Love, Death + Robots: Watch Order

Love, Death + Robots: Watch Order

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Love, Death + Robots is a spectacular sci-fi fantasy series on Netflix that’s truly a breath of fresh air on the platform. It’s unlike anything else on the platform if you ask me – from absolutely stunning animation from episode to episode to the incredible production and deep messages imbued into the topics at hand.

With the third season now streaming on Netflix, fans wonder – is there a particular way or order in which you should watch the series?

Well, there isn’t. Every episode is unique in terms of animation style, topic, and length. We did get one sequel episode in Season 3, so you can’t really go totally random. Here’s the best way to watch Love, Death + Robots.

Are The Episodes Of Love, Death + Robots Connected?

As I’ve mentioned, Love, Death + Robots already has three Seasons, and almost none of the episodes are connected. Every episode tells a story of its own. Some are hand-drawn in animation, some are stop-animated, while some are animated so realistically that you’d think you’re watching a movie if you didn’t know any better. 

Also, every episode’s runtime is different, spanning from six to twenty one minutes, depending on the story. Heck, even the genres are different. Some are pure science fiction; others are fantasy, horror, or comedy. That makes Love, Death + Robots so unique – there’s something for everybody.

The only thing that the episodes in all three seasons (or Volumes) of the anthology series have in common is that every episode is connected to, well, love, death, and robots. Some include all three titular subject matters, while some include only one of the three. Many episodes are created based on award-winning literary work, such as short stories, novels, etc.

The main point of the series is to depict how technology can be both good and bad, depending on how we use it. It’s also showing us the darker side of human nature, including greed, lust, violence, power, and much more. 

The show’s creators are Tim Miller and David Fincher, who are also the executive producers, joined by Jennifer Miller and Joshua Donen. It’s easy to understand the show leaves such a strong impression when you know the directing crew. It includes Miller, Fincher, Zack Snyder, James Cameron, Gore Verbinski, Guillermo del Toro, and other phenomenal names.

Now, I’ve mentioned the episodes aren’t connected to one another, except for two. Those two episodes are “Three Robots” from Volume I and Three Robots: Exit Strategies from Volume III. They revolve around the same three robots on a post-apocalyptic trip to Earth, trying to figure out what went wrong.


‘Love, Death + Robots’ Three Robots: Exit Strategies Explained

Those are possibly the two most light-hearted and funny episodes in the entire show, with a big dose of satire and mockery of humanity. While the episodes are loosely connected with the characters, one doesn’t really need to watch the first episode to understand the second, and vice versa.

As for the other episodes of the series, they are not connected at all, but I would still suggest watching them in the order in which the show-runners put the Volumes together. It’ll feel fluid and natural and gives you a great balance between harder and softer episodes, making the entire show quite easy to digest in a single binge-watch. Here’s a quick rundown of the episodes.

In What Order Do You Watch Love, Death + Robots?

As mentioned, the best way to watch Love, Death + Robots is to simply follow the Volumes and episodes as they are put together. Here’s a quick brief and recap of each episode from each of the three Volumes.

Volume I

Sonnie’s Edge

“In the underground world of “beastie” fights, Sonnie is unbeatable — as long as she keeps her edge.”

Three Robots

“Long after the fall of humanity, three robots embark on a sightseeing tour of a post-apocalyptic city.”

The Witness

“After seeing a brutal murder, a woman flees from the killer through the streets of a surreal city.”


“A community of farmers uses their homemade mechs to defend their families from an alien invasion.”

Sucker of Souls

“Unleashed by an archaeological dig, a bloodthirsty demon battles a team of mercenaries armed with… cats?”

When Yogurt Took Over

“After scientists accidentally breed super-intelligent yogurt, it soon hungers for world domination.”

Beyond the Aquila Rift

“Awakening after traveling light years off course, a ship’s crew struggles to discover just how far they’ve come.”

Good Hunting

“The son of a spirit hunter forges a bond with a shape-shifting huli jing.”

The Dump

“Ugly Dave calls the garbage dump home, and he’s not about to let some city slicker take it away from him.”


