‘Metallic Rouge’ Anime: Meet the Characters!

'Metallic Rouge' Anime: Meet the Characters!

Directed by Motonobu Hori from scripts written by Yutaka Izubuchi and Toshizo Nemoto, Metallic Rouge is an original anime series that premiered on January 11, 2024, and is currently ongoing. Metallic Rouge is set in a future in which people have colonized Mars and have established a civilization there. It follows a young girl called Rouge Redstar and her friend Naomi Orthmann, who are working together against a group of foes known as the Immortal Nine. The series is a refreshing addition to the anime world, and in this article, we are going to reveal more information about its characters.

Metallic Rouge is an original anime series, so we know what we know from the series. Still, the first episode – as we have said in our review – introduced a great deal of characters to the series, and we are going to use this article to tell you a bit about them and their stories.

Editor’s Note: This article is regularly updated with each new episode, as more characters are introduced. The last update was on March 8, 2024.

Rouge Redstar / “Red Gladiator” / Metal Rouge


Rouge Redstar is one of the two primary characters in the series. She is a young girl who initially works as Sarah Fitzgerald’s assistant, but it turns out that she has something to hide and that her story is far more complex than that. She initially leaves the impression of a shy girl and someone who is a bit clumsy, but it turns out that she is a real fighter. She can get absentminded from time to time, but never when she is on a mission.

It turns out that she is actually the robot dubbed “Red Gladiator,” although her true alias is Metal Rouge. She is an exceptionally skilled and powerful fighter, having taken down three members of the Immortal Nine, which speaks for itself. It also turns out that she approached Sarah, a member of the latter group, so she could come close to her and kill her. She actually collaborates with Naomi, as the two form a duo, despite the fact that Rouge has not met Naomi before. She turns out to be a Nean and uses Nectar, which is why she eats very little. Still, she does like chocolate a lot.


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Naomi Orthmann / First


Naomi Orthmann is a very energetic girl who works from the background and who communicates with Rouge through a robot bird that was eventually destroyed. She wears special glasses that allow her to see the world through the eyes of the bird, and when the bird is sliced in half, she feels a sharp pain in her head due to the connection. She has dark skin and white hair.

As things stand, Naomi and Rouge work for the same organization, and the two are a team that is bent on capturing and eliminating the Immortal Nine. She seems to be a tech expert, but as far as things stand now, she doesn’t seem to have any true combat skills, as she hid when Rouge was fighting the two Alters, not wanting to be in the vicinity of the fight. She was later revealed to be an undercover agent of Ochrona, and not just any one – she is the Divine Facilitator, which is one of the highest, if not the highest rank in the whole organization.

But, it turned out that Naomi is actually a Nean herself and not just a Nean, she was the first Nean ever created; her real name is actually First, and she is called that by the X Noah, the Visitors, who actually created her. It turns out that she never wanted to betray Rouge and that she considers her her friend, which is why she also helped her during her fight against Cyan.

Sarah Fitzgerald / Viola Davis / Purgatory Viola


Initially introduced as Sarah Fitzgerald (an obvious hommage to her famous colleagues), she was a club singer with a respectable career and the status of a celebrity. People adored her and respected her, and while she was a star, she also had a very caring, human side to her, as seen through her relationship with Rouge, whom she took in when she found her in the rain and whom she treated with a lot of respect. Of course, she did not know Rouge’s real identity at the time, which was one of the reasons why she was so nice to her. She is married and quite wealthy.

On the other hand, Sarah Fitzgerald was also hiding a big secret. Namely, her real name was Viola Davis, and she wasn’t really a singer but rather one of the nine Alters who were members of the Immortal Nine. Her alias was Purgatory Viola, and she was an incredibly powerful and skilled fighter. She was in a deal with Giallon, but it was more than obvious that she disliked him, and she did not want to have any contact with him. This is why she was angry with him, and their communication was so strained, but she did collaborate with him because she was forced to do it under the circumstances.

In Episode 5, it was implied that she is also related to Roy Junghardt’s experiments, which is why she recognized the tune Rouge was humming, telling her that it reminded her of some people she hated.

Giallon / Hell Giallon


Giallon is one of the Alters, i.e., a member of the Immortal Nine, and he is known as Hell Giallon. So far, he seems to be the principal or one of the principal villains in the series and a leader of sorts of the rebellious Neans. His armor looks like a clown, and with it, he has the ability to mimic the appearances of others (this is how he mimicked Rouge’s armor), but he has other powers as well, which make him exceptionally dangerous as a character. He is also a Nectar smuggler and a criminal with a very violent personality. It was revealed that he is the killer of Roy Junghardt.


Giallon is a very sly person. He is underhanded, and he only looks out for himself; he does somewhat care for the other Alters, but he seems like the type of character who would sacrifice anyone else to save his own skin. On the other hand, he is also cautious and picks his battles well, as he doesn’t want to get in trouble if it is not necessary, despite the fact that he is more than capable of defending himself in a fight. A big portion of his story has yet to be explored in the series.


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Nius and Achillus


Nius and Achillus are two identified members of the Immortal Nine whom Rouge has killed before the story starts. Not much is revealed about them, but we know that they are dead and that Rouge is responsible for their deaths, which brings unrest among the surviving Alters. It is possible that their images were shown during the ED, but since the characters in the ED have yet to be identified, we don’t really know what they look like or what their powers and abilities are. We also don’t know how powerful they were and whether Rouge had many problems dealing with them.

