Mayor of Kingstown: Who Is Rhonda? Meet Nona Parker’s Character

Rhonda and Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown 1

The second season of Mayor of Kingstown introduced Bunny’s (Tobi Bamtefa) cousin Rhonda (Nona Parker Johnson), who proved to have more similarities to Bunny than her beautiful face suggested. Rhonda caught Mike’s attention with her no-nonsense personality, which forced Mike’s hand just like Bunny always does. However, many fans have lots of questions about the beautiful but mysterious Rhonda.

Rhonda was introduced as Bunny’s cousin, which led many fans to believe that she is Raphael’s sister, although the show hasn’t expounded on how she is related to Bunny. She is an influential member of the black neighborhoods in Kingstown, just like Bunny, and also runs a salon called Salon S.C. Rhonda is also highly protective of her family and neighborhood, just like Bunny, and could secretly be one of the leaders of the Crips.

Mayor of Kingstown didn’t give many details about Rhonda, but there were enough clues to prove that she could easily become the leader of the Crips in Bunny’s absence. She also struck a bond with Mike that could change the power dynamics of Mayor of Kingstown if the show explores it further. So, what is Rhonda’s place in Bunny’s empire, and has Mike won her heart?

Who is Rhonda in Mayor of Kingstown?

Nona Parker in Mayor of Kingstown and Law and Order Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky Collage 1

Rhonda is Bunny’s cousin who runs her own hair salon called Salon S.C., while also doing her part to keep the family and Kingstown’s Black Neighborhoods safe.

She was introduced in the show’s second season when she visited Mike Mclusky’s office to check on Bunny’s whereabouts after prisoners were transferred from the Tent City prison.

She initially disliked Mike McLusky because she thought of the idea of people seeing him as the “savior” as a fallacy and didn’t believe that he could actually get Bunny released from prison.


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Rhonda’s actual relationship with Bunny is not explained in the show, but she may be Raphael’s sister because she is close to Bunny, just like Raphael. Rhonda also asked about Rafael when she went to Mike to check on Bunny’s whereabouts.

Rhonda is played by Nona Parker Johnson, a talented actress famous for her role as Detective Carmen ‘Nova’ Riley in Law And Order: Organized Crime.

She managed to bring out Rhonda perfectly, capturing the character’s beautiful but stern looks without losing her compassionate side.

Rhonda’s relationship with Mike explained

Rhonda and Mike in Mayor of Kingstown 1

Bunny is Rhonda’s cousin, and the two share many similarities, the most outstanding one being their love for family. Rhonda also loves Bunny deeply and only goes to Mike for help when she doesn’t know where he has been transferred.

Like Bunny, Rhonda has a difficult past and often finds it difficult to trust people, especially white people, because of the suffering their community endures because of the Aryan Brotherhood in Kingstown.

She initially disliked Mike, mostly because of his skin color and failure to get Bunny released quickly. She couldn’t understand why Bunny remains friends with a white man she considers the enemy.

Only after assuring her that he keeps his promises and that he would keep her shop and family safe does Rhonda begin to like Mike and even invites him to her shop.

The invitation, which came through the member of the Crips gang, proves that Rhonda actually likes Mike and they could make good partners in the future just like Mike is with Bunny.

She also proved to Mike that she is reasonable, despite being a tough negotiator like Bunny, and might make Mike’s best partner in the Crips gang if Bunny is not in the picture.

What happens to Rhonda in Mayor of Kingstown?

Bunnys cousing Rhonda in Mayor of Kingstown 1

The second season of Mayor of Kingstown ends with Rhonda still alive and reunited with her cousin Bunny who finally got released from prison with Mike Mclusky’s help.

The character clearly had a tough childhood and probably suffered a lot at the hands of the gangs and the police in Kingstown, leading to her distrust of the system and white people as a whole.

She had just invited Mike to her shop before the second season ended, mostly because she finally liked and trusted him after he kept his promises of getting Bunny released and protecting the neighborhood and Rhonda’s shop from the gangs.

Rhonda’s first meeting with Mike in the fifth episode of the second season was a difficult one because Mike didn’t know where Bunny was and seemingly had no plan for protecting Rhonda’s family.


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She told Mike that she didn’t understand why Bunny trusted him and only gave him a chance because of his closeness to Bunny.

Not much is shown of Rhonda in the show in the second season, but she might have more screen time in future seasons of the show now that Bunny is finally out of prison.

Is Rhonda a member of the Crips?

Tobi Bantefa as Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown 1

Despite operating her own shop, Rhonda is also a member of the Crips, although she doesn’t play an active role in the day-to-day running of the gang.

Rhonda’s involvement with the gang is almost inevitable because her family members, including Raphael and Bunny, are the leaders of the gang.

The Crips are the only gang that keeps the streets safe for Rhonda to do her business. Her relationship with Bunny also gives her a strong voice in the gang.


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After Mike stopped a possible shootout between AB and the Crips in the streets, one of the Crips told Mike that Rhonda had invited him to her shop.

Rhonda was also in charge of Bunny’s interests outside the prison when he got locked up. She was likely in charge of the gang’s operations outside the prison.

It is, therefore, possible that Rhonda is second in command to Bunny, although she keeps her involvement in the gang activities to a minimum.

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