LOTRO: Best Class (& Solo Class) To Pick in 2023

best class in lord of the rings online

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You have downloaded The Lord of the Rings Online, launched it, given name to your character, and the next step you need to do is to choose a class you will play in your adventure through Middle-earth. But you don’t know which class to choose? Don’t worry; I am here to help you choose the best class (whether you want to play with friends or solo) for your adventures through Middle-earth. So, what are the best classes in LOTRO?

The three best classes in The Lord of the Rings Online are Lore-Master, Warden, and Guardian. It’s important to keep in mind that all classes have their advantages and disadvantages to make them balanced overall, and picking either Lore-Master, Warden or Guardian does not guarantee excellence since all classes are prone to having their stats changed from time to time.

Editor’s note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the game. The classes summarized in this post are still considered to be best according to the experience LOTRO community.

All LOTRO classes explained (with pros and cons)

1. Beorning

Beorning - Lord of the Rings Online Classes

Class Difficulty: Advanced

Role: Damage/Support

Available to: Beorning

Gameplay: Beornings are skin-changers that can change into the form of a bear in combat. They focus their wrath while in bear form, choosing to deal with grievous blows or bolster their own resolve. While skilled in combat, some Beornings also choose to wield their knowledge of the wilderness to assist their allies. 

Lore: The Beornings of Middle-earth are largely reclusive people. They trace their ancestry to Beorn himself and spend most of their time deep in the wilderness. The solitude of the forest gives little comfort in recent times, with the enemy encroaching from all sides. The time has come for the descendants of Beorn to lend their strength to the Free People of Middle-earth. 

Who is it for: A sturdy hybrid class that is capable of DPS, tanking, and healing. It trades off flexibility during combat for extra sturdiness in it. Once you enter combat, your trait tree, gear, and legendary items are locked in, and your role is fixed. But you are an excellent healer who still dishes out damage and is right up in the boss’s face.


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Beornings excel with two-handed weapons but might also find themselves useful with ranged weapons, although slightly less. Depending on your overall gameplay orientation, if you’re planning on tanking, most of the damage focuses on loyalty, fidelity, and charity. If you’re going for an oriented Beorning go for zeal and confidence. If you’re planning on supporting, go for zeal, honesty & wit primarily.

A class that can fill all the roles that you or your group might want. It rewards knowing the instance or fight while not easy to play in most landscapes or easier instances. Ever since its revamp in 2018, it has filled every place in ME. Even small nooks if you prepare your bear in advance. To make the most of your class, go for armorer and tinker professions.

2. Burglar


Class Difficulty: Advanced

Role: Support

Available to: Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Burglars are masters of debuffing, skills that cause foes to deal less damage or be easier to defeat. They utilize their Trick skills to debuff foes and can later remove the Tricks for additional benefits. Burglars also have stealth skills and are proficient in initiating Fellowship Manoeuvres. In Fellowships, a Burglar supports his or her allies by debuffing foes while dealing respectable damage. 

Lore: Burglars are masters of stealth and misdirection. They rely on sleight-of-hand and starting attacks that allow their companions to overwhelm adversaries. 

Who is it for: The Burglar will be the class of choice for players who enjoy using cunning and tricks to defeat their opponents. Using concealment, a Burglar can strike from the shadows, taking his opponents unawares.

Burglars can be both a great DPS and support class, depending on whether you choose between Gambler, Quite Knife of Mischief-maker specializations. Your main hand weapons should primarily be daggers and clubs due to their amazing incapacitating effects and CC abilities.

This class is inspired by the famous Bilbo Baggins, who accompanied Thorin and Company on their quest to the Lonely Mountain.


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3. Captain


Class Difficulty: Moderate

Role: Support

Available to: Dwarf, High Elf, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Captains are armored melee fighters and masters of buffing; skills that enhance allies. They may summon a Herald companion to fight by their side, ensuring they always have an ally to buff. They can also Mark foes, giving benefits to all who attack them. In Fellowships, a Captain supports his or her allies with healing and buffs while still dealing with respectable damage.

Lore: The Captains of Middle-earth hold the future in their hands. By their own strength of arms and the inspiration they instill in others, they must lead the Free Peoples to victory. 

