Marvel Studios Is Said To Be on the Lookout for a Fresh Director for ‘Spider-Man 4,’ With Drew Goddard Being Considered as One of the Top Contenders

Marvel Studios Is Said to Be on the Lookout for a Fresh Director for ‘Spider Man 4 with Drew Goddard Being Considered as One of the Top Contenders

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Despite recent challenges in Marvel Studios’ projects, the MCU has an extensive lineup of upcoming films. While there have been discussions about reducing the number of releases due to concerns about diminishing quality, Spider-Man remains a consistently lucrative franchise, drawing audiences to theaters. Currently, within the MCU, Spider-Man boasts three standalone movies, with a fourth in development. Producer Amy Pascal confirmed this several months ago, noting that work on the sequel was temporarily halted during the WGA Strike.

Recent rumors suggested Jon Watts might return as the director for ‘Spider-Man 4.’ However, according to reliable leaker Daniel Richtman, Marvel Studios is reportedly exploring other options, with Drew Goddard emerging as the leading candidate for the directorial role.

Goddard is widely recognized for his contributions to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Angel,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods.’ Among MCU enthusiasts, he holds a special place for his involvement in the acclaimed ‘Daredevil’ Netflix series, successfully bringing the iconic Man Without Fear to life.

While initially rumored to direct ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ that opportunity slipped away, leading Jon Watts to helm the successful franchise. However, recent speculation from Richtman suggests that Watts might not be entirely excluded from the picture and could return for the fourth Spider-Man installment.

Watts, having directed three Spider-Man films with considerable box office success, expressed a desire to shift away from superhero filmmaking. He withdrew from directing the much-discussed ‘Fantastic Four’ project and was set to contribute to the development of the sixth ‘Final Destination’ movie. Additionally, he serves as an executive producer for the Star Wars-inspired series titled ‘Skeleton Crew.’

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