25 Best Car, Racing, and Driving Games

best racing and driving car games

Car games, including racing and driving, are sensational endeavors that you may become addicted to. These games have gotten more popular by the day, and one incredible thing is that you can’t stop playing once you start. Also, these high-speed action-based simulations and superb animations have conquered the market with outstanding sales and ratings, becoming one of the most in-demand products.

As the decades have rolled by, these racing and driving games have experienced various levels of improvements and upgrades. Additionally, multiple awesome games have garnered loyal players worldwide, with all top builders trying to maintain their spot. However, which games are the best seems to be an issue, but no worries, that’s exactly what I’ll talk about here. Now, check out our list of best car racing and driving games below.

25. Forza Horizon 4

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

We start our list of best racing and driving games with Forza Horizon 4. Although Forza Horizon 4 started as a spin-off from the Forza Motorsport circuit-racing series, it has become the real deal. It showcases a beautiful, peaceful, serene, and uplifting series of racing games for all, spanning large, open-world, real-world maps. As a result, Forza Horizon 4 has gained high ratings on almost every chart concocted by the gaming World; this is no coincidence. 

This car game brings spice to the developer playground games in some swift strides. In addition, Forza Horizon 4 unveils a sweet, pretty package that includes the sprawling campaign and the knockabout multiplayer. Its goodies also include some moreish car collections and awesome festival vibes, just as Horizon Games loves them to be. 

This fourth edition of Forza Horizon includes some additions, such as the sign of oncoming things. Additionally, a thoroughly great map and a weekly schedule of new activities keep you busy all time you come on.  

Encompassing all descriptions, Forza Horizon 4 is the complete modern-era game that would stop you in your tracks.

24. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Need for speed hot pursuit

Although Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered may be prone to cutting out its entertaining persona, its peaks are always times of jubilance. However, you may forget that when Criterion was heading the affairs, the “Need for Speed” game was the top driving game. 

Hot Pursuit Remastered presents some scintillating road encounters; also, its wide-open roads represent what made the game famous. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered remains an incredible experience. Additionally, these memories of the game solidify the perception of the series, which is considered a high-ranking racing and driving game.

Now, all eyes are on Criterion, who will soon come out with a fresh stint at the arena with bated breath. 

23. Dirt 5

Dirt 5

Code pioneers built Dirt 5 far into the 90s, making it one of the oldest and still relevant driving games. Dirt 5 dates back to the time when Colin McRae and Sega Rally Championship pushed extreme racing games forward. Nevertheless, Dirt 5 isn’t concerned with realistically presenting things.

Even with this game not being deeply customized, its simple nature is still as encapsulating as a game can be. In addition, the ultimate aim of the game is to jump and toss around until you win a certain level. Winding, muddy tracks would make it more than harder than I’d explain.

For a beginner, winning is impossible, but that’s the beauty of it, right? However, when you keep on with its engaging content, you’re assured of becoming a pro.

22. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered is an excellent game, released originally in 2008 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, is one of Criterion’s finest. So naturally, it is only a regular occurrence that it falls within the best driving and racing games. 

In addition to some excellent welcoming graphics enhancements, the previous console is left on as well. Also, PC players get to experience only Big Surf Island and its forthcoming destructions and stunts incorporated into one big affair.

The map of Paradise City is among one of the classiest I have ever come across, ranking higher and playing more than most others. Maybe you would want to cruise around Paradise City or complete the many available events. Nevertheless, driving around in Burnout Paradise Remastered is just as therapeutic activity as anything that gives you the peace you desire. 

However, some of the initial pain points of the game are retained; these include an unsolicited crash cam and some menu elements. Nevertheless, these considerably cause interference in the game’s smooth playability and vehicle movement, so it is not a problem after all. Also, the expensive maps, many unlockables, and smooth running add up to its shortcomings.

 21. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

Even with your group of friends, you can now play any game of Mario Kart, starting from the 1992 Super Nintendo Classic. Additionally, everyone will have a great time; you won’t be able to stop talking about it, ever. 

In this series, every game is confirmed with smoothened arcade handling, very tricky courses, and characters you’d fall in love with. Also, there is guaranteed a tactical streak that would make you want to go again and again without stopping. 