Who is it for The Captain will be the class of choice for players who enjoy supporting their fellows while participating in melee combat. With her unique ability to plant banners to increase the battle prowess of those near them, the Captain helps to define where a fight will happen. Captain might also serve as a tank but less successfully than other classes. Overall, Captain should stick to the groups and make the best use of its inherent buffs.

Captain’s battle cries allow him to take advantage of certain events in combat to aid the morale or combat ability of his fellows. A Captain’s style of combat focuses on inspiring those around it to glory

4. Champion

champion 1

Class Difficulty: Basic

Role: Damage

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Champions wade into battle, swinging their weapons in all directions, dealing significant damage to many foes at once. With each strike, their Fervour grows, allowing them to use even more potent skills. Special stances may be used to greatly increase damage dealt at the cost of defense or enhance defense at the cost of the damage. In Fellowships, a Champion concentrates on engaging as many foes as possible. 

Lore: Unrelenting in battle, Champions are the consummate warriors. A Champion cares not for his or her own well-being but relies instead on strength and prowess to slay the Enemy before they can bring further destruction to Middle-earth.

Who is it for: The Champion will be the class of choice for players who enjoy fast-paced combat with multiple options available at any given moment. Champions can use various weapon styles but focus on using two weapons simultaneously. With their active play style, Champions can consistently cause large amounts of damage to both single and multiple opponents in combat. Their combat style revolves around the idea that the best defense is a good offense.

Champions that prefer slower but far heavier hits should orient toward 2-handed weapons, but if you prefer quicker hits but less DPS in that case, go for duel-wielding. Generally, you can choose between three specializations: tanking, single-target DPS, and multiple-target AOE DPS, with single-target DPS being the best one.


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5. Guardian

guardian 1

Class Difficulty: Basic

Role: Defence

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe 

Gameplay: Guardians wear heavy armor and have many defensive skills that allow them to survive battles against the most fearsome foes. Guardians also have skills that distract foes’ attention from their allies and themselves. In Fellowships, a Guardian forces enemies to attack himself or herself so foes will not harm his or her more fragile allies. 

Lore: The Guardians are the stout protectors of the weak and defenders of those in need. They are loyal companions to the end. True Guardians stand at the forefront of the battle, shielding allies from enemy assaults.

Who is it for: The Guardian will be the class of choice for players who enjoy drawing the attention of their foes in combat and taking advantage of their missteps. Masters of the defensive arts, Guardians use taxing attacks and irksome taunts to draw and hold opponents’ attention, relying on their shield and weapon to turn aside incoming attacks with blocks and parries. A Guardian’s combat style depends on creating openings during an opponent’s attack to provide the opportunity for their own counter-attack.

Just like the Champion, Guardian can focus on single-target damage or AoE damage but mostly excels at tanking. The most successful Guardians in the game orient themselves toward a sword-and-board playstyle. The best choice of weapons and gearare 1-handed weapons and shields or 2-handed weapons if you’re willing to sacrifice some defense for greater damage output.

One of the best solo Lord of the Rings Online classes, currently probably the number 1 solo class in Lord of the Rings Online.


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6. Hunter

hunter 1

Class Difficulty: Basic

Role: Damage

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Hunters are proficient at dealing significant damage to a single foe at long range. Their basic bow skills generate Focus, allowing them to use even more potent skills. Hunter’s dual-wielded weapons can deal with a final blow if a foe manages to close into melee. In Fellowships, a Hunter quickly defeats foes one at a time.

Lore: Hunters are masters of field and forest, unmatched in their dexterity with the bow. They use their survival skills to guide companions and lay traps for enemies. The coming of the Enemy has forced them to adapt these skills to use against new prey.

Who is it for: The Hunter will be the class of choice for players who enjoy striking a target at range. Clever by nature, the Hunter is known to lure his targets into traps to hinder them, giving him time to use his bow to deadly effect. A Hunter’s knowledge of nature also provides skills that help him and his fellows survive in the wild. A Hunter’s combat style depends on injuring a foe while staying out of harm’s way.

Hunters are primarily a DPS class and one oriented toward ranged weapons. Generally, you can choose between playing a ranged DPS that performs best while on the move, while static or utility DPS that focuses most on survivability and bleeding enemies through DoT. Hunters are probably the best leveling class due to their strong single performance.


