Mayor of Kingstown: Who Is the Female Inmate That Killed Sam? Meet Natasha Marc’s Character

Bunny Sam and Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown 1 1

Cherry (Natasha Marc) Killing Sam (Mandela Van Peebles) made one of the most memorable scenes in Mayor of Kingstown despite both characters only having supporting roles. Female inmates don’t get as much credit for their share of struggles and potential for violence as their male counterparts in the Mayor of Kingstown. Cherry’s ability to fool and kill the rookie guard in such a cold-hearted fashion took fans by surprise, which is why many fans still wonder who the female inmate was.

The female inmate that killed Sam in Mayor of Kingstown is only identified by the name Cherry, given by her friend who warned her against seducing the prison guard. The show hasn’t made her motive for killing Sam clear, but it was possibly a hit ordered by the Crips in the men’s prison where Sam was transferred from after killing a black inmate and maiming another. Cherry, therefore, plotted Sam’s death from the moment he was transferred to the women’s prison.

Cherry faked attraction to Sam throughout his time at the women’s prison while looking for the perfect opportunity to kill him. Natasha Marc’s ability to portray Cherry’s complicated personality and hide her violent tendencies turned Cherry into one of the most memorable supporting characters in Mayor of Kingstown. So, is Cherry a member of the Crips, and why did Sam have to die? Let’s delve into it.

Who is Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown?

Cherry after killing Sam in Mayor of Kingstown

Cherry (Natasha Marc) is the female prisoner that killed a prison guard named Sam after he was transferred to the female prison.

There are no details about her past in the show, but she is likely connected to the Crips or some of its members in the men’s prison or in the streets.

She first appeared in Miriam’s (Dianne West) class for inmates as one of the female inmates excited about the new handsome guard transferred into their side of the prison.

Cherry seemed particularly interested in Sam and even spied on him with a broken mirror while Miriam was teaching. Her interest in him seemed genuine from the start, which is why her sinister motives came as a total surprise.

She made several sexual advances at Sam, including openly seducing him when he was making rounds in her cell one night.


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Sam didn’t understand that the inmates were only playing with his mind and clearly found it difficult to control himself around Cherry and the other female inmates.

Miriam actually described the person that authorized Sam’s transfer to the female prison as a moron because she knew they had underestimated the ability of the female prisoners to beguile and be violent just like their male counterparts.

On the night of Sam’s death, Cherry feigned symptoms of appendicitis, screaming and wriggling to attract Sam’s attention. When Sam was told to escort her to the infirmary, Cherry pulled him under the staircase, just outside the view of the cameras.

After having sex with Sam, Cherry pulled out a pencil hidden inside her hair and told Sam, “My friends say hello,” just before stabbing him repeatedly in the neck until he died.

Cherry had framed Sam for rape, but the prison guards didn’t believe her, so they called in Miriam to speak to her in a bid to save Sam’s reputation and enable his family to get his pension and other employment benefits.

Cherry wasn’t remorseful about killing Sam. She insisted that she only killed him because he raped her, although her remorseless voice showed she hated Sam for something else, and Miriam knew it.

Cherry is portrayed by Natasha Marc, a talented American actress known for her role as Tasha in the 2010 movie Kiss The Bride. She also played Pie in The Good Lord Bird and Giselle in The Deadliest Lie, among other big roles on the big screens.

Who is Sam in Mayor of Kingstown?

sam stitched in Mayor of Kingstown

Sam (Mandela Van Peebles) is Tim Weaver’s nephew who was recruited as a prison guard in Kingstown Men’s Prison but wasn’t ready for the violence and corruption involved in the industry.

One prisoner blackmailed him after he helped him mail a letter on the outside, which was illegal. When he refused to cooperate with the prisoner, the prisoner threatened to report him to the authorities.

Sam responded by beating the prisoner unconscious, hitting his head on the wall, and claiming self-defense as the prisoner was taken to the ICU. The prisoner was a member of the Crips gang, leading to Bunny complaining to Mike (Jeremy Renner) about the incident.

On a second occasion, Sam was manning the tower when he noticed a commotion in the yard. He checked with his telescope and noticed two white inmates threatening to stab a black inmate with a shank.


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When the prisoners refused to comply with warning shots, Sam aimed at them but shot the black inmate that was being shanked rather than his assailants, angering the black inmates in the prison even more.

The tensions that arose after the three incidents made Sam a target for the Crips because all of his two victims were members of the Crips gang.

Warden Mills decided to transfer him to the female prison for his safety. However, Miriam told him that the female inmates were just as dangerous as their male counterparts.

Sam caused a storm in the female prison as inmates eyed him openly, and he displayed a weakness for them. Cherry was the most aggressive of the female prisoners eyeing Sam and, eventually, killing him after framing him for rape.

Why did Cherry kill Sam in Mayor of Kingstown?

Sam and Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown

Cherry told Sam, “My friends say hello,” as she stabbed him in the neck. Therefore, the heat on Sam from the men’s prison accompanied him to the female prison.

The show didn’t give details on how Cherry was connected to Sam’s victims in the men’s prison, but it was likely ordered by Bunny or another leader of the Crips.

Sam was targeted by Bunny and the other black inmates in the male prison because of the one inmate he shot accidentally and the second one he beat into a coma.

Miriam warned Sam that the female prisoners have similar violent tendencies to their male counterparts and that he should avoid making eye contact with them and keep his relationship with prisoners formal.

Things started falling apart for Sam when he fell for the tricks that Cherry and the other female prisoners threw at him. He clearly wasn’t ready to work in any prison.

Is Cherry related to Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown?

Tobi Bamtefa as Bunny and Natasha Marc as Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown

There is no direct connection between Cherry and Bunny in the Mayor of Kingstown apart from the fact that she killed Sam just after Bunny warned Mike about the guard’s behavior, and Mike did nothing about it.

Female members of the Crips gang haven’t been identified directly in the show, but the women clearly work with the men in the gang.

Bunny (the leader of the Crips) first complained to Mike about Sam after he beat the first inmate until he was taken to the ICU, but Mike didn’t do anything about the rookie guard.


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The Crips were also angered when Sam accidentally shot the black inmate, which is why the warden chose to transfer Mills to the women’s prison, but Mike didn’t do anything about the second incident either.

The gang is widely connected, and the female prison could also have Crips members, although they do not actively participate in most of the gang activity in the streets of Kingstown.

Cherry, therefore, has a connection to the Crips through a relative or friends who used her to kill Sam for his crimes in the Men’s prison.

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