Supergirl Vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win And Why?

supergirl vs wonder woman

Supergirl and Wonder Woman are the two strongest female superheroes on Earth in the DC Comics universe. They both have incredible powers and abilities stemming from different sources. The question is if they were ever to fight each other, who would win, Supergirl or Wonder Woman?

As depicted numerous times in the comics, Wonder Woman would always win a fight between her and Supergirl. She is much more experienced and trained in battle. While Supergirl is more powerful in raw strength and abilities, Wonder Woman can exploit all her weaknesses.

Supergirl is still a teenager, though, learning how to harness her powers and use them more effectively. She is as formidable an opponent as they come, and it surely wouldn’t be a completely one-sided battle. Let’s compare Supergirl and Wonder Woman’s powers to see who would win and why.

Supergirl And Her Powers

Supergirl DC Comics

Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, is a DC Comics character who debuted in Action Comics #252 in 1959. She was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino as a younger cousin of Kal-El, aka Clark Kent, aka Superman.

The Girl of Steel lives under Linda Lee Danvers, Kara Kent, Linda Lang, and Kara Danvers. Her parents sent her to Earth after being raised in Argo City, a fragment of the planet of Krypton that had survived the initial destruction (the one which sent Superman to Earth).

After a meteor shower blasted Argo City, parents sent Kara to Earth to be raised and cared for by her cousin, Kal-El. She and Superman kept her identity a secret, but she continued to explore the new powers she got from absorbing the energy of our yellow Sun.

Superhuman Strength & Speed

Supergirl, just like Superman, is from Krypton, a planet in a far-away galaxy destroyed in a catastrophe. After arriving on Earth, their alien physiology gave them incredible superhuman powers and abilities they didn’t have on their planet.

Earth’s atmosphere is a lot different and lighter than Krypton’s. Also, our yellow Sun’s energy is an energy source both of them can absorb and enhance their abilities. It’s the yellow Sun that gives them their superpowers.

Supergirl is still a teenager, and she absorbed much less of the yellow Sun’s energy than Superman. While they have all the same powers, Kara is significantly less powerful than Kal-El.

Still, her strength is incredible, as the only other woman on Earth who can match her power is no other than Wonder Woman. If Kara was as trained in combat and martial arts as Wonder Woman, this fight wouldn’t be fair. However, she’s still quite raw and doesn’t have the experience or battle skills of Princess Diana.

Apart from incredible physical strength, Supergirl also has unfathomable speed. She can run and fly almost at the speed of light, and she can survive in outer space with no aid. Kara’s superhuman reflexes combined with superspeed mean she can avoid almost every incoming attack coming her way.

Invulnerability & Durability

When Supergirl fights, she never gives up – mainly because she doesn’t have the reason to give up. She’s practically invulnerable, capable of tolerating and withstanding incredible amounts of damage and continuing to fight. Her resilience is the reason she had taken down threats way beyond her power level. Supergirl never gives up.

As a result of her superhuman powers, she never gets tired, which means her durability is virtually limitless. The Girl of Steel is also immune to most diseases. However, there’s a catch.

Supergirl has several weaknesses, and some of those weaknesses go right into Wonder Woman’s hands. For instance, Kara Zor-El is vulnerable to magic (just like Superman), and Wonder Woman’s main source of power is magic, whether it’s her powers and abilities or her weapons.

Supergirl is also vulnerable to Kryptonite, and although there aren’t many around, if anybody can get it, it would be Wonder Woman.

Superhuman Abilities

Apart from being virtually invulnerable, superstrong, superfast, and the ability to fly, Supergirl has at least a dozen more powers and abilities, just like Superman.

She can absorb, manipulate, and project Solar energy, as well as other forms of energy. That manifests mainly through her ocular powers, such as heat, infrared, or X-Ray vision. Her laser beams can melt metal with ease and blast her opponents far away, even cutting them in half cleanly (if they aren’t superhuman).

Her breath can freeze or blow away anything in her path, giving her yet another tool she can use in combat. Additionally, even if Kara gets hurt, she has potent healing abilities.

Wonder Woman And Her Powers

Wonder Woman Comic Cover Sword Shield

Wonder Woman was a hit ever since the character first appeared in late 1941 in All Star Comic #8. She is also known as Princess Diana, one of the Amazon women living in Themyscira, a hidden island nation blessed by the gods of Mount Olympus.

Princess Diana trained with the Amazons her entire life and quickly became their most formidable warrior due to her spectacular superhuman abilities. We learn that Diana is a demigod – the daughter of Zeus with spectacular superhuman abilities and magical powers. 

To add to it, she’s an incredibly well-trained, experienced warrior with “no” known weaknesses, making her one of the toughest characters in the entire DC Comics universe. She’s one of the rare female characters that got the respect they deserve, as she can easily go head-to-head with any male superhero you can think of.

