Lost Ark Salt Giant Guide: How To Find & Kill The Boss

The land of Arkesia is packed with a ton of interesting creatures, enemies, and evil beings to defeat. While encountering many Lost Ark bosses can feel fairly straightforward, World Bosses are an entirely different story.

World Bosses are tough as nails, requiring some thorough planning, training, gear, equipment, items, and builds. But, no matter how challenging the Salt Giant boss may seem, you can definitely defeat this Boss with the right approaches.

Lost Ark Salt Giant Boss

Lost Ark is comprised of huge continents, each of which has a representing boss. Some Wolrd Bosses have more nefarious backgrounds, but others may be far less ruthless than players might expect. The Salt Giant is an example of such a being, as all though it may appear to be a classic brutish ‘bad guy’, this not-so-gentle giant actually has quite a sad story.

This World Boss’s lore unveils a series of selfless acts in an attempt to defend the land of Yudia. The Salt Giant was elemental in its early days but sacrificed itself by absorbing all of the darker energies that ravaged the area after Encavia’s collapse.

As with all sacrificial deeds, there has to be some kind of downfall, and the Salt Giant was aware of the potential for unforeseen devastation. While it buried itself underground in an attempt to protect others from negative side effects, it still re-emerged hundreds of years later as a corrupted, twisted version of its former self.

Where To Find The Salt Giant In Lost Ark

Although this iconic World Boss is being hunted down by countless players, it’s not actually that easy to find. The Salt Giant is situated in the southeast of Saland Hills city, located on the Aregal Salt Plains in Lost Ark‘s Arkesia.

Much like most of Lost Ark‘s World Bosses, the Salt Giant will typically wander around the general area, attacking any player that gets in its way. This means that, while tracking down the location is fairly straightforward, players may need to walk around and find out exactly where the boss is at that moment.

Why Cant’ I Find The Salt Giant?

If you’ve searched high and low and still can’t seem to find it, this boss may have already been defeated. Unlike many other MMORPGs that place players in unique Boss instances, Lost Ark‘s World Boss instances are left open for all players.

However, this does not mean you’ll have to put your plans on hold for another day, as you’ll just need to wait a little while longer. Like all Lost Ark World Bosses, the Salt Giant respawns every 30 minutes.

Players can choose to wait it out by hanging around the area, or come back at a later time once the Salt Giant respawns. There are often other players waiting around to defeat the same boss, and they may be able to help you out by telling you how long they have already been waiting.

How To Defeat The Salt Giant Boss In Lost Ark

Although it is possible to defeat the Salt Giant with some solid gear and equipment, coupled with a great PvE build, this World Boss does boast a surprisingly high power level. This means that many players can be caught off guard if they don’t quite know what to expect.

The Salt Giant Boss Mechanics

With every MMORPG boss comes a spread of unique yet deadly abilities, mechanics, special attacks, and much more. The Salt Giant is no exception, and you’ll definitely need to have a thorough understanding of this boss’s moves before you start the fight.

Unlike some of the other bosses and creatures throughout Arkesia, the Salt Giant does not wield any weapons – but, it doesn’t need to. The Salt Giant is pretty tough as is, flaunting over 10 million hit points.

The Salt Giant is a close-range attacker, specializing in melee combat. But, its most notable strength is its catastrophic Area of Effect (AoE) abilities. These abilities can absolutely demolish you and your entire party if you’re not well-prepared for them.

Its attacks are, however, fairly straightforward to understand and manage, as players can dodge its AoE attacks and vicious fists if your chosen class has decent mobility. It also has incredibly high base damage, topped with commendable defense stats.

Defeating The Salt Giant

Although some high-level players may be able to take down this legendary and selfless World Boss solo, it’s not recommended for most players. It can be extremely challenging and near impossible – especially if you’re still going through the earlier stages of the game.

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Going for a busy server can be a great way to get into a party as soon as possible, as there is a much higher chance of finding a wide selection of players with appropriate builds. Don’t hesitate to ask in Global Chat as well, as you may find yourself teaming up with interested players in no time!

Tips For Defeating The Salt Giant

When it comes to taking down this World Boss and saving the land of Yudia, players will need to be up for some experimentation. Every build, class, gear setup, and stat spec will affect your odds of beating this giant. But, players should consider the following throughout their battle:

  • Make sure to dodge its AoE attacks.
  • The Salt Giant will attempt to pound players with its fists.
  • Keep a fair distance, as this will prevent the Salt Giant from landing too many close-range hits.
  • The Salt Giant will charge players sporadically when they are too far out of range.

Which Class Is Best For The Salt Giant?

Some of the best PvE classes include Bard, Berserker, and Gunlancer overall. But, all classes offer some fantastic benefits depending on how you manage them, especially if your party has a great combination. When it comes to PvE instances, the most notable benefits include survivability, high DPS, and some solid support skills.

But, one also has to consider the unique nature of the Salt Giant, as many classes that work well for most World Bosses may not perform as well. The class you choose should have the following traits for the best results:

Long-Distance Attacks (Range or Magic)

Since the Salt Giant specializes in close-range combat, having a class that can deal decent damage from a fair distance will come in handy. Players can still choose close-ranged classes, but they will have to brave this giant’s pummelling fists in the hope that they don’t get smashed.

Speed and Mobility

There are some epic classes that deal impressive damage to targets, but they may lack the mobility and speed necessary for the Salt Giant. The Salt Giant’s AoE attacks are quite easy to dodge for classes equipped with fair agility and mobility. Similarly, classes that have higher movement speed will be able to evade the Salt Giant’s fist attacks when it charges.

Rewards For Defeating The Salt Giant

Players who successfully defeat the Salt Giant will be rewarded with some epic loot. While the experience alone is undeniably rewarding, the Salt Giant’s drops will make the entire battle worthwhile!

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The rewards for defeating the Salt Giant include the following:

  • Silver
  • XP
  • Major Healing Potions
  • Levatanos Necklace
  • Relic Collector Long Staff

In its new state, the Salt Giant has transformed into a mindless being filled with rage and darkness. While you may feel bad about killing this selfless giant, know that it’s what the being would have wanted, as you will ultimately be continuing its legacy of protecting Yudian soil.

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