you will probably like Kleo.

The show moves at a very good pace, always delivering when it comes to the revelations, and watching Kleo plan how to take out her next target is always a blast. The performances are also superb, and the show is as good as it is because the actors are all pulling their weight. Especially, Jella Haase, who plays Kleo herself. The actress’ energy, talent, and charisma really take her to the next level. After watching the show, it is difficult to imagine another performer in that role.


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The following paragraphs include spoilers for Kleo. Read at your own risk.

What Is Inside The Mysterious Red Suitcase?

The premise of Kleo is very simple. Kleo was an assassin and a secret agent in the service of the German Democratic Republic, or GDR, but after finishing one mission in West Germany, she was betrayed by her own organization. She is passed as a traitor and put into jail. Unfortunately, Kleo was pregnant when they jailed her, and when she got into a fight inside the jail, she ended up losing her baby. It is a major trauma for her, and one of her main motivations to push forward because she gets released after the Berlin Wall falls down.

As the series progresses, she finds out that her grandfather, who was her commander, and who she killed just after being released, was holding some very important secrets. He hides those secrets inside a red briefcase, and it seems everybody wants it. At the beginning of the season, we see the suitcase arriving in Chile and being grabbed by a German contact living there, Jorge. Kleo, and Sven, who have now become solid partners, track the suitcase to Chile, and they fly there. Sven is in contact with a third party, and they offered him a reward for getting the suitcase for them.


They manage to track Jorge, and Kleo confronts him. However, she is attacked by another agent and Jorge escapes. Sven follows him and for some reason, a big truck crashes into Jorge, killing him instantly. Ramona calls Kleo and they agree to meet. During the meeting, Ramona poisons Kleo, but thankfully, Sven arrives at the right time and saves him. It becomes clear that they care for one another romantically at this point. The pair manage to track Ramona, and a car chase ensues. They all crash at the end.

They all survive the crash, but Ramona was pregnant and her water breaks at that moment, so Kleo decides to deliver the baby. Ramona is grateful and gives the location of the suitcase to Kleo and Sven. They find the suitcase and open it. Inside, there are secret documents. It is proof that the GDR and the United States were in cahoots. The USA was financing the GDR, to preserve the status quo in the region. If a secret like that comes out, it would demolish the entire communist system in Russia.

What Happens With Kleo And Sven At The End Of The Show?

After recovering and seeing what was inside the mysterious red suitcase, Kleo and Sven are approached by Margot, who explains to them the dangers of such secrets being in the open. Margot proposes to take the secrets, and then she will tell Kleo where her mother is. It appears Kleo’s mother is not dead, as everybody told her. She is alive, somewhere. Kleo convinces Sven to go look for her mother, and for him to come with her. He agrees, but not before contacting his third party.

Kleo arrives back in West Germany, and there she finds her mother. She also discovers that she has two younger brothers. However, the reunion is a surprise for both of them. It isn’t a welcome surprise for her mother. Kleo gets rejected, as her mother is happy with the life she has built without her, and she doesn’t want anything from her past to come back to haunt her. Kleo goes back to Sven, disappointed, and they both leave.


Back at Kleo’s place, she finds a note from Thilo saying goodbye. Sven has nowhere to go, so he spends the night, and the inevitable happens. Sven and Kleo have sex, and they seem very much into it. They really like each other. The next morning, Sven confesses that Margot might not have the suitcase anymore. We see how Min Sun delivers the suitcase and its contents to a United States officer, and she receives money in exchange. Meanwhile, Margot opens a fake suitcase filled with toilet paper.


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As the show ends and the US officer opens the suitcase, we see Min Sun with a very ominous glare on her face. It is insinuated that the suitcase contains a bomb, but the show cuts to credits without revealing what happened. Ramona is shown happy with her son. Thilo was apparently taken by aliens, and Uwe is shown alive and looking to take revenge on Kleo. If there is a second season, then that last teaser will possibly be where things are going.

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