Mayor of Kingstown: Did Sam Die? Here Is What Happened to Him

Sam Cherry and Mike in Mayor of Kingstown Collage

Sam (Mandela Van Peebles) proved to be the worst-ever prison guard in Mayor of Kingstown, because even the most corrupt ones in the show, like Ed, survived for longer than he did. He was proof that no one could hide from the violence, inequality, and corruption in Kingstown. Sam’s scenes were memorable, turning the rookie guard into an icon that fans can’t forget, which is why many fans are wondering who Sam was in Mayor of Kingstown, and what exactly happened to him.

Sam was framed for rape by a female prisoner named Cherry (Natasha Marc), who stabbed him in the neck with a pencil at the order of the Crips gang. Warden Mills ordered Sam’s transfer to the women’s prison after he accidentally shot a black inmate in an incident that turned the gangs against the rookie guard. Tim Weaver and Warden Mills underestimated the reach of the Crips gang and the ability of female prisoners to be just as dangerous as their male counterparts.

Cherry killing Sam was one of the most memorable scenes in Mayor of Kingstown, which is why Sam is a name many fans can’t get out of their heads. However, most fans didn’t mourn his death because it was obvious that he didn’t have the nerves that a Kingstown prion guard needs to survive. So, why did Sam have to die, and who ordered his death? Let’s delve into the details of Mandela Van Peebles’ character.

Who was Sam in Mayor of Kingstown?

sam in Mayor of Kingstown roof

Sam was a rookie guard hired into Kingstown Men’s Prison because of the influence of his uncle Tim Weaver who also worked there as a Corrections Officer (CO).

He got into trouble just a few days into his job when he mailed a letter for an inmate against prison regulations, making him a prime candidate for blackmail by the Crips gang.

Despite being smart enough to protect himself after the first incident by getting the prisoner sent to the ICU and later solitary confinement, it was obvious that he was out of his depth at the prison.

Sam was later transferred to Kingstown Women’s Prison by Warden Mills to protect him from Pdog and the rest of the dangerous members of the Crips gang in the men’s prison after he accidentally shot an inmate.


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Sam was already on the gang’s watch by the time he was transferred, and Bunny, the gang’s leader, complained about him to “The Mayor” before the gang put a hit on him.

He was eventually murdered by Cherry, a female member of the Crips gang in the women’s prison who framed him for rape, tarnishing his reputation and denying his family any of his employment benefits.

The character is played by the American rapper and actor Mandela Van Peebles, known for his lead role as Maurice Miller in Reginald The Vampire.

Van Peebles is also a producer whose works include the 2018 Movie Armed. His performance as Sam isn’t rated as his most iconic, but it still received many positive reviews from Mayor of Kingstown’s large fan base.

What happened to Sam in Mayor of Kingstown?

Sam and Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown 1

Sam was fooled into mailing a letter outside the prison for a member of the Crips gang, which ended up in the hands of Bunny, the gang’s leader.

He was, therefore, on the hook because the gang could blackmail him and force him to do their bidding in prison.

Mike McLusky tried to correct it by forcing Bunny to give him the letter, but Sam’s problems only increased when he confronted the inmate for whom he mailed the letter.

The inmate threatened to report him to the authorities if he didn’t continue cooperating with him, forcing Sam to beat the prisoner unconscious and then hit himself against the wall to frame the inmate for assault.

The incident angered the Crips gang, leading to Bunny complaining to Mike McLusky about Sam because the inmate he assaulted was taken to the ICU.

In a second incident, Sam killed another member of the Crips gang when he accidentally shot him in the back while trying to shoot two AB gang members that were trying to shank the victim.

The Crips gang was enraged, and Sam’s life was in danger after the incident. Warden Mills decided to transfer Sam to the women’s prison to keep him away from the heat, where he believed the inmates were not as violent and dangerous as their male counterparts.

Sam’s transfer to the women’s prison proved a big mistake because he couldn’t control his sexual urges around the female inmates that openly expressed their interest in him.

Cherry manipulated Sam by seducing him several times to establish his weakness. She even exposed herself to Sam in her cell while he was making his rounds.


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On the day of Sam’s death, Cherry started screaming as if in excruciating pain to fake the symptoms of appendicitis. Sam, who was on duty on duty on the block, went to check on her and received instructions to take her to the infirmary.

However, while escorting Cherry to the prison clinic, Cherry pulled Sam under a staircase and seduced Sam into having intercourse with her.

When the act was done, Cherry pulled a pencil from her hair and stabbed Sam in the neck, telling him that her friends said hello.

Who is Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown?

Cherry after killing Sam in Mayor of Kingstown 1

Cherry is an inmate at the Kingstown Women’s Prison who was also a member of the Crips gang, although her affiliation with the gang is not explained in Mayor of Kingstown.

When Sam arrived at the prison, she was in Miram McLusky’s (Dianne West) class. Cherry pretended to be interested in Sam just like the rest of the female inmates in the class.

She made her interest obvious in spite of Miriam’s warnings. She even used a piece of mirror to watch Sam as he guarded the inmates during the class.

She made her biggest move on Sam when he came by her cell while making his rounds. Cherry played with Sam’s mind by seducing him with her naked body.

Sam was clearly unable to control himself around Cherry, which is why it was so easy for her to convince him to have sex with her when she finally got him under the staircase, away from the view of the cameras on the day she killed him.

Cherry was very smart about her plot to kill Sam. It was impossible to read her sinister motives while she was flirting with him.

She also ensured that her claim of being raped would hold by ensuring that Sam had finished the act and left his DNA on her before she stabbed him in the neck.

When Miriam came to talk to her about the incident at the request of the prison authorities, Cherry remained adamant with her claims of rape to ensure that Sam’s image would be tarnished forever.

She didn’t mention the “friends” that instructed her to kill Sam, but it was definitely a member of the Crips, either in the men’s prison or Bunny on the outside.

Did Bunny order Sam’s death in Mayor of Kingstown?

Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown

Cherry’s motive for killing Sam wasn’t explained in the show, but it was likely connected to the Crips gang because she told him, “my friends say hello,” before stabbing him with a pencil.

Bunny was the first member of the gang to complain about Sam’s conduct to Mike Mclusky. He didn’t consider Sam a threat to his gang members in prison until after he shot an unarmed gang member in the yard.

P Dog, who was the leader of the Crips in the men’s prison at the time, was the worst affected, although the show didn’t show him give the order for Sam to be killed.

Cherry’s friends could therefore be in prison or outside the prison, in which case the person behind the order to kill Sam could be Bunny or P Dog.

Cherry killing Sam was proof that female prisoners are also capable of violence, just like their male counterparts, although the show often overlooks their contribution to the violence in prisons and on the streets of Kingstown.

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