Kratos vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

kratos vs wonder woman

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The world of fiction has a lot of different godlike characters, but there are only a few that could actually say that they have the blood of the gods. Two of them happen to be God of War’s Kratos and DC’s Wonder Woman. Considering that they are essentially gods, both Kratos and Wonder Woman are incredibly powerful characters in their own fictional universes. But who would win in a fight between Kratos and Wonder Woman?

This fight could go either way because both Kratos and Wonder Woman are exceptionally strong and are great fighters in their own right. They both have their own advantages against each other, and that’s why we can’t say for certain who between Kratos and Wonder Woman is stronger.

It is incredibly difficult to compare to powerhouses in the world of fiction as both Kratos and Wonder Woman have the blood of the gods and are also strong enough to defeat the gods themselves. Of course, both of them are Olympian and Greek in terms of their origins, and that’s why they are strong. That said, let’s look at this fictional battle in greater detail.


The strength scaling in God of War can be somewhat confusing because of how it varies. This makes it difficult to determine the upper limits of Kratos’s strength, but we do know for a fact that Kratos is an incredibly strong character. His strength might fluctuate from time to time, but he has shown the ability to tap into what seems to be a boundless source of strength that allows him to lift trees, boulders, and even titans. In fact, we were able to see him stopping a titan from crushing him, and that means that he is strong enough to resist the strength of an entity that’s so much stronger than him.

In the DC universe, the strength scaling of the characters varies a lot because it depends on the character and the writer of the comics. However, we know that Wonder Woman is an incredibly strong character that could lift entire buildings and match the strength of characters like Superman and the Olympian gods. She probably isn’t planetary level in terms of her strength, but she is one of the few characters that can stand up to Kryptonians, as she was able to best Supergirl in a fight in one of their meetings. 

ww strength

It might be difficult to compare the strength levels of Kratos and Wonder Woman because of the different strength scales in these two different universes. However, Wonder Woman’s feats have been more impressive because she can match the strength of a low-tier Kryptonian.

Ghost of Sparta 0, Diana Prince 1


Because he is still a god and possesses the body of a god, Kratos has muscles that are incredibly strong he is capable of moving at fast speeds that not even other gods are able to keep up with. His reflexes allow him to react quickly to his opponent’s attacks, and he is also quick enough to speed-blitz other gods that may be just as strong but are not as fast. He showcased this in the fight against Magni, who could match Kratos’s strength but not his speed.


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Wonder Woman’s godly physique allows her to move at speeds that are far beyond what the greatest athletes are capable of. In fact, she has displayed the ability to speed-blitz opponents that are too slow to react to her quickness. The Flash even states that she could match his speed whenever he is running at his regular cruising speed. And when a character gets mentioned alongside the Flash, you would know that this character is fast.

ww flash

Kratos may indeed be quite fast and is capable of moving from one place to another in a split second. However, Wonder Woman is able to match the Flash’s cruising speed, and that means that she is simply faster.

Ghost of Sparta 0, Diana Prince 2


We all know Kratos as a character that could dish out punishment, but he is capable of taking hits and punishment better than any other character in God of War. He can easily withstand attacks that could kill people in a hit, as he was able to remain uninjured after getting hit square in the face by Thor’s Mjolnir. Kratos has also shown the ability to survive attacks from bladed weapons, as not even getting stabbed with a sword is enough to kill him. And we’ve also seen gigantic creatures dishing out punishment that Kratos was able to survive.

While Wonder Woman’s powerful Justice League teammate is bulletproof, she isn’t the same because she can still get hurt and damaged by bullets and ordinary weapons. She has to use her bracers to deflect bullets and defend herself from powerful attacks. But while she may not be as durable as the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman is still capable of taking hits and then recovering from them quickly and fast enough.

There is no doubt that Kratos is incredibly durable and resilient, as it is even possible that his strength and ferocity don’t even come close to his durability. This gives him an edge over Wonder Woman, who may be quite durable but as durable as Kratos.

Ghost of Sparta 1, Diana Prince 2

Weapons and Equipment

While Kratos is known for his ability to brutalize his opponents with his fists, he often uses different varieties of weapons to get the job done. His signature weapons are the Blades of Chaos, which are two short swords that are connected to one another with chains and are capable of flame-based magic damage. Kratos also has the Leviathan Axe, which is said to be just as powerful as Mjolnir and is capable of ice-based damage. And in the previous games, he has worn weapons that belong to Greek gods like Zeus, Hercules, Hermes, and Hades.


Wonder Woman may be able to defeat her opponents in a fight with her fists, but she is also a trained warrior in the use of weapons. She can be seen using a sword that she pairs with her shield from time to time, but she often fancies the use of her bracers, which are capable of deflecting almost any kind of attack. Wonder Woman also wears a godly set of armor that improves her overall durability. And there’s also the lasso of truth, which might not seem like a capable weapon in battle but is quite dangerous in the hands of Wonder Woman.


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It might be true that Wonder Woman has great weapons and equipment that are versatile in any kind of situation. But the thing is that Kratos’s weapons and equipment are meant to kill in a manner that’s brutal and effective.

Ghost of Sparta 2, Diana Prince 2

Fighting Skills

Kratos was trained in the art of Spartan military combat when he was still very young, and that allowed him to rise up as an elite warrior among the Spartans, which were the greatest warriors in Greece. He knows how to use different weapons in different situations and is also an excellent hand-to-hand fighter and grappler. Kratos is skilled in the use of weapons, but he is equally deadly with the use of his hands. In that regard, he is a master of armed and unarmed combat and has been able to defeat gods and monsters alike, with or without a weapon.

Wonder Woman has always been the most gifted among the Amazon warriors, which are some of the greatest fighters and soldiers the world of DC has ever seen. In that regard, she is skilled and well-trained in the art of military combat and is one of the best fighters in the entire DC universe. Only a few fighters are capable of matching up with Wonder Woman in close-combat situations, as she is even able to push Superman to his limits using her skills as a trained combatant.

Both Kratos and Wonder Woman have Greek origins in their combat styles and training. They are also very capable fighters to be able to defeat gods. As such, we can’t say for certain who is the more well-trained fighter between them.

Ghost of Sparta 2, Diana Prince 2

Kratos vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win In A Fight?

This is a very difficult battle to judge because both Kratos and Wonder Woman has their own advantages over one another. While Diana Prince is the superior fighter in terms of her physical capabilities, Kratos is more durable and has better weapons at his disposal. Meanwhile, they are both just as skilled and as well-trained in the art of close combat. As such, this is basically a toss-up between them, as both Kratos and Wonder Woman are incredibly powerful gods in their own right.

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