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7. Lore-Master

Lore Master.png

Class Difficulty: Advanced

Role: Support

Available to: Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit

Gameplay: Lore-masters are the masters of crowd control, skills that trap foes and keep them from fighting. They may call on animal companions to fight by their side and even call on elemental forces to damage foes. In Fellowships, a Lore-master concentrates on supporting his or her allies, primarily by hindering the foe’s ability to deal damage. 

Lore: Lore-masters are seekers of knowledge and the guardians of wisdom. Through the study of bygone Ages, they learn ancient secrets that allow them to hinder foes and protect against the Enemy’s dark powers. They have many skills that invoke the natural world of Middle-earth, but it is draining on their will, thus costing them Morale to fuel some of these powerful skills.

Who is it for: The Lore-master will be the class of choice for the player who enjoys using the power of ancient lore to aid their allies and hinder their foes. Steeped in the histories of Middle-earth, Lore-masters can aid their fellows in recovering from maladies caused by the forces of the Dark Lord.

They can also use their knowledge to daze, harm, or hinder their enemies and give of themselves to strengthen another. Some Lore-masters are even said to be able to communicate with animals and request their aid. A Lore-master’s combat style is anchored in the power of knowledge and using it intelligently to defeat evil.

As a Lore-master you have the choice to orient yourself toward pet-focused tactical DPS, spell-focused tactical DPS, and support. If you’re new to the class overall, you might find yourself naturally drawn to the support role; however, once you get a grasp of the mechanics, you will learn how devastating DPS Lore-master can be. Focus on a variety of induction-based damaging spells, debuffs, some fellowship support spells, and pet management.

One of the best solo Lord of the Rings Online classes, even thou, not nearly as good as it was somewhere between 2007 and 2011.

8. Minstrel

Minstrel 1

Class Difficulty: Moderate

Role: Healer

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Minstrels are known for their healing abilities and are capable of dealing respectable damage with War-speech. They have a variety of support skills and special Ballads. Using a Ballad unlocks more potent Ballads, which culminate with powerful Anthems. In Fellowships, a Minstrel keeps allies healed and supported.

Lore: Middle-earth is a land deeply infused with music, and true Minstrels are skilled at tapping into that power. They weave songs and tales so stirring that their companions’ morale will not fail, and they will be driven to perform greater feats of prowess. They can even utter words of true power and ward against the forces of darkness with their Anthems.

Who is it for: The Minstrel will be the class of choice for players who want to aid their friends, inspiring them to keep going through the darkest of times. With a vast repertoire of tales, both fair and foul, a Minstrel restores the morale of her fellows, as well as causes enemies to despair. Though able to wield weapons, she prefers to let her words, rather than her sword, speak for her. A Minstrel’s combat style is based on maintaining hope no matter the odds.

Minstrels are natural healers, but they also perform well in tactical DPS and support-healer roles. If you’re opting out to level with a Minstrel, you will find out that their initial DPS is highly useful while starting the game. Minstrel gameplay generally involves the ballad-anthem-coda system with a large variety of other abilities that heal, deal damage, and/or give support.


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9. Rune-Keeper

Rune Keeper 1

Class Difficulty: Moderate

Role: Damage/Healer

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Rune-keepers must choose to focus on damaging or healing skills during each battle. Either choice shifts their Attunement, unlocking more potent skills, but the choice also restricts access to other skills. In addition, they have support skills that may always be used. In Fellowships, a Rune-keeper keeps allies healed or deals significant damage to foes.

Lore: Rune-keepers are gifted linguists and masters of true names. With this knowledge, a Rune-keeper crafts powerful rune-words that help the Free Peoples. Through unparalleled mastery of Angerthas and Tengwar runes, a Rune-keeper evokes much more than a normal scribe. Dagor runes deal with battle, Nestad with healing, and Thalas with support. 

Who is it for: The Rune-keeper is the class of choice for players looking to damage foes and aid allies. Their kind had a hand in curiosities like moon letters and marvels like the west gate to Moria. Even these normally secluded linguists have stepped up to fight against the Enemy in these troubled times. A Rune-keeper’s combat style involves staying out of harm’s way and taking on a damaging or inspiring role as circumstances dictate.

