Meliodas and Elizabeth: A Story About Love, a Curse & a Child

Meliodas and Elizabeth: A Story about Love, a Curse & a Child

Unlike most shonen anime series, The Seven Deadly Sins is one that actually puts a lot of effort to develop romantic relationships between its characters. In most shonen anime, romance is hinted at but pushed to the background; in The Seven Deadly Sins, romance actually plays a very important part in the overall plot.

In this article, we are going to bring you a short version of the story between Meliodas and Elizabeth. You’re going to find out all the relevant details and narrative aspects of their relationship, as well as some in-depth information on how it has evolved into what it is today.

Does Meliodas love Elizabeth?

Meliodas and Elizabeth have a close friendship (in the beginning), Meliodas never misses an opportunity to play a trick on Elizabeth. He often “checks” her panties and even stole them once. He often gropes her and is not ashamed to do it in front of everyone. However, it becomes apparent that he cares about her and considers her someone he cares about.

Therefore, Elizabeth (along with the dragon handle) is the only thing that would upset Meliodas if someone stole her. Although in Bizel, after Meliodas went into berserk mode, he would randomly attack anyone (he even attacked Ban), Elizabeth was the only one Meliodas did not touch (he just smelled her).

Meliodas’ care for Elizabeth went so far that he became even angrier when Elizabeth was stolen instead of the sword and fled at high speed to Liones (Diana threw him towards the kingdom along with Ban and Gowther) to save her.

It is not known if Meliodas imagines Liz because of her resemblance to Elizabeth, but he strongly hinted that he has feelings for her when he said that he would have no reason to live if she died. It was also implied that he would like to continue working with her at the bar when Liones is free.

However, after the release of the Ten Commandments, Meliodas became colder towards Elizabeth to keep her away from him so that she would be safe. This did not stop them from being together, however, because Elizabeth still wanted to be with Meliodas because she developed feelings for him and wanted to help him. But everything changed when he passed his exam in Istar.

Elizabeth tasting Meliodas27 food

The reason why Meliodas cares so much about Elizabeth is that she is the reincarnation of Liz. In the past, Meliodas saved Elizabeth from destruction by Danafor and even joined the Holy Knights of Lyones to watch her grow up, becoming a kind of knight to her.

After the revival, Meliodas and Elizabeth’s relationship seems to have grown. However, he is not yet ready to tell her about his past. But when Elizabeth meets Zeldris, she learns that their relationship has lasted for 3,000 years. After the return of memory, the feeling of true love that she has already experienced 106 times after each rebirth returns to Elizabeth.

Three thousand years ago, Meliodas and Elizabeth were in a love relationship. She was not willing to give Meliodas away when Derrier asked her to, and Meliodas was willing to cut off his hands to take Elizabeth in his arms when she was in the barrier, and he was willing to stand in the way of Ludociel when he wanted to prevent Elizabeth from helping the Ten Commandments (to save Derrier and Monspiet from Indra).

Despite the enmity of their clans, they continued to love each other. For this love, the supreme deity and the demon king joined forces and punished Meliodas and Elizabeth by putting a curse on them. Meliodas promised Elizabeth in the future to free her from her curse.

Meliodas’ and Elizabeth’s curse – How and when was it broken?

In the last days of the Holy War, the heads of the Demon and Goddess Clans, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity respectively, united to punish Meliodas and Elizabeth. The gods were too strong for Elizabeth and Meliodas and the lovers were eventually killed. However, their punishment was much worse than death.

The Demon King cursed Meliodas with eternal life for the sin he committed when he fell in love with the goddess and betrayed and killed his comrades. Not knowing why he survived and remained unharmed after the battle, he saw Elizabeth dead.


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After the end of the war, he wandered through ruined Britain, and eventually came across a human girl from a tribe of barbarians who looked like Elizabeth, but she did not have wings. He soon found out about their curses and promised Elizabeth that he would definitely remove the curses even if she died.

