Lost Ark Mouse Control Settings: Here’s How To Change Them

Gamers have had a ton of great things to say about Lost Ark so far, but there are a few aspects that will undoubtedly take some getting used to. Lost Ark‘s control settings are one of them, and many players wish they could somehow make it feel more comfortable as they explore Arkesia.

The Lost Ark control settings can be changed by clicking ‘Escape’, ‘Settings’ (indicated by a cog), ‘Hotkeys’, and ‘Basic Controls’. Players can choose between the right or left mouse button for attack, and some keybinds get locked after selection.

While some longtime gamers have gotten the hang of the ropes fairly easily, Lost Ark’s control system can definitely be confounding for new players. It uses alphabetical keybinds instead of numerical keybinds, odd menu keys, and much more. Thankfully, you can make a few adjustments and have the gameplay experience you’d hoped for.

Can You Change Control Settings In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark follows control settings that are somewhat comparable to Diablo and other games alike, with minor adjustments here and there. That being said, this doesn’t mean the control settings are going to be enjoyable for everyone, and they can be really confusing for new players.

If you’re desperate to make some custom changes to the Lost Ark controls, you’re not alone. Countless people have been trying to make sense of its strange control system, including everything from shortcut keys and keybinds to the mouse functionality itself.

There is a wide range of different options that players can choose from, allowing them to customize the input settings. Making these changes will ensure that the game’s control settings match up with whatever feels most comfortable and natural for you, making it well-suited to gamers with just about every play style.

Default Lost Ark Control Settings

You are given keyboard layout options and the choice between attacking with left-click or right-click at the start of the game. If you’re still not comfortable, your individual control options can be customized when players first enter the world with their character.

This means that you will need to continue the game up until this point before continuing with the relative control-changing steps. After this stage, you’ll gain access to quite a few more choices and customizable control settings.

Can You Change Mouse Settings In Lost Ark?

Mouse control settings are quite restricted in Lost Ark, as most of their options and functions remain locked. The only real customization freedom that players have is the choice of which mouse button to attack with, along with some customizations regarding the cursor.

The reason why the Lost Ark developers decided to force certain mouse controls is unknown. But, thankfully, you can get the hang of these mouse control settings with time, and changing other aspects of the control settings will make the game far more comfortable.

How To Change Controls and Keybinds In Lost Ark

You may have spent ages scouring through every single menu and tab you can see, only to find that there is nothing allowing you to switch up your controls. But, the way to change your control settings is actually hidden in plain sight, and many players may miss it as a result.

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The following steps can be used to change both the keybinds and control settings in Lost Ark. Choose wisely, as a couple of binds become locked after their selection.

  1. Press the ‘Escape (Esc)’ button
  2. Select ‘Settings’ (indicated by a cog) from the pop-up menu. This step may take some time or your game may freeze up temporarily, which is usually nothing to worry about.
  3. Select the ‘Hotkeys’ Menu
  4. Click ‘Basic Controls’

This is where you’ll be able to change your attack controls if you feel it’s necessary. Check or uncheck the ‘Attack with’ box for either the right-clicking or left-clicking option, depending on which is more suitable for you.

From this point, you’ll also be able to access the keybinds and start changing whatever you’d like. This will take some time, but it will allow you to create a completely custom control setup that feels right for your style.

Just remember to make sure that no two hotkeys are the same. You’ll need to plan the hotkeys out pretty well, and rebind them where necessary.

How To Change Lost Ark Cursor

If you’re looking for a more unique look and feel, or simply want to fiddle around with the limited mouse customization options available, you can make changes to your mouse cursor. The mouse cursor’s size and color can be altered, which can have a huge impact on visibility throughout your gameplay experience.

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Changing the mouse cursor settings is fairly straightforward. Simply follow these steps and make whatever changes feel more comfortable for you.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu
  2. Locate to the ‘Accessibility’ section
  3. Open the ‘Control Accessibility’ menu

From this point, you’ll be able to experiment until you find the right fit. Some players prefer high-visibility colors and sizes, others prefer cursors that don’t get in the way, and many prefer their cursors to be somewhere in between.

There are also instances where certain cursors may be less effective. For example, mages or elemental-based classes often have abilities that produce a spread of bright, colorful, or glistening effects, which will also impact the visibility of your cursor. Still, there is no right or wrong – this all depends on preference.

Lost Ark also allows players to change other cursor aspects, such as the speed or method. Cursor functionality settings can be found throughout the settings sections, depending on the function.

Best Lost Ark Mouse Controls

Since players only really have the choice between attacking with the right or left mouse button, it’s a real toss-up based on opinions and preferences. But, it seems that most players prefer attacking with right-click.

Mouse cursor settings have a similar debate since it all depends on the type of setup you’re going for, in addition to your choice of class and even other details like your screen size. The main aspect is that you’re able to see your cursor at all times, that your cursor is never obstructing your view, and that it doesn’t fade into oblivion when your character unloads an ultimate.

Still, the following mouse cursor settings have been quite enjoyable for most Lost Ark players:

  • Control Mouse Cursor with Keyboard: OFF
  • Cursor Speed: 50%
  • Cursor Acceleration: 50%
  • Cursor Size: Normal
  • Cursor Control Method: Drag and Drop
  • Snap to Cursor Function: OFF
  • Cursor Aim: ON

Best Lost Ark Keybinds

Different gamers have different opinions about keyboard configurations and hotkeys, depending on previous experience. Hotkeys are undoubtedly a saving grace for MMORPG enthusiasts, and Lost Ark is no exception.

Switching up your hotkeys will still depend on preferences. But, the following keybinds seem to be the most popular amongst Lost Ark fans:

  • Attack: C
  • Auto Move: T
  • Awakening: V
  • Dodge/Stand/Rise: Spacebar
  • Interaction 1: G
  • Interaction 2: H
  • Change HUD: B
  • Identity/ Specialty Skill 1: Z
  • Identity/ Specialty Skill2: X

The main aspect that gamers may be against is Lost Ark‘s mouse controls, but many players have already started getting used to them. Fortunately, you can still switch up your keybinds or other customizations to create a gaming experience that’s most ideal for you.

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