‘Lockwood & Co.’ Ending Explained: What Is Inside Lockwood’s Secret Room?

lockwood and co season 1 netflix coming january 2023

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Lockwood & Co. A new Netflix young adult TV series developed by Joe Cornish and based on the books of the same name written by Jonathan Stroud. The series tells the story of Lucy, a listener, meaning that she can talk and communicate with ghosts in a future where the veil between life and death has almost vanished and ghosts are now part of daily life. Lucy becomes part of Lockwood & Co. a ghost agency run only by kids, and who are driven by more than just monetary gain.

This season of Lockwood & Co. really shows how good Cornish and his team are at striking the perfect balance between a kids’ show and an adult show. The adventures of the main trio could be qualified as young adult literature by anyone who has dipped their toes in the literary genre, but it contains enough twists and turns and dark developments to not be considered as such. You can definitely feel why this series of books has such a strong following and why so many people like to read about these characters.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for season 1 of Lockwood and Co. Read at your own risk.

How Lucy Ends Up Being Part Of Lockwood & Co.

The series begins with an introduction to our main character, Lucy. We meet her for the first time as her mother is getting her a job, a job she doesn’t want. Lucy is a listener. She has the ability to get in contact with the dead, and she is especially sensitive. In the universe that the show presents, an event called “The Problem” has turned the world on its head. Ghosts are now real, and their mere touch is enough to kill people. Hundreds of thousands of death by ghosts are reported, it all seems lost.

However, it is discovered that kids are sensitive to the presence of ghosts, some of them, like Lucy, can communicate and hear them, while others can even see them. Lucy is forced into the job, and she ends up making a friend during training. Sadly, her friend becomes ghost stuck, and she is now in a coma. After being blamed for the incident, Lucy decides to leave her town and go to London. While she looks for a new job, she realizes that most agencies require references and qualifications to even apply.

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In despair, Lucy answers a newspaper clipping and goes to the Lockwood & Co. agency. There, she meets Anthony Lockwood and George Karim. They seem to be the only members of the agency. After performing some tests, Lucy is hired, and she is shown the house, including a room where she can stay. Lucy is overwhelmed, but soon she starts connecting with the two boys. They are quite different from each other, but they seem like good people.


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Anthony is dashing and overconfident. He has been qualified as a prodigy, which makes it strange that no agencies are interested in recruiting him. There exists a clear attraction and tension between him and Lucy, but at least in this season, it never goes anywhere serious. Meanwhile, Karim is quiet and harsh when he actually speaks. He is quite smart and basically serves as the Q of the team.

Do Lockwood & Co. Manage to Recover The Bone Glass?

As the story develops in the series, our heroes encounter an ancient artifact of great power called, the bone glass. It is a sort of mirror made out of bones. It is an artifact of darkness. There is no doubt about it. Because of its great power, there is more than one person after it. As the series comes to a close, the trio has split, sort of, as Karim feels like he has become a third wheel, and there is nothing he can offer to the company. Karim, who gets his hand on the bone glass, is then manipulated by a woman named Joplin, who wants it for herself.

Karim meets with Joplin at the cemetery, where they plan to execute a ritual using the mirror. It is said that the mirror can reveal the truth of the universe, and open windows to other planes of existence. However, everyone who has tried to see in the mirror ends up losing their mind. It is like something taken out of a Lovecraft story. At the cemetery, Karim and Joplin find Kipps, an agent from Fittes, one of the biggest ghost agencies around. Joplin takes Kipps prisoner and prepares to use him for the ritual. It is here that Karim realizes Joplin might not be a good person.


Lucy, who has established a connection with the whispering skull, descends into the catacombs while Lockwood and other Fittes agents fight above against enemies who also want to get their hands on the mirror. Lucy arrives to save Karim, and Karim realizes that his friends really care for him. Lucy makes a deal with Joplin, to use her instead of Karim, as her talent is just better than his. Joplin accepts, but when forced to look in the mirror, Lucy turns her head and uses the whispering skull instead. The skull reveals the mirror is a trap, and it is not the portal to truth people think it is.


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Karim tackles the mirror, and it breaks when it falls to the ground. Joplin looks at it herself, and she dies, consumed by the mirror. Above, the police arrive just in time to save Lockwood and the others. Lockwood gets shot by a mysterious man with a golden blade, a setup for further seasons. The whispering skull also seems to have remained silent since the event, and Lockwood prepares to share what is inside his secret room at the house. In the books, the room belonged to his dead sister, but this season ends as the door opens, and we have to wait to see if it is the same as in the books.

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