Lost Ark Cube Guide: Unlocks, Tickets, Tips & More

lost ark cube guide

Lost Ark players know that this MMORPG is absolutely packed with awesome activities, many of which involve taking on various tough enemies. These activities become increasingly challenging as players near the endgame, where the game opens up a whole new world of threats and tasks.

The Cube is an endgame dungeon activity with rogue mechanics, intended for players who have reached at least level 50 and have a gear score of at least 302. It requires at least one Entry Ticket, and it is more enjoyable and rewarding with a party of 4.

Although the Cube can keep things fun and fresh for Lost Ark players by providing some unpredictable challenges, many have struggled and become frustrated as a result. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the Cube, so you can emerge victoriously and claim its sweet rewards.

What Is The Cube In Lost Ark?

The Cube in Lost Ark is a high-end dungeon activity that revolves around numerous rogue-like mechanics. These mechanics make the activity quite challenging and complex for players, as it will really keep the entire party on their toes.

Cube Floors and Rooms

Before players enter the Cube, they will be greeted by a Setup Area. This area will allow players to change their builds where necessary in case they perhaps forgot beforehand, shown below thanks to Maxroll. Players can enter the Cube once everyone is ready.

lost ark cube setup

Players will have to clear each Cube room within a specified time limit. If the timer runs up and the Cube room is not completed yet, hard-hitting ghosts will spawn to attack players until the room is complete.

lost ark cube ghost

Every room in the Cube will apply a new buff or debuff that may be advantageous or disadvantageous to the players, displayed on the top right corner of the screen. Either of which will result in changing how the room will need to be cleared by making it simpler or more complex.

Players may need to alter their playstyle depending on the effect and the floor combination. Below is a summary of the most notable effects that can be applied in Cube, the most significant of which are indicated with (*):

Positive Effects (Buffs)Negative Effects (Debuffs)
Bonus Attack & Movement SpeedAttack Power Reduction
Extra Crit RateCannot Use Items (*)
Extra DamageKill Curse, death upon timeout (*)
Life Leech (*)Movement Speed Reduction
Max Health IncreaseMax Health Reduction
Health Regeneration (*)Increased Physical & Magical damage taken (*)
InvincibilityIncreased Skill Cooldown
Reduced Cooldown of SkillsReduced Vision

The effects applied may even last longer than one room in some cases, but the room entrances will warn players of which challenges they need to face. The potential threats in Cube rooms are as follows:

  • Basic Monsters (White): Waves of weak monsters.
  • Ranged Monsters (Green): Waves of ranged monsters.
  • Boss (Orange): One or two bosses and waves of basic monsters
  • Survival (Blue): Waves of exploding enemies and weak monsters.
  • Fortune/ Lucky (Gold): Rarest and best stage, containing either loot monsters or chests.
  • Elites (Purple): Waves of elite monsters.

There may not be a specific ‘outline’ or warning before entering each room, but players will need to keep an eye on the color of the portal and associate it with a relative challenge. Below is an example of the color variants for Cube portal entrances, thanks to the Lost Ark Hub:

lost ark cube purple
lost ark cube blue

After players clear a challenge, they will be able to move onto the next floor. However, they are also given the option to leave early – never leave early if it’s avoidable.

On average, players can take on around 19 different challenges in the Cube, depending on how the party performs. In some cases, the number of challenges will be less or more, and the run will end early if the party wipes out.

How To Unlock The Cube In Lost Ark

In order to take part in the Cube, players will need to have a few specific requirements. It will take time and solid Lost Ark grinding to unlock the Cube, but players will not be able to take on these threats successfully otherwise.

Cube Quest, Item, and Level Requirements

Players will need to complete the [Guide] Public Announcement Cube quest. The quest itself requires players to be at least level 50, equipped with a gear score of at least 302. According to the Lost Arkive, Cube has a medium-hard difficulty level and is easier with a party of 4.


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This quest can only be started once players get their hands on a specific item – an Entrance Ticket: Cube (Bound). This can be received as a drop from a Chaos Dungeon’s 2nd-floor boss, meaning players will need to spend some time defeating enemies in Chaos Dungeons before getting started on the Cube.

But, players can also purchase Cube Entry Tickets from the Sylmael Crystal Exchange NPC. The game will automatically prompt players to accept the quest once they have received a ticket. Once the quest is complete, you will be able to access the Cube.

