KonoSuba: Every Character’s Age, Height, Birthday, Abilities & More

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KonoSuba offers a gripping storyline and plot, as it follows a group of unique adventurers. Although this series is loved for its fantastical themes and vibrant environments, it also comprises interesting characters from all walks of life.

Each of these characters adds something special to the series’ overall progression, but it can be tricky to keep track of their stats and origins – especially considering that many of these characters are not classified as human. Below is everything you need to know about the main KonoSuba characters’ ages, heights, birthdays, abilities, and much more.

Main Character
Age RangeApprox. Height (ft/ cm)
Kazuma Satou16 – 20 years old5’5”/ 167 cm
AquaUnknown5’2”/ 158 cm
Megumin12 – 14 years old4’9”/ 149 cm
Darkness18 – 22 years old5’6”/ 170 cm
Wiz20 years old5’3”/ 161 cm
Eris/ Chris15 years old5’1”/ 155 cm
Yunyun12 – 17 years old5’1”/ 155 cm
VanirUnknown6’0”/ 182 cm
Iris12 – 13 years old4’8”/ 146 cm
Komekko6 years old3’10”/ 94 cm
SylviaUnknown6’0”/ 182 cm
Devil King699+ years oldUnknown

What do we know about the main KonoSuba characters’ ages, birthdays, and Zodiac signs?

Komekko is the youngest of all the KonoSuba characters at only 6 years old, followed by Iris, who is between 12 and 13 years old in the series. Megumin is described as being 12 years old in Bakuen but is believed to have aged from 13 to 14 years old within the series.

konosuba group

Yunyun is also described as being 12 years old in Bakuen but ages from 13 to 14 years old within the series, and is 17 years old in the Web Novel series. Eris, also known as “Chris”, is believed to be around 15 years old, while Kazuma Satou is from 16 to 17 years old and is described as being 20 years old in the Web Novel series.

Darkness ages from 18 to 19 years old within the series and is described as being approximately 22 years old in the Web Novel series, while Wiz is around 20 years old overall. Devil King is the eldest of all the main KonoSuba characters, being at least 699 years old, while the exact ages of Aqua, Vanir, Sylvia, Wolbach, and Chomusuke remain unknown.


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KonoSuba fans have access to quite a few of the characters’ dates of birth, although some characters’ birthdays remain a mystery. Below are all of the known birthdays and respective Zodiac signs of the main KonoSuba characters.

Main Character
BirthdayZodiac Sign
Kazuma SatouJune 7Gemini
AquaAugust 1Leo
MeguminDecember 4Sagittarius
DarknessApril 6Aries
ErisDecember 25Capricorn
YunyunFebruary 29Pisces
VanirAugust 26Virgo
IrisSeptember 6Virgo
KomekkoMay 5Taurus
Devil KingUnknownUnknown

What do we know about the main KonoSuba characters’ heights?

Although fans do not have access to any official height stats for the KonoSuba characters, their average heights have been speculated based on visual comparisons. Komekko is the shortest of all the characters, measuring around 3’10”/ 94 cm, followed by Iris who is approximately 4’8”/ 146 cm tall.


Megumin is around 4’9”/ 149 cm in height, followed by Yunyun and Eris, who are both approximately 5’1”/ 155 cm tall. Aqua measures around 5’2”/ 158 cm in height, while Wiz is approximately 5’3”/ 161 cm tall, followed by Kazuma Satou at around 5’5”/ 167 cm in height and Darkness who measures around 5’6”/ 170 cm in height.


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Vanir and Sylvia are believed to be the tallest of all the KonoSuba characters, both measuring approximately 6’0”/ 182 cm in height. The heights of Devil King, Wolbach, and Chomusuke remain unknown – although it’s believed that Wolbach has a height similar to Aqua and that Chomusuke is the smallest KonoSuba character overall.

What do we know about the main KonoSuba characters’ genders and races?

One of the most interesting aspects of the KonoSuba series is the combination of numerous species – KonoSuba comprises humans, gods, demonic beings, and more. Below are all of the main KonoSuba characters’ biological genders and races.

Main Character
Kazuma SatouMaleHuman
(Male appearance)
(Female appearance)
Devil KingMaleDevil

What do we know about the main KonoSuba characters’ aliases, occupations, and affiliations?

Each of the KonoSuba characters stems from varying backgrounds, having formed a range of affiliations over time. Below are all of the main KonoSuba characters’ nicknames or aliases, occupations, and affiliations.

