Konohamaru Vs. Naruto: Who Is Stronger?

Konohamaru vs Naruto: Who Is Stronger?

Konohamaru Sarutobi and Naruto Uzumaki have a very interesting relationship. Namely, Naruto is Konohamaru’s idol and the latter strives to replace Naruto as the next Hokage. There are a lot of similarities between Konohamaru and Naruto, but many fans are wondering what would happen in a fight between the two? Who is stronger, Konohamaru or Naruto?

Naruto is several leagues above Konohamaru in almost every category. Although Konohamaru might be the better tactician and he certainly has a more diverse skill set when compared to Naruto, his power levels aren’t even close to Naruto’s; he still has much to learn to even come close to Naruto Uzumaki, his idol.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to compare Konohamaru and Naruto in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see exactly who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.

Overall Skills and Powers

At the start of the series, Konohamaru had only a small number of skills, mainly a few poor techniques and the technique of Transfiguration. After an encounter with Naruto, the bulk of his technical arsenal is made up of some Sexy techniques that he learned from techniques or basics outside of Naruto. He had some skills in setting traps.


In Part 1, Naruto was regularly seen as having great potential, mainly due to the fact that Kyûbi was sealed within him. When Orochimaru saw him defeat Kabuto, he attempted to kill him for fear of what would become of him. His potential manifested itself in Part 2, when he proved his worth in battles against Akatsuki members.

His victory over the Six Bodies of Pain earned him the greatest fame in the ninja world, even more so than when he defeated Gaara’s demon: villagers in Konoha were beginning to believe that he should become Hokage and Zetsu, after seeing the battle, found that Naruto had grown stronger than Sasuke.

The overall assessment is pretty clear here. Naruto is the strongest character in the whole franchise, he became the Hokage and he has saved the world of shinobi on several occasions. Konohamaru is an intriguing character with a lot of potentials, but he can’t really measure up to Naruto in this aspect.

Point: Naruto (1:0) Konohamaru

Shinobi Skills

With some instruction from Naruto, Konohamaru learned a Jonin-level technique: the multi-cloning technique, to which he showed ingenuity with her, sending a clone to serve, for the most part, to distract and gather intelligence on the enemy.

Sometimes during Part I (Part II in the anime), Naruto taught Konohamaru how to use the Rasengan. He assumed he was able to use the Rasengan, but he only used it when he faced Pain, Ebisu was surprised that he could use it.

His version of the Rasengan is, like Naruto, performed using a shadow clone to control chakra power, but is smaller than Naruto (of full size in the anime). Konohamaru has also been shown to hold the Rasengan with a shadow clone of how Naruto uses one to hold his Rasengan.

After hearing how he used Rasengan against Pain, Naruto praised him, and promised Konohamaru that he would teach him how to make a bigger Rasengan.

Later, in a special issue, Konohamaru performed a second Rasengan, this time against Temari, but countered by Shikamaru and his shadow manipulation technique. He also used it in another episode against Sumotoris who attacked the village while almost all the ninjas had gone to fight during the Fourth Great Shinobi War.


Although Naruto had difficulty with Multi Cloning at the start of the series, he quickly learned to use this Jônin level jutsu. The technique that would become his first favorite jutsu. This jutsu takes advantage of Naruto’s massive chakra reserve thanks to the fact that he is the Jinchûriki of the Kyûbi. Naruto is able to create a maximum of two hundred clones, and have a fair amount of chakra in each of them.

Because of this, Naruto can use his shadow clones for just about anything, for fighting, training, searching, etc. Also called the “Whirling Orb”, it is a technique created by the pupil of Jiraiya, Naruto’s father, Minato Namikaze, who was the Fourth Hokage. It is a very concentrated chakra sphere that we create in our hand, then we apply on our opponent.

This technique is quite destructive, since when he received it, Kabuto Yakushi did not have enough chakra to fully heal himself. According to Killer B, this technique would have been created by copying the principle of the Orb of the Tailed Demons used by the bijû. Jiraiya had learned it from his student, and was able to use it in several forms, such as a hermit mode version with an approximate diameter of 5m, Mega Whirling Orb.

As you can see, Naruto is a far more skilled shinobi than Konohamaru. Sure, Konohamaru might have a more diverse skillset, but Naruto is way more powerful and he has so much experience that Konohamaru would just look silly when compared to him. Konohamaru does have potential, but that’s not enough at this point.

Point: Naruto (2:0) Konohamaru

Chakra Techniques

It was revealed that, after learning the meaning of true determination, Konohamaru’s abilities began to show significant improvement over time, implying that he may have inherited from his grandfather, the Third Hokage: Nature Transformation. As an adult, Konohamaru was able to summon toads and ninja monkeys just like his grandfather.

As seen from his Rasengan, Konohamaru has highly refined chakra control. Likewise, he is also revealed to have immense reserves of chakra.

Naruto transforming

Naruto is Kyûbi’s jinchûriki, giving him an enormous amount of chakra and stamina, and accelerated healing (recovering from minor injuries in seconds and serious injuries in a day) and this depending on the quantity of the Nine chakra he uses, as in his fight against Sasuke, it took a few seconds to heal the hole left by the Chidori.

