Argos Abyss Raid Guide In Lost Ark: Everything You Need To Know

lost ark argos abyss raid

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Lost Ark is already packed to the brim with exciting adventures and powerful monsters, leaving plenty on the table for avid players. But, its new update has brought an even more challenging boss to defeat named Argos, presented in a new setting with an improved difficulty level.

The Abyss Raid is a step up from Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons, intended for higher-tier endgame players. It consists of 3 phases, each of which has a different item level and gear score requirement, and it allows players to take on Lost Ark‘s new powerful boss, Argos.

You may have successfully completed the Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons, but tackling the Argos Abyss is going to be quite a challenge. Still, you can face this vicious boss for some sweet rewards with the right approaches.

What Is The Argos Abyss Raids In Lost Ark?

The Abyss Raids in Lost Ark is set as the more challenging version of previous raids and dungeons. Smilegate announced that they are releasing Abyss Raids with the new update, and it’s assumed that this release is due to so many of Lost Ark‘s players hitting Tier 3.

As a result, this raid is generally meant for only the most skilled and powerful Lost Ark players. These raids are only the beginning of Lost Ark‘s endgame content for higher-level players, and it can be surprisingly tough even for those who find high-end Abyss Dungeons a breeze.

Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raids Guide

The mechanics of the Abyss Raids will be somewhat similar to Lost Ark‘s Guardian Raids, since players will need to work together to take down the Guardian – before the provided time expires. In addition, they will also have to make use of the limited revives that are available to the party.

lost ark argos abyss2

However, there are a couple of differences. While Guardian Raids and general Lost Ark PvE content consists of 4 players, the Abyss Raids will consist of 8 players. As such, one can only imagine how tough it’s really going to be.

Abyss Raids Phases and Requirements

Completing the Abyss Raids will require players to make it through 3 phases, as they work together to defeat the Guardian. The Guardian will become increasingly more powerful as the phases progress, as it will begin utilizing different attack patterns and mechanics in each phase.

For this reason, players will actually need a specific gear score equipment requirement for each Abyss Raids phase. Phase a will start with a 1370 Gear Score in phase 1, followed by a Gear Score of 1385 for phase 2, and a 1400 Gear Score by phase 3.


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But, be warned – simply taking on the Abyss Raids and trying to beat Argos by just meeting the Gear Score requirements will be extremely challenging. Each phase also has different item level requirements for players to participate.

Abyss Raids Boss

The Abyss Raids will feature side bosses and the main boss named Argos. According to the Lost Ark News, Argos is classified as a Hard level boss monster, with a level of 1385.

lost ark argos abyss1

Similar to the Guardian Raids, the main boss’s health bar will be invisible. Like the Abyss Dungeons, the side bosses will have visible health bars.

How To Access Abyss Raids

Players will have first need to complete the Guardian Raids quest. To fight the Guardians, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Speak to Zarbel
  • Subscribe Statement
  • Submit a Statement at Zarbel

After this stage, players will need to work on getting the item level and Gear Score requirements for each of the Abyss Raid phases. You’re going to need plenty of strength and skill to take on this new endgame activity.

Abyss Raids Location

Players can partake in an Abyss Raid if they’ve got all of the requirements and are strong enough to take on the challenge. Players hoping to partake in Lost Ark‘s Abyss Raids, located at Bern Castle, can enter the Abyss Raid via the Abyss Raid Statue, which will be displayed in all of Arkesia’s major cities.

Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raids Rewards

Successfully completing the Abyss Raids and defeating Argos will reward players with some useful Lost Ark currency and items:

  • 53 Legacy Points
  • 5000 Shillings

The unique variances between the Abyss Raids’ phases will make it far more difficult to complete, but each phase also grants successful players with different rewards. These rewards are collectible once per week. This means that the Abyss Raids can be added to your weekly list, along with the Chaos Dungeons.

lost ark argos abyss3

Other than the love of a challenge, the main reason why taking on Abyss Raids can be worth all the trouble and effort is the potential for these awesome rewards, which are incredibly lucrative. Players can receive a set of Argos’ materials, with the higher phases affording more, including the following:

  • Argos’ Claw: 6/8/9
  • Argos’ Tooth: 16/21/23
  • Argos’ Blood: 0-1/1-2/2-3
  • Argos’ Tendon: 0-1/1-2/2-3

Players can craft incredibly powerful gear with some of these materials, such as gear starting with a score of 1345. Each armor will require 16 Argos’ teeth, while the weapon will require 30 Argos’ Claws.

High Tier Gear and Set Effects

In addition to these gear crafting possibilities, players can also use other Argos’ material rewards depending on their choice between two sets of gear. Players can create the Predestined Resolve gear set using Argos’ Blood or create the Harsh Vow gear set using Argos’ Tendon, and either gear set can be created with a set bonus of two or five.


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Below are the set bonus effects for these gear sets:

Predestined Resolve & Harsh Vow (Two Set Effects)
  • Argos’ Strength: When hitting an Abyss Raid boss, players will gain the “Argos’ Strength” effect. The Argos Strength effect will Increase the player’s damage output to enemies by 20% for the following 20 seconds, ending with a 60 second cooldown.
  • Power of the Sun: While players are attacking enemies not related to the Argos Abyss Raid, they will gain a stack of the “Power of the Sun” every three seconds up to five times. Power of the Sun will increase players’ crit rate by 3%, and the stacks will expire after 6 seconds if the player stops attacking.
Predestined Resolve & Harsh Vow (Five Set Effects)
  • Noon: Once you have five stacks of the “Power of the Sun,” the effect will be replaced by the “Noon” effect, and this will increase players’ crit rate by 25% for 6 seconds.
  • Solar Eclipse: While you have “Noon” effect, being within 3 meters of someone with the “Power of the Moon” will activate the “Solar Eclipse” effect, which will then replace the “Noon” effect. This effect will increase the player’s crit rate by 25% and your crit damage by 40% for 12 seconds.

The Abyss Raids is about the shake-up the world of Lost Ark players, bringing a brand new Guardian that’s bigger and badder than the rest. Still, if you’ve got all the requirements and feel you’re up for a taste of something new, taking on the Abyss Raids and its powerful boss, Argos, may just be right up your alley.

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