The huge sales of these racing games do not state otherwise, and these are the most sold games ever. The latest: Mario Kart 8, the deluxe version, also features on almost every chart of incredible games. Lately, the ratings have hit the roof, prompting even more consumers to run back to this series.

Mario Kart 8 might just be the best part since the first one was invented, possessing an excellent local and online multiplayer. Nevertheless, playing this game in solo mode isn’t bad either. The blasting customizations, perfect visuals, and the unstopping soundtrack make Mario Kart 8 worth the money.

You should understand that once you start playing this game, you just can’t stop on the way. This is because the ecstatic vibes it instills is one unmatchable thing. Consequently, this is what makes Mario Kart 8 different from all other versions of the series. 

20. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

Up next on our list of the best racing and driving games we have Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled results from several decades of expertise, all incorporated into one big affair. This racing game carries a concept of unprecedented quality, and it shows how much strength the gaming Industry possesses. 

While playing Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, you feel like Mario Kart and a host of other games have blended into one design. Also, the singular beauty of this game is one of unadulterated bliss; you cannot imitate this game to the slightest level of its gracefulness. This may be because it is developed by Naughty Dog, one of the most reputable studios in the World. 

The source material for this game is wholly embedded within its spheres, which is evident in the results. Consequently, if you do not play this game, you may not get a complete and concise description of what I say. Nevertheless, it seems like everything is gotten right, starting from its design strategy to its launching stage.


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Anyone who has played Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is bound to give the same excellent review as I have done. Also, this faultless design gets even better the more times you play it, and it is always better when you remember it.

Beenox designs this game, and if you do not play on Switch or prefer Crash, the local multiplayer is ideal for you. 

19. Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is Adopting a cynical stance towards anything with reflective elements, and it is so for specific good reasons. This may be because of tons of pop culture attributes digging over the past for something people would put some cash on. Also, some may just go hunting for valuable treasures they’d sell to the public to make some quick cash.  

These are always bound to fall back into the tentacles of unproductivity.

However, Horizon Chase Turbo, despite carrying some traits of bittersweet throwbacks, has garnered enough beauty to retain its relevance. Also, it possesses a classy aesthetic feel which makes people cling to it and hold on.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a simple racing game that weaves through rival vehicles from a distinctive sight angle. It also focuses on boosting and collecting canisters that refill your gas tanks and prevent fuel runs out. 

This game was designed by the Aquiris Game Studio, which published the Horizon Chase Turbo’s main magnetic characteristic in its Visuals. 

Also, Horizon Chase Turbo is a beautifully designed game despite disagreements on this topic. Due to the flat, heavy-metallic style of art embroidered on the design, it brings to mind the 1990s games. However, it isn’t jagged, nor unaligned and it doesn’t possess all the flaws which characterized that gaming era. 

The Design of Horizon Chase Turbo carries those soothing, pastel colors and cool neon overlights displayed during play. Additionally, the display may vary in its contrast with the time mode you’re on. For example, the night mode of Horizon Chase Turbo may be a little more colorful and light-enhanced than the daytime mode. 

Horizon Chase Turbo also proves to be just as fun to play in comparison to its looks.

18. Hotshot Racing

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

Hotshot Racing produces replicas of the 90s era, arcade-style driving competitions, which blew our minds off. Its aim is sufficiently achieved with its pick-and-play control setup, high-angle, and low polygon visual effects. This game was meant to revisit the days of gaming pioneering, and it effectively did.

Hotshot racing, which Lucky Mountain Games develop, encompasses retro-racing energy. Note that Sumo Digital’s racing masters made immense contributions to the development of this incredible game. 

Also, the bright color of the Hotshot Racing play area may appear to make it appear like a spin-off of the Outrun era games. However, it misses the scintillating design that makes retro-racing games unforgettable, shifting its strength to other multiple areas. Nevertheless, it still does a better job when compared to the hosts of others who have attempted this activity. 

Headshot Racing still carries the aura of an excellent game, drawing players from all over the World, and racking up sales in return. Additionally, people who love a good drift would find this game a dream come true.