The Kyûbi chakra gives an increase in strength and speed. Naruto’s chakra level is considered to be very high, in part due to the nine-tailed fox demons. According to Kakashi, Naruto’s chakra level is about four times that of Kakashi himself. As such, it is naturally suited to jutsu that use a large amount of chakra, such as Multi Cloning.

While most ninjas are only able to safely create a few clones, Naruto is able to create hundreds of them, while still maintaining a decent amount of chakra in each of them. The demon chakra came to Naruto in life threatening situations, but after training with Jiraiya, Naruto learned to communicate with the fox and ask for his chakra. Otherwise, when Naruto gets angry, it allows him to take Nine Chakra, which allows the fox to have an influence on him.


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If a lot of his chakra is taken by Naruto, the Nine spirit present in the chakra causes Naruto to lose control of his senses, who becomes an animal that attacks everything at hand, and damages his own body, slowly shortening his lifetime. Although a number of methods were devised to break his influence on Naruto such as the Seal of Chakra Removal, created by Jiraiya and Yamato with the Arcana of the Hokage – The Six Decades – Rampart of Homecoming.

After Naruto succeeded in separating the Nine-Tails chakra, and imprisoned Nine-Tails himself with a new seal, he was able to access his chakra directly whenever he needed it without interacting with it. In doing so, he gained a chakra shroud that resembles Rikudô Sennin. The biggest flaw in this mode is the amount of chakra it requires.

Indeed, the more Naruto uses it, the more Kyûbi draws from Naruto’s and risks killing him. However, during the war, Kyûbi stopped at one point pumping his chakra so as not to see Naruto die and even lent him his chakra against Madara because he ended up befriending him and in the end even believed with the other bijû qu ‘he was the reincarnation of Rikudô.

This is where Naruto has the biggest advantage, since his chakra reserves and the resulting powers are simply enormous. Konohamaru is not a great chakra user, that much is known, while Naruto is among the best in the history of the shinobi world. The difference between the two here is absolutely gigantic, and that is why the point goes to Naruto.

Point: Naruto (3:0) Konohamaru


Konohamaru has been shown to be very analytical in battle, able to quickly analyze and understand the mechanics of his opponent’s technique. This is what makes him such a formidable foe and why he is a danger, despite not being that powerful.


On the other hand, intelligence is heavily downplayed for Naruto most of the time in the series, but his skills in deception and strategy are actually extremely high, which allowed him to defeat extremely powerful ninjas like Kakuzu and Pain, and also d ‘other ninjas like Neji Hyûga and Shura. He also possesses the ability to formulate complex plans in the midst of battle.

Naruto’s strategies usually involve shadow clones; either direct the attention of his opponent towards one of his clones to conceal his own movements, or transform them into various forms (like shuriken) to allow surprise attacks.

His skills in deception demonstrated that they had grown exponentially during his fight against Pain, which enabled him to triumph with very elaborate and unpredictable plans like turning his clones into boulders to blend in with the surroundings. He also deceived many enemies without defeating them, as with Zabuza Momochi and Kidômaru.

Now, this is where Konohamaru actually gets a point, but not because Naruto is stupid or something, but simply because he is a better tactician than Naruto. Naruto has a specific approach to fighting, while Konohamaru is more rational and has a more refined approach, which is why he gets this point.

Point: Konohamaru (1:3) Naruto

Physical Powers

During his short skirmish on the Naraka Path, Konohamaru showed he had a high level of speed and evasion ability, being able to dodge most attacks. Still, not much is known about his other physical powers and skills, since he still has to make a proper appearance in the new series.

Konohamaru Naruto Featured

Being a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto possesses incredible resistance and vitality, moreover having Kyûbi in him increases his capacities. He apparently has some knowledge of fûinjutsu, as he knew how to use the key to undo and re-seal his seal after seeing Gerotora.

Jiraiya had left Naruto with the key to help him complete an unknown technique which he, Naruto, and Minato worked on, but never finished. Naruto said he was ready to complete it.

This is where we couldn’t really decide the winner, so we gave both of them a point, since the overall winner is already known. They are physically on a very similar level so it was hard to decide whether one is more powerful than the other.

Point: Both, Naruto (4:2) Konohamaru

Konohamaru Vs. Naruto: Who Would Win?

The points actually reveal what we had already established, and that is that Naruto is significantly stronger than Konohamaru. Sure, Konohamaru is a skilled fighter, he has a more diverse set of skills than Naruto, and he is a better tactician than Uzumaki, but he is nowhere near Naruto’s level.

Naruto is a better fighter, he has stronger chakra powers and he is basically the strongest character in the whole franchise.


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Now, Konohamaru may be an aspiring Hokage and he might consider Naruto his idol, but he still has so much to learn to come even close to Naruto’s level. This is why we have concluded what we have, but also why the numbers show what they do. Naruto is the clear winner here and although the comparison with Konohamaru was interesting, it was ultimately one-sided.

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