What Is the Meaning of Lilies in Lost Ark? (Explanation & Guide)

Lost Ark has seen a ton of amazing content to date, and its April update brought a range of awesome new content for players to enjoy. The April update also included the long-awaited South Vern continent, a location countless players have been patiently anticipating, which includes a set of new adventures and missions.

The Meaning of Lilies is a new quest, brought with the South Vern continent. This quest is one of two prerequisite quests for unlocking the South Vern Una’s Tasks, which are now considered better than other continents concerning rewards.

Since the rewards for the South Vern Una’s Tasks are better than other continents, this quest is at the top of the to-do list for many endgame Lost Ark players. Stick around to find out about South Vern and The Meaning of Lilies, including a step-by-step guide and rewards.

South Vern (New Continent)

Lost Ark players worldwide have been patiently awaiting South Vern for quite some time, as it’s been necessary for finding all the arks or for completing more missions in the game. After a seemingly endless waiting period, South Vern is finally here, ready and waiting for dedicated players to take on its newest content!

The South Vern storyline will conclude in an epic battle, with the power to shift the future of Arkesia.

South Vern was once a barren wasteland, up until the settlers used tech from various regions and cultures to terraform the area into a verdant and idyllic realm. Although, things are not sitting well in South Vern, which brings a set of new tasks, objectives, and missions for Lost Ark players.

South Vern Difficulty Level

The continent has been locked down by the senate, which formed a new knightly order. Needless to say, Arkesia’s heroes will need to face new threats and complexes in order to set things right. That being said, the dangers lurking in South Vern are not for the faint-hearted.

South Vern is classified as endgame content, as players will only be able to access the area once they hit item level 1340. So, there will be plenty to do before players can trigger and complete The Meaning of Lilies.

The Meaning of Lilies (Explained)

South Vern includes a range of new quests, missions, and activities for players, including the South Vern Una’s Tasks. Compared to other continents in Arkesia, South Vern’s Una’s Tasks grant players the best rewards – at least, better than most other reputation rewards in other regions.

The Meaning of Lilies Rewards & Unlocks

The main reason for completing The Meaning of Lilies is since it is one of two prerequisite quests for unlocking the South Vern Una’s Tasks: Unfinished Journey, alongside Haiger’s Daughter, Lily. completing Unfinished Journey will unlock Masterpiece #50 after 31 completed days.

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Players will receive the following rewards after completing The Meaning of Lilies:

The Meaning of Lilies Quest (Guide)

Considering that this is a new quest, many players have been struggling to figure out how to trigger and complete it. Below is an in-depth guide on how to start and complete The Meaning of Lilies in Lost Ark, with the pictorials and video guide thanks to Levonel.

1. Starting The Meaning of Lilies

To start off The Meaning of Lilies quest, players will need to speak with Catherine. Catherine can be identified by a purple dress, topped with a white hood, apron, and trim.

Catherine can be found in the Candaria Territory in South Vern, specifically in the Woodville Village area. Players will need to open their world map and set a marker for Catherine’s location.

Head to the location seen above to speak with Catherine, who will explain the dynamic between Haiger and Lily, asking for the player’s help. Accept the quest once you have the option to start the quest.

2. Meeting Haiger

Players will be able to view the quest’s progress on the right-hand side of the screen and keep tabs on new objectives. The next objective will be to meet with Haiger, who is in Lily’s room.

The distance between the starting point and the next location is not too far, as Haiger can be found in Haiger Manor, at the bottom of the area’s map. Players should cross a set of short wooden bridges, followed by a stone bridge before they reach Haiger Manor.

Once there, head inside and speak with Haiger, who can be seen in a set of purple robes. He will inform you that Catherine was Lily’s nanny and that he made a horrible mistake that ruined his and Lily’s relationship, asking you to speak with Lily.

3. Greeting Lily

Finding Lily from this point is pretty easy, as she can be found within the same building. Open your map and head to her location, on the opposite side of the structure as seen below.

Lily can be found wearing a dark blue-purple royal-styled dress, standing in the light of a tall window. Players will need to stand in the glowing circle until they receive the trigger to speak with her.

However, players will be informed that Lily doesn’t seem to show any response. This is not an error, it is actually part of the quest. Players will then need to return to speak with Haiger.

4. Talk To Haiger

Head back to Haiger to speak with him, informing him of the situation. He will respond by stating that there must be a way to gain Lily’s trust and that Catherine would be the best person to speak with.

Players will be asked for their help and will need to head back to Catherine to continue the quest. You can use the Triport nearby, as seen above, to get back to Catherine more quickly.