Main Character
Kazuma SatouBillionaire Adventurer, Panty-Stealing Devil, Kazutrash, CrapumaAdventurerKingdom of Belzerg, Silver-Haired Thief Brigade
AquaUseless Goddess, Goddess of Party Tricks, Debt Goddess, Toilet GoddessGoddess, Arch PriestHeaven (Formerly), Kingdom of Belzerg
MeguminCrazy Explosion Girl, Psycho Girl, Duxion SlayerStudent (Formerly), Arch WizardCrimson Demons, Kingdom of Belzerg, Megumin Bandits
DarknessEroness, DivorcenessCrusaderKingdom of Belzerg, Dustiness House
WizIce WitchDevil King’s General, Arch Wizard, Adventurer (Formerly), Store OwnerDevil King’s Army (Formerly), Kingdom of Belzerg
Heaven, Kingdom of Belzerg, Silver-Haired Thief Brigade, Megumin Bandits
YunyunSelf-Proclaimed RivalStudent (Formerly), Arch WizardCrimson Demons, Kingdom of Belzerg, Megumin Bandits
VanirAll-Seeing Demon, Crow SlayerDevil King’s General (Formerly), Store Assistant, Duke of HellDevil King’s Army (Formerly), Wiz’s Shop
IrisDragon Slayer, Illis, IrenePrincessKingdom of Belzerg, Megumin Bandits
KomekkoUnknownDemon SummonerCrimson Demons
SylviaGrowth Chimera SylviaDevil King’s General
Devil King’s Army
Devil KingUnknownDevil KingDevil King’s Army
WolbachDark GodArch Wizard, Devil King’s General, Dark GodDevil King’s Army
ChomusukeKuroFamiliar, Dark GodWolbach, Yunyun (Formerly), Megumin

What do we know about the main KonoSuba characters’ skill types and weapons?

In addition to holding a range of personality traits and experiences, each of the KonoSuba characters offers special skills during combat, as well as preferred weapon choices. Below are all of the main KonoSuba characters’ known skill types, as well as their choice of weapon.

Main Character
Skill TypeWeapon
Kazuma SatouBasic and Intermediate Magic, Holy Magic, Creation Magic, Explosion MagicChunchumaru (Lost), Short Sword (Formerly), Enchanted Edge (Broken), Bow-and-Arrow, Tinymite
AquaHoly MagicScepter
MeguminExplosion MagicRod
DarknessUnknownGreat Sword
WizBasic, Intermediate, and Advanced Magic, Teleportation MagicUnknown
ErisThief SkillsEnchanted Dagger
YunyunBasic, Intermediate, and Advanced Magic, Teleportation MagicStaff, Dagger
Devil KingBasic and Advanced Magic, Creation Magic, Teleportation MagicUnknown
WolbachIntermediate and Advanced Magic, Teleportation Magic, Explosion MagicUnknown


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What do we know about the main KonoSuba characters’ abilities?

Although all of the KonoSuba characters hold power in some form, some characters are considered far stronger than others. Still, their abilities are best used in combination with each other, as some are known for dealing damage or taking the role of a tank, while others offer their team great support skills.

konosuba 1

Their abilities stem from various magic types as well, allowing them to take on different roles in numerous situations. Below are all of the main KonoSuba characters’ most notable skills and abilities.

Main Character
Skills & Abilities
Kazuma SatouLuck and Intelligence. Kazuma can learn and use skills and magic spells of any class
AquaHoly Magic, Water Magic, Party Tricks, Master Artist, Construction Master
MeguminIntelligence, Magical Power, Explosion Magic, High-Speed Incantation
DarknessStrength and high HP, Physical Resistance, Magic Resistance, Debuff Resistance
WizLich Abilities, as well as Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Creation, Teleportation, and Explosion Magic
ErisImmortality, Luck, Thief Skills
YunyunTeleportation, as well as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Magic
VanirDivination, Mask, Doll Creation, Change Shape, Submission, Summon Demons, Immense Strength
IrisSacred Treasure Holder
KomekkoDemon Summoning and Demon Control
SylviaChimera Anatomy
Devil KingPower Boost, Resistance, Strength, Speed, Magic
WolbachIntermediate and Advanced Magic, Detonation Series, and Teleportation
ChomusukeFlight, Fire Breath

That’s everything there is to know about the main KonoSuba characters’ ages, heights, birthdays, abilities, and more, with stats thanks to the KonoSuba Wiki. These interesting characters all add value to the KonoSuba saga, and learning about their backgrounds can help fans feel more connected with the plot as the storyline progresses.

What do you think about the main KonoSuba characters’ stats? Let us know in the comments below!

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