Cube Versions and Requirements

There are 3 different versions of the Cube, and while they may differ in various aspects, they are all the same in terms of mechanics. The three Cube versions can be accessed according to the player’s progress in the game, detailed as follows:

Lost Ark Cube

Tier 1 Cube

  • Complete the Public Announcement: Cube quest by obtaining an Entrance Ticket
  • Item Level of at least 302
  • Combat Level of 50 or above

Tier 2 Elite Cube

  • Complete The Final Report quest
  • Item Level of at least 802
  • Combat Level of 50 or above
  • Acquire an Elite Cube Entrance Ticket

Tier 3 Dimensional Cube

  • Complete Festival Adventure quest
  • Item Level of at least 1302
  • Combat Level of 50 or above
  • Acquire a Dimensional Cube Entrance Ticket

How To Access The Cube In Lost Ark

Players who have the requirements will be able to walk up to any Cube entrance and interact with it to enter. There will be an option to choose between the 3 Cube versions, depending on which ticket players have:

  • Tier 1 Cube (Entrance Ticket: Cube)
  • Tier 2 Elite Cube (Entrance Ticket: Elite Cube)
  • Tier 3 Dimensional Cube (Entrance Ticket: Dimensional Cube)

Triple Ticket Entry

Players also have the option to use a Triple Ticket Entry, where they can use 3 entrance tickets at the same time. Below is an image of this Cube entry option, thanks to the Lost Ark Hub:

lost ark cube ticket

Any party member can use the number of tickets they want and it does not have to be the same, but all party members will need at least one ticket to join. This will not multiply the Cube enemies, challenges, rooms, or floors themselves. So, the difficulty of the Cube dungeon will not be affected.


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But, using a triple ticket entry will affect the rewards. Those who use 3 tickets will receive triple the loot that they would earn for that run. However, this can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on performance.

Cube Locations

The Cube can be accessed from its various locations in major cities around Arkesia. Players will simply need to look out for its icon on the mini-map, as seen below thanks to Maxroll, and interact with it to enter.

lost ark cube location

Cube Rewards

The Cube will reward players with various chests, depending on their performance inside the dungeon. However, it is important to note that it is possible for players to earn no rewards at all if they did not earn sufficient points.

Players can earn any of the available chests, which would be multiplied by the number of tickets used. Below are the Cube reward chests as well as their unlock floor:

  • No Cube Chest Reward (Failed to reach floor 3)
  • Bronze Cube Chest (Unlocked at floor 3)
  • Silver Cube Chest (Unlocked at floor 7)
  • Gold Cube Chest (Unlocked at floor 10)
  • Platinum Cube Chest (Unlocked at floor 13)
  • Diamond Cube Chest (Unlocked at floor 15+)

It’s important to note that the Cube run may also end early if the players get to the Diamond Cube Chest, as this is the last stage that can be reached. The chest acquired is displayed on the top left corner of the Cube UI.

The quality and amount of rewards will differ depending on the tier of the chest. But, each of these chests will typically contain Silver coins, several Engravings, and Eternity Essense.


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Some more rare rewards may also be received as a drop from higher tier Cube reward chests, such as Masterpieces, Honing Success Materials, and Card experience. Some of the best rewards from the Cube include the following items:

  • Star’s Breath (Bound) [Epic]: A beautiful gem imbued with Star’s Breath. It will increase the gear’s Honing success rate.
  • Masterpiece #14 [Epic]
  • Masterpiece #24 [Epic]
  • Battle Engraving Recipe [Rare]

Gameplay Tips for The Cube

While a major aspect of the Cube is the need for spontaneity and keeping up with unique instances, every player can benefit from considering the following factors throughout their experience:

  1. The ghosts that spawn after the timer runs out can deal massive damage, so this should be avoided at all costs. If needed, dodge them while killing the remaining enemies and you can still win.
  2. Points toward your chest reward are based on your clear speed and survivor count. Clear these as fast as possible while keeping everyone alive.
  3. Effective ways to clear the Cube quickly: Gather in the center and AoE everything as a group, or assign members to all four corners and take care of individual spawns.
  4. If you or your party members die, but the floor is still cleared by the remaining players, everyone gets revived with 25% HP.
  5. Don’t get hit during Survival Floors or you’ll die.
  6. If you’ve finished a floor and your health is low, wait until the next Floor to use a Health Potion, since the Floor Effect may provide a health recovery buff.
  7. You can recover your health when there is a health absorption buff in the Survival Stage.

Best Party Build For The Cube

It is technically possible to take on the Cube solo, but it’s not recommended. Players can auto-match or search for a lobby to choose the people they want to do Cube with as well.

lost ark cube floor

Searching or creating your own party is the best way to ensure you get a great team. Whenever you form a group for the Cube, focus on including the following aspects and relative classes:

  • Support Classes (Bard, Paladin, or Gunlancer)
  • Damage Dealing Classes
  • Mobility Classes

While taking on the Cube in Lost Ark will definitely require some solid grind and effort beforehand, it will be worth it as the Cube is extremely challenging for unoptimized characters – especially without any support. It’s more effective to save tickets for when you’re ready if needed, as you’ll have a much higher chance of walking away with the best rewards possible.

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