Rune-keepers have a choice between healing tactical DPS focused on either fire or lighting. Fire-focused Rune-keepers will utilize spells that damage damage through DoT, AoE, and single-target attacks. Lightning-oriented Rune-keepers mostly focus on Insta-cast spells that allow for greater mobility with large crits, but the downside to this is that their AoE potential is rather small. Still, if you are new to the class your best bet is lightning-based Lore-keeper since there are far fewer things to keep track of during combat.

10. Warden


Class Difficulty: Advanced

Role: Defence

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Wardens are mobile melee combatants who use Javelins to initiate combat against ranged foes. Their unique Warden Shield and various defensive skills allow them to stay in the fight longer than most. Basic Warden skills build up their Gambit chain, which can be spent to unleash special Gambit skills. In Fellowships, a Warden forces enemies to attack themself so the foes will not harm their more fragile allies.

Lore: The Warden patrols the borders of civilized lands, preventing the encroachment of fallen creatures from the Wild. They limit themselves to medium armor to travel swiftly and silently to defend those they protect from threats. Wardens all have some military training and have mastered a style of combat that uses combinations of basic attacks to create masterful Gambits.

Who is it for: The Warden is the class of choice for players who enjoy defending their allies by taking advantage of an attacker’s aggression. Their combat style involves linking complex maneuvers to produce a Gambit, allowing Wardens to attract the attention of foes, deal with incoming damage, and dish out some of their own.

Warden is a natural tank but can also perform well as melee DPS and somewhat well as ranged DPS. Warden gameplay in LOTRO centers around the gambit system, a series of skill combinations created through 2-5 gambit builders. These gambits provide various effects, such as strong bleeds, debuffs, self-healing, and more, while Wardens also have basic javelin skills and two stances to choose from: Recklessness for melee and Assailment for ranged combat.

11. Brawler


Class Difficulty: Advanced

Role: Damage / Defence

Available to: Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Man, River Hobbit, Stout-axe

Gameplay: The Brawler, LOTRO’s newest class, utilizes fist-fighting with battle gauntlets as their weapon, incorporating the point-based Mettle system for combat like Fervour (Champion) or Focus (Hunter). The class offers two specialization lines for tanking (blue) or DPS (red), with the yellow line focusing on supplemental traits. Brawlers balance building and consuming mettle points, employing cooldown abilities, and using a combination of set-up abilities and mettle consumers.

Their combat revolves around single-target attacks, with some area-of-effect options, and benefits from cooldown abilities that enhance damage, defenses, and support for nearby allies.

Lore: The class was inspired by Helm Hammerhand. They are aggressive melee fighters.

Who is it for: Brawlers can excel as tanks, Melee DPS, or utility. While tanking, you will have to focus on pulling aggro from enemies. As a melee DPS, you will focus on single-target damage most of the time with bursts of medium AoE damage. You will, however, have a quicker time wiping waves of enemies focusing on single-target damage.

12. Mariner

Mariner test server

Class Difficulty: Advanced

Role: Offence / Support

Available to: High Elf, River Hobbit, Man, Stout-axe

Gameplay: Mariners are not yet available in the game, rather only on the test servers, but there is some general info regarding the class. Mariners are melee combatants reminiscent of swashbucklers who wield swords, meaning that your best bet are single-handed weapons.

They possess a natural intuition for the ebb and flow of battle, allowing them to adapt their fighting techniques to suit the situation. Mariners excel in creating potent skill chains by combining precise movements. Within fellowships, they employ shanties to inspire their teammates while concocting mysterious brews, meaning that they will have quite pronounced support roles as well, possibly even utility.

Lore: The Mariner class was inspired by Aerandil, who sailed west until he reached Valar to ask them for help.


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Can you play solo in The Lord of the Rings Online?

You can play most of the content solo in The Lord of the Rings Online. The only thing that you cannot solo is content made for groups such as raids. To make all content in the game soloable would completely defeat the purpose of MMORPG-s. If you’re planning on playing solo, make sure to at least try out Guardian class since it’s probably the best solo class in Lord of the Rings Online.

Can you change class in The Lord of the Rings Online?

It’s not possible to change your class in The Lord of the Rings online. Since 2020, players can change their race, gender, and origin but the class is still off limits. The only way to play a different class in The Lord of the Rings Online is to reroll a new character.

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