Magmortar: Best Moveset, PVP and Item Guide

Magmotar: Best Moveset, PVP and Item Guide

The world of Pokémon has been a growing phenomenon since 1996, when the first pair of video games came out in stores. There are almost 900 individual Pokémon identified by the PokéDex and in this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about one of them – Magmortar. Magmortar is a pure-type Fire Pokémon introduced in Generation IV of the core game series. It is the final and only evolution of Magby, a Generation II Baby Pokémon, which can evolve into Magmar. Magmortar evolves from Magmar when traded while holding a Magmarizer or when exposed to a Magmarizer, depending on the game. Magmortar does not have a Mega Evolution, nor any alternative or regional forms in the series, which means that it cannot evolve or change further.

In this article, we are going to tell you all the information you’ll need if you want to breed an Magmortar in any of the games. We’re going to focus on both the core games, as well as other popular video games based on the Pokémon franchise.

Best moveset

Magmortar: Best Moveset, PVP and Item Guide

In the Pokémon GO videogame, the best moves for your Magmortar are Fire Spin and Fire Blast if you’re battling Pokémon in Gyms. Namely, this moveset gives you the highest total DPS and is, likewise, the best moveset for PVP battles. The official description for Fire Spin reveals the following: “The target becomes trapped within a fierce vortex of fire that rages for four to five turns”; as for Fire Blast, the attack is described as follows: “The target is attacked with an intense blast of all-consuming fire. This may also leave the target with a burn.”

Other moves that Magmortar can learn across other games are:

  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Magmortar
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Magmortar
  • × indicates a move that cannot be used in Generation VIII

By leveling up

Level  Move  Type  Cat.  Pwr.  Acc.  PP
12Clear SmogPoisonSpecial50—%15
16Flame WheelFirePhysical60100%25
20Confuse RayGhostStatus100%10
24Scary FaceNormalStatus100%10
28Fire PunchFirePhysical75100%15
34Lava PlumeFireSpecial80100%15
40Low KickFightingPhysical100%20
52Sunny DayFireStatus—%5
58Fire BlastFireSpecial11085%5
64Hyper BeamNormalSpecial15090%5


 TM  Move  Type  Cat.  Pwr.  Acc.  PP 
TM00Mega PunchNormalPhysical8085%20
TM01Mega KickNormalPhysical12075%5
TM03Fire PunchFirePhysical75100%15
TM05Thunder PunchElectricPhysical75100%15
TM08Hyper BeamNormalSpecial15090%5
TM09Giga ImpactNormalPhysical15090%5
TM11Solar BeamGrassSpecial120100%10
TM13Fire SpinFireSpecial3585%15
TM22Rock SlideRockPhysical7590%10
TM26Scary FaceNormalStatus100%10
TM34Sunny DayFireStatus—%5
TM41Helping HandNormalStatus—%20
TM43Brick BreakFightingPhysical75100%15
TM46Weather BallNormalSpecial50100%10
TM48Rock TombRockPhysical6095%15
TM60Power SwapPsychicStatus—%10
TM75Low SweepFightingPhysical65100%20
TM92Mystical FireFireSpecial75100%10
TM98Stomping TantrumGroundPhysical75100%10
TR01Body SlamNormalPhysical85100%15
TR07Low KickFightingPhysical100%20
TR13Focus EnergyNormalStatus—%30
TR15Fire BlastFireSpecial11085%5
TR27Sleep TalkNormalStatus—%10
TR31Iron TailSteelPhysical10075%15
TR36Heat WaveFireSpecial9590%10
TR55Flare BlitzFirePhysical120100%15
TR64Focus BlastFightingSpecial12070%5

Magmortat PVP Guide

In this section of our article, we are going to give you a detailed PVP guide for Magmortat, which can be applied to all known Pokémon video games. The guide is going to include several categories which are going to help you prepare a strategy involving Magmortat for your games.

Weaknesses and Counters

As a pure Fire-type Pokémon, Magmortar is weak against Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type moves, and is super effective against Grass-, Bug-, Steel- and Ice-type Pokémon. It is not immune to any specific type. It receives normal damage from Normal-, Fighting-, Flying-, Poison-, Ghost-, Electric-, Psychic-, Dragon-, and Dark-type moves.

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Stats and Abilities

Magmortar’s Stats, based on the most recent available data, are:

StatsBase StatsMin-MinMaxMax+Min-MinMaxMax+
Special Attack125130145177194257286349383
Special Defense95103115147161203226289317

In Pokémon GO, Magmortar has a Base Stamina of 181, a Base Attack of 247, and a Base Defense of 172.

As for its abilities, they are:

  • Flame Body: Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker.
  • Vital Spirit: The Pokémon is full of vitality, and that prevents it from falling asleep. (Hidden Ability)

Magmortat item guide

The best item you can give to your Magmortar in the more recent games is the Fightinium Z (This is a crystallized form of Z-Power. It upgrades Fighting-type moves to Z-Moves), which will significantly boost its attack power. Another good item you can give it is Leftovers (An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder’s HP is slowly but steadily restored throughout every battle), as well as Electrium Z (This is a crystallized form of Z-Power. It upgrades Electric-type moves to Z-Moves).