Marvel Reportedly Working on an Anime-Influenced Project About Ancient Cosmic Beings

Marvel Reportedly Working on an Anime Influenced Project about Ancient Cosmic Beings

Marvel remains active in its project lineup despite the SAG-AFTRA strike causing schedule adjustments. Bob Iger emphasized the need for Marvel Studios to prioritize quality over quantity, acknowledging a decline in fan interest and financial performance in the past year. Despite these considerations, a recent announcement introduced a new animated show, ‘Eyes of Wakanda.’ According to reliable source Daniel Richtman, Marvel is also working on another animated project influenced by anime centered around a covert group of cosmic beings.

The central characters of the series are anticipated to partake in grand cosmic clashes, influencing the destiny of the universe. This has sparked speculation among fans, conjecturing that the narrative might center around Eternals and Celestials, with some enthusiasts even speculating that the unnamed show could serve as a sequel to the film Eternals. Presently, details are scant, given the vast Marvel universe replete with cosmic entities, both benevolent and malevolent.


Rumors Suggest That a Sequel to ‘Eternals’ Is in Its Early Development Stages, with Richard Madden Expected to Reprise His Role as Ikaris

Marvel’s foray into animated content is gradually expanding. The success of Season 1 of ‘What If…?’ has paved the way for the highly-praised upcoming Season 2, showcasing notable advancements in animation and storytelling. Additionally, the eagerly anticipated ‘X-Men 97’ animated series, set to premiere in 2024, has already secured a renewal for a second season even before airing, indicative of high expectations for its success.

For fans who lean towards animated content over live-action, Marvel appears to be entering an era of exciting prospects. What are your thoughts on this development? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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