17. Inertial Drift

Inertia Drift

Inertial Drift is available on your PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch. It is a modern arcade racing game with many elements dating back to its unforgettable predecessor, Ridge Racer Type 4. However, it still emerges as a new gaming invention despite the similarities it shares with its ancestor. 

To an experienced gamer, Inertial Drift still uses a unique twin-stick drift mechanism despite its relationship with Ridge Racer Type 4. Also, there is an inclusion of the slightest acclimatization in this incredible game. Additionally, this game scurries away with the strength of modern and pre-modern workings in a perfect mixture of ecstatic visuals.

Nevertheless, once you’ve put your head into the game, nothing matches its eccentric energy. Inertial Drift is quite alluring and holds you still in its stages, stimulating your mind and senses towards sharp and swift activity.

 16. Wreckfest


You can play Wreckfest on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

Wreckfest is a classical banging racer that boasts many iconic and completely unregistered cars, and it is pretty similar to Art of Rally. This game features the ultimate destruction and wreckage ceremony; reread the name if you want to be precise. Also, the fondly remembered Flatout is put in as an element of this game; this shouldn’t surprise you.

The original Flatout Studio bugbear is a crucial and captivating part of Wreckfest.

Wreckfest has simple playability; it contains everything needed for a surreal car smashing party. There are old, weighty cars with amazingly incredulous handling that lurch and smash, wrecking one another’s bodywork in an accurate visualization. Convincingly, the brilliant physics incorporated into the design makes everything look as natural as can be. Many wreckage fans would find this game completely enthralling, giving them a simulated effect of actual destruction. 

15. rFactor 2

rFactor 2

Next entry on our list of best racing and driving car games we have rFactor 2. It seems like rFactor 2 has not yet reached its potential, and it would still take some time before it does so. Nevertheless, when Motorsport Games acquired Developer Studio 397, combined with licenses such as BTCC and WEC, there were lots to be excited for. 


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However,  for the moment, the authenticity of rFactor 2’s handling is pretty faulty. In contrast, its simulations are top-class, racking up interest in mock race cars.

14. TrackMania Turbo

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

TrackMania Turbo is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Personal Computers.

It is one of those deviations from the regular gaming pattern, which is almost like a Category of its own. This game is exhilaratingly fast and challenging, having a timeframe within which you have to complete your task. Its stunts are difficult, coupled with its complicated playing mechanisms.

TrackMania Turbo requires a crazy amount of patience and practice for you to become a little bit proficient at it. In addition, the tasks may seem a little impossible to scale; this makes tons of people drop them at the first trial. 

This gaming series of TrackMania Turbo is ridden with a truckload of the dedicated community who take their time to master it. However, the overall structure of this gaming community may not be the most appealing after all. The previously released reboot called TrackMania doesn’t make any difference, although it tries to fix the bugs and irregularities.

TrackMania, Made for Consoles presents an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this outstanding design. Its accessibility is top-notch, with all the series being incorporated into one extensive system.

Just one restart and you’re good to go with the new, fresh, and captivating revision of your favorite driving game, TrackMania.

13. Ridge Racer Unbounded

Ridge Racer Unbounded

Gran Turismo or Forza might possess a far more intensive edge in the market over the Ridge Racer Series. However, the long-running franchise wields a dedicated fanbase that loves the drift-centered racing action. 

Generally, the current video game market may seem to overrun the strength of Ridge Racer, relegating its design to the background. However, this gaming developer has not crumbled even for a second, maintaining his steady swagger with every version being released. 

This entry designed by Bugbear Entertainment displays an element of disarray into the normal gameplay by adding wrecking. Additionally, vehicular and environmental destruction are incorporated into the familiar scenery of Ridge Racer Unbounded, creating an absolute burnout in the game. Have these elements of environmental destruction been added to improve the street credibility of the game, or not?

With its highly detailed and vulnerable locations, the district of Shatter Bay will lure you back after one match. Although, as a beginner, you only have access to one racing district and one car, this changes as you progress in your Ridge Racer career. Additionally, you can gather usable points by crashing through any material which is not a brick wall; brick walls will destroy your car.

The action here is super exciting and varies according to the story mode you would prefer. However, playing against human opponents may be a better relaxation technique.

12. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2

TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2

You can play TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 on a Personal Computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Many games have unsuccessfully tried to replicate the craze and surprising beauty of the Isle of Man’s 38-mile long road. However, this unending road that courses along in the game cannot be forgotten by gamers and gaming enthusiasts.

Oh! There’s a point when you have to ride on the back of a sheep; how exactly does that happen? But, hey, Sega’s bold 90s arcade efforts are not to be forgotten so quickly.

However, a few games that have gone close to attaining the Isle of Man’s feat are just a few. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 carries along with purpose and aim, reaching the maximum creativity limit that could hit at that point.

KT Racing added some smoothness to this sequel while staying true to the much-needed bends and bumps of the road course. Therefore, a racing event is created which hovers alone and barely does justice to the purposely concocted event. 

11. Wipeout Omega Collection

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

Wipeout Omega Collection game is only available on PlayStation 4.

The standard package of the Wipeout Omega Collection is now the best way to harness the iconic, future-based PlayStation racing series. This supports the original, high-speed, antigravity racer and still retains its spot as the best, even in the face of other high-tech systems.

Additionally, even with the revision of the PS3, HD, Fury, and 2048, these do not fit in with the original PlayStation games. However, these are still relevant, fast, beautiful, and keep the calm science-fiction aura that sets them above their competitors. 

10. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed Collection

Up next on our list of the best racing and driving games we have one more Sonic Game. Kart racing is a category identified by wild, arcade-style driving and slick power-ups designed to exterminate rival racers. Also, while playing, you may have the aim of shielding yourself from attacks, twisty tracks, and antagonistic characters. 

All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection features a brilliant cast of Sega characters with battles on land, air, and water. 

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection includes characters from the Sonic family and many others obtained from Sega’s assorted arcades. These would include Alex Kidd, Amigo, and Beat, along with others.  Additionally, non-Sega characters are included; Wreck-it Ralph, Danica Patrick, Pyro, Spy, and others make up this fold. 


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All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection is absolutely for you if kit racers with a charismatic cast and fun weapons are your thing. Surprisingly, you may prefer it to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 

9. SEGA AGES Out Run


You can play SEGA AGES Out Run on your 3DS or Switch.

Usually, recent releases are favored over retro classics when talking about the best driving and racing games. However, a small number of old games still maintain their class and are worthy of mention. These timeless classics ride awesomely like the day they were released never ends.

In the summer of 1986, Sega’s stone-cold classic was unveiled, featuring a free-wheeling road racing game that is still available on Switch. The remaster artists at M2 did quite a job; you can still get it in an accessible format. Also, this would appear better on a 3DS if you’ve got it available; the stereoscopic visuals give you a more viewable result. 

The clock ticks while you try to beat the traffic using a branching route; you could end up drifting endlessly in a topless Testarossa.

Sadly, Out Run 2, and its excellent mid-21st-century console versions are no longer available. These made a perfect driving game back in the day.

8. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport game is only available on PlayStation four.

Although many people may not consider it a full Gran Turismo game, the series has a dramatic sole PS4 entry.  It also features on major charts of “Best PS4 Games,” and its Influence has expanded considerably as time goes by. Additionally, fans have shown love for most of its solo Campaign events and license tests.

Players of this game can’t stop going on and on about the luxurious car and tracklist incorporated into its newer versions. However, Polyphony Digital has focused so much energy on Gran Turismo Sport, making it one of the biggest driving games. Also, a sublime balance of accessibility and brilliantly designed online multiplayer exposes the rules and perks of severe PC gaming systems. 

Gran Turismo Sport is a GT game, also the best and fairest multiplayer experience on a console.

7. Split/ Second

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

Split/ Second was developed by Black Rock Studios and possesses one of the best user interfaces in racing game history. However, it is coined around a fictional television program where racers compete for fame and cash prizes. However, these contestants trigger some super moves called PowerPlays when they are close to the finishing line. 

Contestants earn PowerPlay points by drafting, drifting, and jumping skillfully. Also, helicopters may drop bombs on your opponents when you uncork a meter-filled PowerPlay attack.

