Marvel’s Avengers: Gameplay Director Confirms Spider-Man DLC Will Not Have Story Missions

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When the Spider-Man DLC ‘With Great Power’ for Marvel’s Avengers was officially announced, fans were so thrilled to finally try out the web-slinger in the popular game, but since then, two more things about the DLC were announced – one is bad and one is worse.

First thing was that DLC will be available exclusively to players of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, so if you own Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, or any other platform, well, that’s too bad in this case. And the other thing, unlike previous DLCs like Kate Bishop and Black Panther, Spider-Man DLC won’t feature any new story missions. Disappointing news emerged recently, and gameplay director of the game Philippe Therien now confirmed it:

“We want to spend our efforts on content that everyone can enjoy, so we chose to spend a lot of our energy on the Klaw raid that’s coming up at the same time. Really that’s a simple decision for us. Spider-Mancan play all the content, but then we release a piece of content that’s good on all platforms. Really that was a decision that’s been that way since the beginning.”

Philippe Therien for IGN

Well, who am I to tell them how to do their work, but if solo missions aren’t something that everyone can enjoy, then what is? On the other hand, one thing saving Spider-Man from all the negative feedback is that it’s a free DLC. So, it depends on you. Would you rather pay for the expansion with more content (on more platforms), or you’re gonna take it as it is when it’s already free-to-play?

Spider-Man DLC ‘With Great Power’ for Marvel’s Avengers will be available on November 30.