‘Me Time’ Ending, Explained: How Does Sonny Get His Family Back?

Me Time

Welcome to the Ending Explained for “Me Time” the new Netflix comedy of the week starring Kevin Hart, Mark Walhberg, and Regina Hall. The film tells the story of Sonny, a school principal and home dad who just spends too much time trying to control everything in his life. He tries to control his kids and never has time for himself. When an old friend invites him to his birthday party, Sonny’s wife sees the chance to give Sonny some time off, so he can relax.

Of course, the party ends up in a series of crazy situations that are both funny and annoying at the same time. The film might not be memorable, but at least for the time you are going to be watching it, it is entertaining enough to make you have a good time. Hart might also be the loudest and most annoying he has ever been in a movie, but thankfully both Walhberg and Hall balance things out with more grounded performances.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the entirety of “Me Time”. Read at your own risk.

What Happens During Buck’s Birthday Party?

The film begins by setting up Sonny as a character. Sonny works at a school with kids. At one point in his past, he was very passionate about music. He even released an album and everything. Now, he doesn’t really have time for that. He is more of a home dad, while his wife, Maya, is the real provider of the house. Maya feels supported by Sonny, and she appreciates his efforts a lot, but she also acknowledges that he needs to loosen up a bit.

Sonny is comfortable. He might be pushing his son a bit too hard in the direction of music when he doesn’t really want to play any instruments, but other than that, he feels fine. In the past, Sonny’s best friend, Huck, used to be really close to him, but time has separated them quite a bit. Huck is getting ready for his 44th birthday and is planning a big party. He invites Sonny, but he ignores the request. In the end, Maya decides she will take a vacation with the kids, so Sonny can have alone time, and go to the party.

Me Time

Sonny is unsure of spending more time than necessary with Huck, but in the end, he breaks down and accepts the invitation. Huck arrives, and he is spending the big bucks, with tons of people inside a party bus and even creating a little village out in the desert with a huge statue of Huck overseeing the whole thing. Sonny gets ready, and he feels like this alone time could be a good thing for him, so he can find himself again.

However, the party is cut short when Stan Berman, a moneylender, arrives at the party. It is revealed that Huck is actually broke, and he owes 47 thousand dollars to Stan. Stand wants a bit of physical violence to be inflicted upon Huck, but it is Sonny who ends up receiving it. Stan also ends up burning the entire village. The party is over, at least at this spot, but Huck sends an Instagram story so that everyone meets at Sonny’s place.

How Does Sonny Get His Family Back?

On the road to his house, Sonny tells Huck everything about Armando, one of Maya’s friends. Sonny seems to think that Armando is out to get his wife, and he is a bit jealous. Huck proposes to go to Armando’s house and ruin it. They go and trash the place with the help of their Uber driver. They also try to steal Armando’s turtle, but they end up running it over. Not only that, but they leave it to a veterinarian, and they escape for their lives, thinking they just killed the animal.

When they arrive at Sonny’s the house is already full of people. The party seems to be going well, though. Things get better when Huck lets people know that Seal, the singer, is at the house. Seal performs and calls for Sonny to accompany him. Everyone celebrates Sonny. Stan arrives and Sonny decides to pay Huck’s debt. He does, and everything seems to be going fine until Maya arrives. She received a call from Armando saying that Sonny almost killed his turtle. She also finds out about the money, and she leaves angry.

Me Time

Sonny is now alone, having ruined his relationships with both Maya and Huck. Huck later comes to the realization that his life is a mess. He is 44 years old, has no career, no romantic partner, and no future. He leaves and starts working for Stan as a bartender to pay the debt and return the money to Sonny. Sonny has been doing great at work, and he is turning his life around, being more relaxed in general.


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In the end, Sonny starts a business with Huck. He apologizes to Armando, and lets his son choose what he wants to do, instead of pushing him into things he doesn’t like. He also rekindles his relationship with Maya.

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