Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

There are a lot of powerful villains in the Marvel Comics universe, and some of them are so incredibly powerful that they are beyond comprehension. Two characters that tend to be near the apex in terms of just how powerful they include the likes of Marvel’s Knull and Galactus, both of whom are characters that are as old as time itself and have power levels that are beyond imagination. But in a fight between Knull and Galactus, who would win?

Both Knull and Galactus are so incredibly powerful that they are universal threats that have immeasurable capabilities. That is why it is very difficult to tell who between them will win in a fight, as they are both two of the most powerful universal threats that Marvel superheroes have faced.

The fact both Knull and Galactus are two of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Comics universe suggests that a fight between them could shatter the entire cosmos as we speak. Nevertheless, we can leave this fight up to our imagination because we probably won’t see it anytime soon. But we can look at a hypothetical fight between them in greater detail.

Physical Capabilities

Knull is a divine entity that has existed even before the current Marvel universe because he is a primal god that represents the darkness that has been around for as long as time itself or even before that. As such, his physical capabilities are immeasurable, such that his strength is far beyond any of the Marvel superheroes that we know of. For example, he was able to overpower All-Father Thor with relative ease. On top of that, his strength allowed him to rip apart Sentry, the strongest Earth superhero, in half with little to no effort whatsoever and even decapitate an entire Celestial with a single swing of his sword.

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

Galactus is a cosmic being that existed before the current universe because he was the sole survivor of the last one. When his hunger is satiated, he has strength and height that is immeasurable that he was able to take on four Celestial at once before being defeated when they all fused together into one. Galactus is also strong enough that his immeasurable strength alone can destroy entire solar systems and probably even galaxies. But the one thing that holds him back is his hunger, which he always has to satiate for him to be at his full strength.

When Galactus is at his full strength, he is probably just as strong or even stronger than Knull in terms of his physical capabilities. But the problem is that Galactus gets weakened whenever he hasn’t eaten a planet. That is why Knull can very well take advantage of this by simply killing this cosmic being with a single strike of his sword.

Knull 1, Galactus 0

Powers And Abilities

As a being that stems from the primordial darkness that has existed before the universe itself, Knull’s powers are beyond measure. He is darkness itself and is capable of manifesting different forms of dark creatures like symbiotes with his power, and that means that he is responsible for powerful creatures like Venom and Carnage, among others. His power is so incredible that he can use his symbiotes to basically infect gods and even Celestials so that he can make them act according to his bidding.

Galactus possesses something called the Power Cosmic, which is an immeasurable cosmic force that basically allows him to do whatever he wants to do to such an extent that he already seems godlike in terms of his power levels. Because of this immeasurable power, Thanos ranked Galactus near the very top of the standings in terms of some of the most powerful beings in the universe, as he believed that he was at the level of the Stranger, the Celestials, Odin, and Zeus but not as strong as Eternity and Infinity. And Galactus is so powerful that he can use the Power Cosmic to give the same level of power to his heralds, particularly Silver Surfer.

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

In the comics, Silver Surfer was able to exhaust the Power Cosmic he was given so that he could find a way to defeat Knull. This wasn’t enough to kill Knull, but it did significant damage to him. As such, when in the hands of Galactus, the Power Cosmic should be a weapon that might be enough to kill Knull or, at the very least, make the battle evenly matched.

Knull 1, Galactus 1


Knull is a primordial being that has been around for countless years, as he himself says that this is the seventh iteration of the universe he has existed in. He has lived for billions of years and was able to compile knowledge and information that has allowed him to learn everything he needed to know about the different planets and beings that are all over the universe. There is also the fact that he shares a hive mind with his symbiotes, such that whatever his symbiotes know and learn will also form part of his knowledge.

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Galactus is a cosmic being that is said to be one of the oldest entities in the universe because he existed before the current Marvel universe. As such, he also has billions of years of knowledge and information. Galactus also has cosmic awareness that allows him to see and understand the different changes going on in the universe, and this is one of his biggest advantages when it comes to his intelligence.

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

Even though Knull is an incredibly intelligent being that has honed his knowledge and information throughout his entire lifetime, Galactus is just as intelligent and knowledgeable as well. But what gives Big G the advantage here is the fact that he has cosmic awareness because of the Power Cosmic.

Knull 1, Galactus 2


In terms of his feats, Knull is an incredibly accomplished character that has seen it all in the Marvel Comics universe. Knull was able to instantly kill a Celestial with a single swing of his sword and was able to take on armies of gods singlehandedly. On Earth, he also killed Sentry, who is normally the strongest Earth hero, as he tore him in half with his strength alone. And while both Silver Surfer and All-Father Thor are incredibly powerful cosmic beings, Knull was also able to defeat them handily.

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

Galactus’s feats are quite incredible because he once took on four Celestials on his own before they fused into one being to defeat him. There was also a point where Galactus showcased his incredible power when he was able to overcome Odin, who is arguably the greatest god in the Marvel Comics universe and is said to be on par with him. Of course, throughout his existence, Galactus needed to be defeated by multiple superheroes because of how incredible his prowess is.

At this point, it is extremely difficult to tell who has the better feats between Knull and Galactus because they have both been able to overcome and defeat some of the most powerful entities in Marvel Comics history. That’s why this round is easily a tie between the two villains.

Knull 1, Galactus 2

Army and Equipment

Knull uses his power and command over the darkness to form armies of Symbiotes and dragons to do his bidding whenever he is conquering and destroying worlds. At one point, he was also able to infect the heroes of Earth with his symbiotes so that they could use them as his personal army. Knull is also equipped with the All-Black necrosword, which is the same sword that Gorr used to butcher countless gods across the universe. He is also clad in a symbiote armor that gives him strength and supreme protection.

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

Throughout the character’s history, Galactus has always had heralds that do his bidding, as these heralds are the ones that prepare for his arrival whenever he wants to consume a planet. The heralds that Galactus has under his command all have the ability to use a portion of the Power Cosmic that he possesses, and that makes them incredibly powerful entities as well. Meanwhile, Galactus doesn’t possess any special equipment because he himself is already a universal-level threat.

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Knull’s army is greater in terms of its numbers compared to Galactus’s heralds, but we can probably say that they cancel each other out. In the comics, Thor used All-Black to defeat and nearly kill a hungry Galactus. So, if All-Black was in the hands of its true master, who knows how to draw out its true power, Knorr could also use it to defeat Galactus as Thor did.

Knull 2, Galactus 2

Knull vs. Galactus: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Because both Knull and Galactus are incredibly powerful beings that have their own immeasurable abilities and incredible feats, it is very difficult to tell who between them will win in a fight. Knull could probably use his All-Black sword to kill or mortally wound Galactus, but we also know that Big G won’t go down that easily and has the capability to use the Power Cosmic in any way he deems fit to defeat the King in Black. That is why we believe that this battle between Knull and Galactus could go either way.

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