Lost Ark Rovlen Guide: How To Find & Kill The Boss

lost ark rovlen boss

Gamers getting into Lost Ark have been gifted with a spread of captivating activities, including the chance to defeat some epic bosses! But, as thrilling as boss fights are, the entire process can be understandably challenging.

Although the Rovlen boss in Lost Ark can be undeniably tough and intimidating, you can still defeat it with the right preparation and approaches. Stick around to find out how to find Rovlen and defeat this boss in Lost Ark.

Rovlen Boss In Lost Ark

Since Lost Ark features a wide range of fantasy creatures, players will encounter numerous fascinating and deadly enemies as they progress through the game. After completing a few main quests, players will begin coming across World Bosses, which are significantly more challenging to defeat compared to regular bosses.

Rovlen is a powerful plant-like creature, initially created by scavenging Moon Pieces from the Chain Wars. These mythical moon fragments transformed Rovlen into a product of dark magic, dooming it to its new existence.

rovlen lost ark

This World Boss has become absolutely irresistible for MMORPG fans who love a good challenge, but it will only come on later down the line. Rovlen is quite a tough boss as it’s level 25, making it the highest level World Boss in Lost Ark at the moment.

Where To Find Rovlen In Lost Ark

Rovlen remains in the same area, similar to other World Bosses. It can be located in the Bilbrin Forest on the continent of West Luterra. The location is situated at the west of this area and the east of the Grayhammer Mine.


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Unlike other World Bosses which may wander and roam around the general area, Rovlen is actually rooted to the ground. As a result, this boss should be in the exact same spot each time you encounter it, making it one of the easier World Bosses to find in Lost Ark.

Why Can’t I find Rovlen In Its World Boss Area?

Some players have the issue of not being able to find Rovlen, despite all of their best attempts. But, these sorts of scenarios would typically come down to accurate timing. Rather than each player having World Boss instances, instances are open to all players.

Since Rovlen is a legendary World Boss that many players hunt down in the attempt to defeat it, you may have been too late. If you have correctly located the World Boss area and searched high and low with no results, it will likely mean that Rovlen has already been defeated.


However, don’t fret! All it will take is a bit of patience and you’ll still be able to face Rovlen as you’d initially hoped. Rovlen typically respawns every 30 minutes, and there are often other players waiting as well – they may be able to tell you how long they’ve been waiting so you can gauge the estimated time till respawn.

You can choose to hang out in the general area with other patient players or come back later to try again. Either way, Rovlen will reappear, so you’ll still be able to encounter this boss – and, hopefully, defeat it to claim some nifty rewards!

How To Kill The Rovlen Boss In Lost Ark

So you’ve successfully tracked down Rovlen and are hyped to face this legendary World Boss – what’s next? Well, before you head in guns blazing, there are a few important things to know about Rovlen’s moves, tactics, attacks, and mechanics.

Rovlen World Boss Mechanics

Since Rovlen is a World Boss, you can expect it to put up quite a good fight. It’s tough and tricky since it poses some unique threats to players, including poison spits in straight line formations and root attacks that will need some skillful dodging to avoid.

Failure to dodge any of these attacks will inflict catastrophic – and probably fatal – damage to players. Defeating Rovlen will also require players to destroy its spawns, as these spawns can inflict some surprisingly high damage if they’re left to their own devices.

rovlen fight

Rovlen periodically launches deadly seeds into the air, which sprout out high damage-dealing tentacles/tendrils. These tentacles each have a small AoE attack radius. But, you will need to face them head-on and annihilate them as soon as possible, since Rovlen develops a regenerative shield when they’re on the battlefield that will only disappear once the tentacles are destroyed.

Defeating Rovlen In Lost Ark

Players will need to deal 35,619,893 damage to defeat Rovlen, spanning over 23 life bars. So, be warned – this will be a long and drawn-out battle. While it is technically possible to take on this World Boss solo, it’s recommended that players choose to defeat this boss with the help of at least one or two players.

Player Tactics For Defeating Rovlen

Taking on Rovlen will demand some trial and error, as every player has a unique build based on their chosen class, levels, gear, and much more. But, as a general rule, players should consider the following tips throughout their battle:


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  • Stay on the move, as this will help you avoid Rovlen’s catacalysmic AoE attacks.
  • Destroy Rovlen’s tendrils/tentacles as soon as possible as they can overwhelm players – even entire parties.
  • Players using magic or ranged attacks should remain at the back.
  • Players using tanky or fighter builds should try to circle around Rovlen throughout the battle.
  • Reserve your abilities for when Rovlen’s shield is down.

Best Build For Defeating Rovlen In Lost Ark

Having a solid PvE build is essential for taking on Rovlen. While not all classes could take on Rovlen solo, some of the best classes for successful Rovlen fights include the following:

  • S Tier: Bard, Berserker, Gunlancer
  • A Tier: Paladin, Gunslinger, Artillerist, Sorceress, Wardancer
  • B Tier: Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Deadeye, Deathblade
  • C Tier: Striker, Soulfist, Scrapper

Each of these classes will afford unique advantages and disadvantages throughout the battle. But, the main aspects that need consideration are survivability and damage, combined with some form of support. This necessity for combined traits and abilities is one of the main reasons why group play is far better for taking on Rovlen.

lost ark classes

These necessary attributes make Bard, Berserker, and Gunlancer the best options for Rovlen encounters. While Bard may be weaker than other classes, she flaunts buffs, shielding, and healing abilities that are next to none – sure to come in handy while facing this sly and unique World Boss.

If you’re looking for a rough and tough beast of a build, the Berserker class is at the top of the list as it boasts exceptional DPS. The Gunlancer class offers the best of both worlds, with a tanky build, impressive HP stats, decent DPS, and some awesome abilities that will be extremely useful when facing Rovlen.

Rewards From Rovlen

Players will be rewarded with some high-level gear, equipment, and items after defeating Rovlen. Gear items are received based on your class and can include jewelry, armor, or weapons. Below are the rewards you’ll earn for killing Rovlen:

  • Three pieces of Epic Gear (level 150)
  • An Epic Accessory (level 145)
  • A treasure map
  • Eternity essence
  • A Card of Rovlen
  • Entry in the Adventure Book

Rovlen is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges in Lost Ark to date. While Rovlen does have some unique and lethal attacks, special moves, and annoying spawns, you can still defeat it with the corresponding gear and some handy potions.

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