Here’s what makes her the most powerful woman on Earth.

Superhuman/Demigod Abilities

As I mentioned before, Princess Diana is the daughter of Zeus, meaning she is a demigod. That’s where most of her powers come from – the gods of Olympus granted them.

Her powers include incredible superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. She can defend herself from any kind of damage and take the hardest hits without being harmed. 

In one of their encounters in the comic books, Wonder Woman tells Supergirl that their strength and speed are closely matched, which is true. Supergirl might be slightly stronger and faster, but not to the point where it would be a big advantage over Diana.

But, having superhuman strength and speed is just scratching the surface of Wonder Woman’s abilities. Being a demigod gives her powers way beyond physical attributes. Her divine empowerment gives her magical abilities and magic resistance. 

She also has enhanced senses and above-superhuman intellect, which gives her great chances against anybody, anywhere.


One thing that makes Wonder Woman so mighty is that she has seemingly no weakness. She is extremely durable and can take incredible amounts of physical damage, but her magical skills also defend her from any kind of telepathic, mental, or magical attacks.

She is almost unbeatable, and a fight against her is never a sprint but a marathon – unless she beats you in seconds. Being immune to any disease while healing and regenerating incredibly fast, Princess Diana is practically immortal.

Magical Artifacts

Although Wonder Woman’s physical abilities are off the charts, the Amazon also has access to all kinds of magical and mystical artifacts. She knows how to use each of them to their full potential.

Her favorite tool is the Lasso of Truth, but the Lasso can do so much more than get people to talk. She bound Supergirl once using it, rendering her completely incapable of moving.

She also often uses her magical shield and sword while also having indestructible bracelets, magical tiara, and more. Seeing that one of the biggest Supergirl’s weaknesses is magic, regular weapons might not harm her, but Diana’s magical artifacts make her just as vulnerable as anybody else.

Experience & Training

This is where the scales tip in Wonder Woman’s favor – Diana is an Amazon who spent her entire life training in combat and martial arts, using magical weapons, artifacts, and powers. She is an experienced combatant, very well trained in both hand-in-hand combat and weapon use.

Diana is a masterful tactician, and she is always extremely focused in battle, using even the smallest mistakes her enemies make to her advantage.

Although Supergirl trained Kryptonian martial arts when she was a child and now has incredible superpowers, her battle skills and experience are minuscule compared to Wonder Woman. That’s why, ultimately, my answer regarding the winner of this fight will always be Diana.

Supergirl Vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win And Why?

So, both Supergirl and Wonder Woman have incredible superhuman abilities. They have super strength, speed, incredible durability, and additional superpowers that they could use to their advantage; Supergirl has ocular and energy-manipulation powers, and Wonder Woman has divine empowerment and magic on her side. So, who would win?

When you draw the line, Wonder Woman would eventually win, and there are several reasons why I believe that Kara couldn’t outmatch Diana.

First of all, they have already fought numerous times in the comics, and Wonder Woman always won decisively. Although Supergirl has more raw power, Wonder woman is simply more experienced and better in combat, using Supergirl’s inexperience to incapacitate her quickly.

In Supergirl #17, Wonder Woman refrains from hurting Supergirl but still manages to tie her up and incapacitate her while avoiding inflicting damage – imagine what she could do if she weren’t holding back.

Also, in one of their encounters, Diana states that she and Kara are quite closely matched in strength and speed, but her experience and battle skills make all the difference and are the main reason why Supergirl could never defeat her.

Even in a situation where Wonder Woman fought an evil, bloodlust Supergirl (in Supergirl #38 and #39), she still beats her silly and hinders her with the Lasso of truth. Kara is simply too reckless and emotion-driven to ever jeopardize the composure and experience that Diana has.

So, their powers are quite closely matched, with Supergirl being stronger in terms of raw power but Wonder Woman winning every encounter with skill. The last thing we can look at to determine the winner is their weaknesses.

Wonder Woman seemingly has no weakness – she is invulnerable to both physical and magical damage, heals incredibly fast, and uses her magical abilities to enhance those powers further.

While Supergirl is also incredibly durable and strong, she has several weaknesses. Kryptonite is her greatest weakness, but it’s very hard to find, so we can’t consider it an edge for Wonder Woman. However, Supergirl and Superman are both vulnerable to magic.

Seeing that Diana’s powers mostly come from magical sources of energy and artifacts, she can harm Supergirl just like any other opponent. At the same time, the Girl of Steel might have trouble finding the Amazon warrior’s weakness.

If Supergirl grew up, learned to amplify and use her powers better, and got more experience, she might take on Wonder Woman. However, if the situation is as it is, Diana destroys Kara every time.

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