Marvel Merchandise Reveals Female Villain for ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ Ahead of Schedule

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Spoilers and leaks are common in superhero media, usually from unofficial sources, and easy to brush off. However, it’s rare to have the next MCU villain spoiled by a McDonald’s toy.

That’s exactly what happened with a Happy Meal promotion, giving us a sneak peek at Diamondback for the upcoming ‘Captain America: Brave New World.’ The packaging names the character “Cascavel,” Portuguese for Rattlesnake, hinting at their MCU version. The toy looks like the Marvel Comics villain, with the same hair color and a black and purple outfit.


You can check out the official photo below.

It’s not shocking to hear that Diamondback might be in the movie since there have been rumors about Serpent Society and King Cobra appearing for a while. Some leaked set photos even showed them. But now, there are rumors saying the villains might not be in the movie at all. Diamondback and Captain America have a complicated relationship. They often clash but were also romantically involved at one point.

Rachel Leighton, who later went by the name Diamondback, trained as a mercenary under Anaconda in one of Taskmaster’s academies. She was part of the original Serpent Society and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics, and throwing weapons. Her signature move was using diamond-shaped projectiles with different deadly effects. Although she started off fighting Captain America, she eventually fell in love with him. Despite being assigned to capture him, she ended up helping him defeat the Serpent Society.

Also, Diamondback and the Serpent Society were mentioned in a rumored casting call for Captain America 4 in 2023. They were looking for a female in her early 30s to portray a character who could be a villain and a potential love interest for Anthony Mackie’s character. Interestingly, test audiences apparently didn’t feel much chemistry between Mackie and the rumored love interest, so it’ll be intriguing to see how it unfolds. Got something to share? Drop it in the comments!

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