Split/ Second’s arcade-style racing and large explosions form an exciting racer that keeps your holding position, downing Jets of Jumbo and hugging corners. 

6. Assetto Corsa/ Assetto Corsa Competizone

Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa Competizone

You can play Assetto Corsa/ Assetto Corsa Competizone on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

These two games are pretty awesome, offering two very different experiences through the expertise of Kunos Simulazioni.  The initial Assetto Corsa may be a little exasperating; however, setting it to the suitable modes would solve that problem. 

The beauties of these games come out in the healthiest and most diverse form of Motorsport in its peerless state. Also, a handful of welcome updates offer a pure experience that measures iRacing.

5. Need for Speed: Heat

Need for Speed Heat

We’re slowly reaching the top of our list of the best racing and driving games and Need for Speed: Heat is in fifth place. Need for Speed: Heat is a captivatingly thrilling racing game that captures the elements that made other Need for Speed chapters successful. This version carries solid racing mechanisms, brilliant car design options, and one of the most classy cop chases in history. Nevertheless, this game does possess pretty realistic adventures which contain ultra-high levels of entertainment.

The day and night feature of Need for Speed: Heat is on another level compared to most other driving games. Additionally, this feature allows you to effectively utilize brighter and more Contrasting daytime racing scenes with incredible surroundings. Also, the high stakes you place when you race at night are increased as you speed across town in underground tunnels.

Palm City, where this game is based, looks scintillating either time, with both scenes giving the game some desired Visual variety. 


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The customization of characters in Need for Speed: Heat is improved to fit a fantastic storyline. Also, this inclusion makes the game far more enjoyable than the last few versions, which have colonized the market. 

Despite the lack of allure in the multiplayer mode coupled with a few ambiguous controls, the overall playability of this game is excellent. In addition, the vast number of users of this game has confessed to its class and enjoyable design. Need for Speed always gets better as more versions are released, with numerous improvements and revisions carefully incorporated.

4. iRacing

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

You can play iRacing only on a PC.

A few things to understand about iRacing are that it is costly and tricky, and time-consuming.  However, this will be because you’ve allowed it to affect you as much as it does. Nevertheless, if you take on the best aspects of iRacing, everything gets easier.

The rule is to work your way through the ranks so that you’d cement your spot in a team endurance event. Also, you’ll witness all the camaraderie, excitement, and disappointments of the main event of which you’re a member.

Some divisions of iRacing may cause discomfort and heartaches when you play; anxieties may also come in. However, some good working and looking racing games may be a better choice for you. 

Even though you may have already invested much time and energy into perfecting your iRacing capabilities, it is never late to switch. 

3. Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0 remains the best off-road driving simulation you can find, beating WRC 9 to the top of the table. This may be the best that has ever existed. 

Although this game may not be the perfect all-rounder, its grip and handling are classy and top of the best. Additionally, the driving experience  Dirt Rally 2.0  gives you is more encapsulating than most things you’ve found on this list.

Understand that a good wheel is best for the thrill and challenge you’re about to face in Dirt Rally 2.0.

2. F1 2021

F1 2021

F1 2021 is pretty universal as you can play it on a PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Stadia.

This year’s F1 game cannot be held back as mediocre or not measuring up to the desired standard. Although it incorporates a new story that smells of Netflix’s drive to survive, this is overstated by a bit of a fraction. Additionally, it is matched by decent next-generation Verizon and some welcome touches and additions to the previous.

F1 2021 possesses an impressive look and gives out enjoyable vibes for the ages in F1 right now. Nevertheless, a whole season’s worth of racing looks surprisingly authentic.

1. MotoGP 21

25 Best Car Games: Best Racing and Driving Games in 2021

The last game on our list of the best racing and driving games is MotoGP 21. Games made in 2021 seem to have this certain universality and compatibility, gradually sweeping over the gaming world. Although MotoGP 21 doesn’t dish out a high-level aura of drama, its premier motorcycle racing series is classy all the same. 

This Italian developer has more experience with racing bikes than any other developer; this manifests in its tune. However, the primary sport itself ideally inspires video game creation.

Nevertheless, with a perfect sense of danger and carelessness, modern car racing has primarily lost gamers to its motorcycle counterpart – MotoGP 21

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