Marvel Studios Reportedly Found a New Prime Candidate to Direct ‘Spider-Man 4,’ – Two Notable Actors Ready To Return to Their Roles

Marvel Studios Reportedly Found a New Prime Candidate to Direct Spider Man 4 Two Notable Actors Ready to Return to Their Roles

Marvel Studios has a bunch of new movies lined up, even though they’ve had some struggles with recent projects. Despite Iger saying they might slow down on releasing stuff because fans are getting tired of lower-quality shows and movies. But Spider-Man is still a big draw for them. It’s the most profitable Marvel franchise, no matter what.

Speaking of Spider-Man, in the MCU, there are already three standalone movies, and another one is on the way. Producer Amy Pascal confirmed this a while back. She said they were working on the sequel, but had to stop because of the WGA Strike. There were rumors going around a few months ago that the same director, Watts, would come back for the fourth one. But then people started saying Drew Goddard might take over instead.

Lately, there’s been talk that Jon Watts might not be directing ‘Spider-Man 4’ after losing a disagreement with Feige. Watts wanted to take the story into multiversal territory, while Feige preferred a street-level approach for the character. But the studio hasn’t officially confirmed any of this yet. Now, according to Jeff Sneider’s Insneider paid newsletter, Justin Lin is being considered to direct ‘Spider-Man 4,’ with Tom Holland and Zendaya set to return.

Justin Lin is a filmmaker known for his work on the ‘Fast & Furious’ series. His big break came with ‘Better Luck Tomorrow’ in 2002, but he gained real recognition through his work on ‘Fast & Furious,’ directing four films in the series. Lin has also directed other notable movies like ‘Annapolis’ (2006) and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ (2016), as well as working on TV shows like ‘True Detective,’ ‘S.W.A.T.,’ and ‘Warrior.’

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