Metallic Rouge: All (Known) Gladiators Ranked by Power

Metallic Rouge: All (Known) Gladiators Ranked by Power

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Metallic Rouge is an original anime series that premiered on January 11, 2024 and is currently ongoing. It is set in a future in which people have colonized Mars and have established a civilization there. It follows a young girl called Rouge Redstar and her friend Naomi Orthmann, who are working together against a group of foes known as the Immortal Nine. But, aside from the two heroines, there are many other characters and groups present in this series, and among them are the Gladiators. Not all Gladiators have been revealed so far but in this article, we are going to tell you who they are and will rank them based on their powers and abilities.

Editor’s Note: This article is regularly updated with each new episode, as more characters are introduced. The last update was on February 28, 2024.

Who are the Gladiators in Metallic Rouge?

With Metallic Rouge being an original anime series, there is still a lot of information that we do not know. Of course, the series is taking its time with revealing more details about its lore, but we have managed to collect some information for you and this will certainly help us understand the topic of this article.

In the world of Metallic Rouge, Gladiators are special Neans who have the ability to activate a powerful mecha-style armor. Basically, while already android-like beings, they can become even more powerful fighting robots. Each Gladiator has a special weapon and a special skill, but the armor also increases their general abilities like their power, defense, speed, and agility. They also have access to a central computer system that can be used for data analysis and communication.

As far as it seems, each armor is different in shape, color, and the powers it gives. What we do not know is which Neans have access to this armor – we know that the Immortal Nine do, but so do Rouge and Eden Varok, although it remains to be seen whether he is a member of the Immortal Nine or not. The process of becoming a Gladiator has yet to be revealed.

(Known) Gladiators ranked by power

In this section, we are going to list the known Gladiators – those who have been introduced as of the time of writing – from the series and rank them from weakest to strongest.

9. Unknown Gladiator Name (Achillus)


Achillus is one of the Immortal Nine whom Rouge has killed before the story starts. Not much is revealed about them, but we know that he is dead and that Rouge is responsible for their deaths

8. Unknown Gladiator Name (Nius)

Also killed before the star of the story, Nius was the female half of the duo. Not much is known about her powers but due to the fact that she was killed before the events she couldn’t have been all that powerful.

7. Purgatory Viola (Viola Davis)


Purgatory Viola is a member of the Immortal Nine and the true identity of Viola Davis, who was initially known as Sarah Fitzgerald. She is a very skilled and powerful Gladiator, but is not among the strongest ones. Her special weapons are the claws on her arms, which she can also fire like projectiles and control via a plasma whip, giving her a lot of offensive power. She also has a powerful fire-based attack that can burn most things in her vicinity.


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6. Phantom Verde (Afdal Bashal)


Although he was initially depicted as an ally, it turned out that Doctor Adfal Bashal was none other than the Immortal Nine Member known as Phantom Verde, a formidable and dangerous opponent whose skills managed to exhaust even Rouge. His main ability is the emission of a nerve gas that causes hallucinations and gives him a significant advantage in battle. The gas plays with the senses of his opponents, as well as their memories, causing hallucinations. It can also make him seem invisible.

5. Double-Headed Aerkos (Aes/Alice)


Double-Headed Aerkos appeared to save Rouge from Silvia and Ochrona. We don’t know exactly how powerful they are, but it seems that Alice is the more determined fighter of the two of them. Aerkos uses ice-based attacks and is quite fast, but we still don’t know the true extent of their powers and abilities. Still, we think that they are stronger than most other members of the Immortal Nine.

4. Unknown Gladiator Name (Eden Varok)


Eden Varok was introduced as a scavenger who seemed to be friendly, but he obviously had a story that went deeper than that. In Episode 5, it was revealed that he is a Gladiator and he seemed to be an exceptionally powerful one. His two special skills are the firearms he is sporting, as well as his immense speed, which surprised both Opera and Rouge. He also has enough firepower to easily deal with the Usurpers’ war machines without much trouble. Based on what we’ve seen, he is certainly among the top three Gladiators seen in the series so far.

3. Hell Giallon (Giallon)


Giallon seems to be the leader or at least the most dangerous member of the Immortal Nine. Aside from being a rebel, he is also a criminal and a murderer. His Gladiator name is not known, but we’ve seen his armor – it is yellow and it makes him look like a sad clown. There is no doubt that he is exceptionally powerful. His special skill is that he can change his appearance to mimic just about anyone (even animals), although the limitations are still unknown, and he can create energy rings that he can fire as bullets. He was defeated by Rouge when they fought, having his legs cut off, but it has been confirmed that he survived.

2. Flash Silvia (Jill)


Flash Silvia was introduced in Episode 7, when it was confirmed that Jill Sturgeon is actually Flash Silvia. She seems to be extremely strong, as she was able to overpower four of Ochrona’s elite fighters all alone. She is so fast that she was able to evade their attacks even without activating her armor. Her special skill is a tornado-like attack that she uses by spinning herself very fast. Based on what we’ve seen, she is definitely stronger than Giallon, which puts her in second place.


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1. Metal Rouge (Rouge Redstar)


As far as we’ve seen, Metal Rouge is indeed the strongest Gladiator introduced so far. She was able to kill four members of the Immortal Nine; although Phantom Verde did cause her some trouble, she was nevertheless victorious. Even in a weakened state, she was able to fight Opera and several war machines. On top of that, Giallon was not really ready to face her head-on when he had the chance. She is able to use a plasma blade and can fire energy shots, in addition to being very fast and powerful. Her special power has not been specified, although she is known for being able to adapt to the techniques of her enemies.

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