“Deep in Afghanistan, two Marines with supernatural powers face a threat from one of their own kind.”

Helping Hand

“Stranded in orbit, an astronaut must choose between life and limb before her oxygen runs out.”

Fish Night

“After their car breaks down in the desert, two salesmen take a dreamlike voyage to the dawn of time.”

Lucky 13

“After the drop-ship Lucky 13 lost two crews, no pilot would fly her… but rookies don’t get a choice.”

Zima Blue

“The renowned artist Zima recounts his mysterious past and rise to fame before unveiling his final work.”

Blind Spot

“A gang of cyborg thieves stages a high-speed heist of a heavily armored convoy.”

Ice Age

“A young couple moves into an apartment and finds a lost civilization inside their antique freezer.”

Alternate Histories

“Want to see Hitler die in a variety of comically fantastic ways? Now you can. Welcome to Multiversity!”

The Secret War

“Elite units of the Red Army fight an unholy evil deep in the ancient forests of Siberia.”

Volume II

Automated Customer Service

“Some senior citizens are lucky enough to enjoy their golden years in tomorrow’s high-tech, assisted living communities. They pursue relaxation, their every need taken care of – until their robotic servants decide to kill them.”


“In a future where many humans are enhanced with extraordinary strength and endurance, the “unmodded” feel left behind. This class-conflict drives a rift between two brothers that puts their lives at risk during a dangerous race.”

Pop Squad

“In a future where resources are controlled by the rich, “unregistered offspring” are forbidden by the state. A police officer charged with enforcing population control faces a crisis of conscience.”

Snow in the Desert

“On an arid, scorched planet at the edge of galactic civilization, an ageless albino named “Snow” is hunted by an assortment of hired killers. But after a beautiful stranger named Hirald saves his life, she reveals her own plans for him.”

The Tall Grass

“When a train makes an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, a lone traveler is lured into the surrounding fields by ethereal lights. But his curiosity may prove deadly when he discovers the hellish source of the illumination.”

All Through the House

“On Christmas Eve, a young girl and her little brother lie awake. When a jingle of bells announces Saint Nick’s arrival they sneak downstairs hoping to catch a glimpse of the mythical gift-giver – but find something unexpected.”

Life Hutch

“When his ship is damaged in battle, a combat pilot crash-lands on a desolate planet. Fortunately, there’s an automated shelter on the surface he can take refuge in until rescue arrives – if he can survive that long.”

The Drowned Giant

“When a two hundred foot tall naked body washes ashore outside a small fishing village, crowds gather to witness the spectacle. A local scientist documents the leviathan’s surrender to nature.”

Volume III

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

“Three robots walk into the post-apocalypse, and take a whirlwind tour of humankind’s last attempts to save itself.”

Bad Travelling

“Release the Thanapod! A ship’s crew member sailing an alien ocean strikes a deal with a ravenous monster of the deep.”

The Very Pulse of the Machine

“When an exploratory mission to a Jovian moon ends in disaster, the lone survivor must begin a perilous but mind-expanding journey.”

Night of the Mini Dead

“The apocalypse is conceived – literally – in a graveyard in this biting zombie satire, which starts with some cheeky cemetery sex and accelerates into a walking dead invasion of everywhere – from downtown LA to the Vatican.”

Kill Team Kill

“US Special Forces are trained to neutralize any threat — even a cybernetic killing machine created by the CIA. Their secret weapon? A sense of humor.”


“Two human scientists study the secrets of an ancient alien entity — but soon learn the horrible price of survival in a hostile universe.”

Mason’s Rats

“Welcome to the Ratpocalypse. Farmer Mason knows he has a real pest problem when they start shooting back. Bloody Hell.”

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

“Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, a squad of Special Forces soldiers has the dangerous job of recovering a hostage held by terrorists. But the evil they encounter as they venture deep under ground is far more ancient and terrifying.”


“A deaf knight and a siren of myth become entwined in a deadly dance. A fatal attraction infused with blood, death, and treasure.”

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