Marvel’s Hawkeye: Character Posters Officially Revealed

Marvel’s Hawkeye: Character Posters Officially Revealed

With an only week away until the premiere, Marvel Studious probably revealed everything they need when it comes to promoting the upcoming project. We got teaser trailer, official trailer, teaser poster, official poster, official clip, several TV spots, and, is there something left on that list? Oh yeah, there are – character posters! Well, now we got them too.

Character posters are presenting three main characters – Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye 2.0, and Lucky The Pizza Dog. We’re kinda surprised we didn’t get the poster for Alaqua Cox’s Echo, who is set to debut in this show ahead of her own spin-off series which was officially announced last week. Knowing Marvel and their way of work on previous Disney+ shows, they’re probably waiting for the other characters to show up in the series before they release official posters for them.

Check out the official posters for the three main characters:

Marvel’s Hawkeye will be a TV series set during the Holiday season, which makes it all about the Yuletide Cheer, at least on the outside. The series will follow Clint Barton whose next mission is quite simple – get home to his family for Holidays, but when he meets another master archer, young Kate Bishop, and once the enemies he made during his time as Ronin reemerge, it’s clear that this Holiday season will be everything but peaceful.

This show will probably serve as a send-off for Clint Barton, and considering he already had two failed attempts at retiring and settling down with his family, he probably can’t wait to hang up bow and arrow. On the other hand, while this series will end his journey, it will start the journey for Steinfeld’s character, who will take up Hawkeye’s bow and arrow in the future of MCU. It is unknown what Marvel plans for her after this mini-series, but MCU is most likely heading into the way of assembling Young Avengers, a team of which Kate is a key member in the comic books.

Marvel’s Hawkeye will debut on November 24 with first two episodes of Disney+. The mini-series will consist of six episodes.

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