5. Meeting Catherine

Catherine will not be in the same location as before, as she will now be standing near the Triport. Step off the Triport platform and initiate the conversation with Catherine.

She will respond by trying to help the player get Lily to smile again. Players will need to gain Lily’s trust by collecting items she likes and presenting them to her.

6. Bringing Magick Construct Fragments

The first item on the list is Magick Construct Fragments, as Lily would apparently enjoy playing with them and stacking them into various shapes. Once the objective updates, players will be able to see a count of the collected fragments on the right-hand side of the screen.

There will be blue circles indicated on the minimap, and the player will need to defeat enemies in these zones in order to collect the Magick Construct Fragments. Continue destroying monsters until you see 10/10 under the objectives panel.

Head back to Haiger Manor to see Lily and give her the Magick Construct Fragments. She will react to the gift, but players will need to speak with Haiger before continuing.

7. Bringing A Pretty Fish

Haiger will inform the player that Lily also loves sparkling tropical fish and that she always wanted these fish as pets. He will ask you to collect these fish for her as another gift.

Players can source sparkling tropical fish from the Candaria Territory Fishing Spot, located in the Collapsed Ancient Ruins area. Players can use the nearby Triport to get there faster.

Once you reach the Fishing Spot, throw a line and begin fishing. Players will only need to catch one pretty fish and return to Lily to present the special item using the Triport nearby.

This time, Lily will respond and begin speaking. She will inform the player that she is very sick and sad, and feels she should disappear.

8. Finding The Statue, Left by Haiger

Return to Haiger and inform him of Lily’s response and feelings about the situation. He will then speak about his wish for them to travel together, mentioning that he placed sleeping baby angel statues that resembled Lily.

Players will need to head out and search the Candaria Territory region for any remnants of these statues. Use the Triports nearby to move between areas as quickly as possible.

One of the statues left behind by Haiger can be found in Wishnel Village, nestled between trees at the foot of stone stairs. Collect the statue, and use the Triport near Haigor Manor to return quickly.

9. Completing The Meaning of Lilies

Head back to Haiger Manor and present the statue to Lily, after which she will say that she wants to speak with Haiger. Head to Haiger to pass on the update, and head back to Lily once again.

Stand inside the glowing circle to trigger the next conversation with Lily. From this point, Lily and Haiger will begin making amends slowly, but the player’s intervention is complete.

Meet with Catherine, who is now standing inside Haiger Manor, and speak with her to update her on the situation’s developments. Before wrapping up the quest, Catherine asks players to visit a statue of Lily, seen on the map below.

Use the Triport nearby to access the statue quickly, taking you to Woodville Village. Head to the statue’s location and stand inside the glowing circle to trigger the next step.

Interacting with the statue will trigger a short animation. Kneel before the statue to finish The Meaning of Lilies quest.

The quest will be deemed complete, and players can mark it as complete in the quests panel.

The Meaning of Lilies (Step-By-Step)

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to complete The Meaning of Lilies quest in Lost Ark:

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  1. Head to the Candaria Territory in South Vern, specifically the Woodville Village area.
  2. Speak with Catherine (purple and white outfit).
  3. Accept The Meaning of Lilies quest.
  4. Meet Haiger, inside Haiger Manor.
  5. Greet Lily, inside Haiger Manor.
  6. Speak with Haiger.
  7. Speak with Catherine, near the Triport.
  8. Collect Magick Construct Fragments (blue zones).
  9. Give the Magick Construct Fragments to Lily.
  10. Speak with Haiger.
  11. Travel to the Fishing Spot in Woodville Village.
  12. Collect a pretty fish.
  13. Give the pretty fish to Lily.
  14. Speak with Haiger.
  15. Find the statue left behind by Haiger (Wishnel Village).
  16. Give the statue to Lily and speak with her.
  17. Speak with Haiger.
  18. Speak with Lily.
  19. Speak with Catherine, inside Haiger Manor.
  20. Head to the statue of Lily and kneel to complete the quest.

The Meaning of Lilies (Video Guide)

If you’re more of a visual learner or want something solid to reference while you complete the quest yourself, below is a video guide outlining everything you need to do to complete The Meaning of Lilies in Lost Ark:

While completing The Meaning of Lilies may seem frustrating or confusing at first, the quest itself is rather straightforward – although the story is quite sad. Still, by completing this quest, players can help reunite this father and daughter while getting their hands on some sweet rewards and unlocking awesome endgame Una’s Tasks in the process.

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