Now, Meliodas did, actually, fulfill his promise. Initially, he managed to destroy the curse once he activated his true power during his fight against the Demon King in Purgatory. But, this proved to be misleading, as the cure reactivated itself very quickly; all of this happened in season four. The curse being reactivated meant that the Demon King had not been fully destroyed so Meliodas had to destroy the Ten Commandments in order to finally defeat the Demon King and life the curses.

Do Elizabeth and Meliodas marry and when?

At the very ending of The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light, Meliodas arrives at Liones, where the Supreme Deity was fighting the other Sins, and uses Full Counter to return her attack. After showing Meliodas her anger at him seducing Elizabeth and ruining the Holy War, the Supreme Deity is restrained by Zeldris so that Meliodas can attack her, whereupon she claims he wants to kill her lover’s mother as he killed his own father.

Elizabeth confronts her, telling her to leave her, and explains that there was never any love between them. She warns her to confront her if she continues to hurt those she loves. The Supreme Deity claims that neither understands that the eternal conflict to which the Demon and Goddess clans were bound by the Holy War was necessary to maintain balance in the world.

The Sins and Elizabeth saying goodbye to their new friends

When Elizabeth asks why, Meliodas says that he knows from the Demon King’s memories that both gods were created with the task of perpetuating an eternal conflict and that the Holy War is nothing more than a game to them. The Supreme Deity says that an inferior being cannot have an opinion about a god’s intentions and that she must destroy them all so that the Holy War can begin again. During her final confrontation with Meliodas and Zeldris, she is finally overwhelmed by their combined efforts.

As she fades away, she berates them for bringing about an era of chaos by destroying the balance of the world, but the brothers claim that no matter what era comes, they will determine their own future. So the two use their combined technique: Tyrannicide to destroy the Supreme Deity. The next day, Meliodas and Elizabeth celebrate their wedding and everyone joins in the celebration. Meliodas finally manages to reconcile with Zeldris, who goes to the demon realm as the new regent.

Do Meliodas and Elizabeth have a baby in The Seven Deadly Sins and when?

In the epilogue of the story, we actually find out that Meliodas and Elizabeth have a son together; the boy is called Tristan. Born from the “forbidden” union between the daughter of the Supreme Deity Elizabeth and the son of the Demon King Meliodas, Tristan would be conceived by his parents a year after the defeat of the Demon Ling and Cath as well as the arrival of a new era of peace.

During that time both Meliodas and Elizabeth become the kings of Liones and a few days after the birth of his firstborn, his father decides to name him Tristan. Due to the shocked reaction of both Zeldris and Gelda, it is implied that Tristan is probably the first known hybrid between a goddess and a demon.

On his tenth birthday, Tristan overheard one of the maids talking about the meeting of the Seven Deadly Sins in the castle that same night. Ignoring the truth about them and only knowing that they were criminals who were once exiled from the kingdom, Tristan assumes that they intend to take control of Liones.

He then runs away to call other children of the kingdom who tell them that, as a Holy Knight who protects the peace of Liones, it is his duty to capture them. When his friends don’t take any of his words to heart, Tristan decides to go to the castle and ambush them on his account. There, he is surprised by Elizabeth, who was looking for him, which worries Tristan about being discovered by the Sins.

Meliodas and the Sins introduce themselves, although they are all friendly to him, Tristan is suspicious stating that he knows they intend to stage a coup. Everyone makes it fun, even Meliodas pranks act like a villain to fool his son. Tristan is then taken outside, where the entire kingdom has gathered to celebrate his birthday.

Although Tristan insists that his father is the leader of some villains, Ban tells him that if so, the people of the Kingdom would not admire him as they do. Tristan sticks to his ideas by pointing out all of his father’s bad habits. Gowther then uses his powers to give her a special gift: to show her the true story of the Seven Deadly Sins.

After learning the story of the feared criminals, including the story of his parents, Tristan would be moved to tears. The next day, Tristan goes to a picnic with his parents. After a sword training session with Meliodas, he tells him that his future expands like the sky and that he doesn’t have to become a king, he can be whatever he decides, even a Holy Knight. Tristan then says that he has already decided: he will be one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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