Episode 4 revealed two deceased Alters and we assume that they are Nius (who is female) and Achillus (who is male). This has not been confirmed, but seeing how they were shown alongside Sarah, whom Rouge had killed, and we know that Rouge is the killer of Nius and Achillus, we assume that the hallucination showed the two of them and it doesn’t seem like Rouge had much trouble with the two of them.

Jill Sturgeon / Flash Silvia


Jill is a character introduced in the second episode of the series. From what we can gather at this moment, she is a human and works as a journalist. She is with her optical camera all the time and she likes to take pictures, as far as we could see. She seems to be a very friendly and gentle person, although it is possible that there is more to her than the first encounter revealed. That is something we are going to have to see later in the series.

She took an interest in Rouge and Naomi, taking pictures of the two of them on the ride and becoming a friend of theirs. Sort of. When the Suns of Ares demanded they give up Rouge, she was the one who defended her and was against them handing her over just like that. Rouge then saved her life during the skirmish. She is also friendly with the children, praising their photos and complimenting their skills with the camera. She also told Rouge that despite being a Nean, she could be free and do what she wanted and not simply follow orders given to her by other people.


It turns out later that she is actually one of the Immortal Nine, known as Flash Silvia. Her armor is silver in color, and she uses her extreme speed to defeat her opponents. She wanted to ally herself with Rouge, but Roughe was mistrustful of her goals. As revealed, her ultimate goal is to free the Neans from the Asimov Code and their Nectar dependancy, i.e., to free them from the control that the humans have over them. This is why she wants to collect the Ids of the Immortal Nine, including Rouge’s so she can activate Code Eve. It was also revealed that she is allied with the Junoids (Usurpers), who also want to free the Neans, but for different reasons.

Eden Varok / Jet Black Noir


Eden Varok is a supporting character introduced in the second episode, although his name was not revealed in that episode exactly. He also seems to be a human, and is a tall young man with long hair. So far, the series has revealed very little about him, but it is obvious that he is going to play a larger role, based on the fact that he was shown in a brief scene at the very beginning of the episode, which indicated that he is going to play a larger role.

He seems to be friendly and knows a lot about the Usurper war robots, warning Rouge and the little girl to not move until the activated one went back into sleep mode, but the girl did not listen. His identity seems to be a running gag for now, as he is always there, but no one really has any idea about who he is, or what he is doing there. It is revealed that he is actually a grave robber, although he prefers the term “looter of antiquities.”


In Episode 5, it is revealed that he is also a Gladiator, like Rouge, but it doesn’t seem like he is a member of the Immortal Nine, since he helped Rouge and Naomi. He is an exceptionally skilled fighter who focuses on firearms, but is also very fast and agile. He calls himself a “little barbaric”, but it has yet to be seen what he means and that his true intentions are. So far, he can be considered an ally of the heroines. His name, Jet Black Noir, is revealed in Episode 8.

There, it is revealed that despite being an Alter, he is not really connected to the Immortal Nine and he doesn’t support their cause. He actually arrived to help Rouge fight against Jill and Grauphon and he immediatelly attacked the robots working with them. He had his Id stolen by Jill, after explaining that he refused to work with her because he did not share her rebelious ideals. Still, he survived and decided to remain by Rouge’s side and help her fight the Immortal Nine.

Afdal Bashal / Phantom Verde


Afdal Bashal was introduced in the second episode as well, and he also seemed to be a human character, but it turned out that he was an Alter. He is a physician, as he said that he works with bodies, but he seems to be equally knowledgeable in both human and Nean bodies. He has a somewhat gloomy personality but will help when necessary and is very calm, even in chaotic situations. Initially, ot much was known about him, but it was more than obvious that he would be playing a bigger role in the series later.

It was later revealed that he works as a physician in Wellstown and that he has close ties to the local Nean community, as he frequently visits them and helps them; he is also connected to the Council of Free Neans. His assistant is a Nean called Rion. It was initially unknown whether he was a traitor and why Dumas had contacted him shortly before Juval’s death was discovered, but this was resolved in Episode 4.


Phantom Verde, whose name probably comes from the fact that he has a green armor (similar words mean “green” in several languages”), actually turned out to be none other than Doctor Afdal. Episode 4 confirmed this and showed us the fight in which Rouge killed him. He was constantly talking about freedom. His main ability is the emission of a nerve gas that causes hallucinations and gives him a significant advantage in battle.


Erai raws Metallic Rouge 04 1080pMultiple Subtitle6DBDA088.mkv snapshot 09.07.648

Rion is a Nean who was initially introduced as Doctor Afdal’s assistant, and it seemed like he wouldn’t be playing a major role in the series, but he got a very interesting arc in Episode 4. He was initially seen being bullied by the Wellstown Police Department, but Afdal saved him. Later, he was present when “Dumas” approached Afdal and demanded something of him; shortly after, it was discovered that Juval had been killed.

He later appeared during the commotion and helped the falsely accused Rouge escape, but it turned out that his intentions weren’t pure. When he called Rouge a Nean, she sensed something was off and Rion then injected her with a hallucinogenic liquid. It was then revealed that he overheard when Afdal was told to kill Juval and in order to spare the doctor from having to do it, he killed Juval and served up Rouge, thinking that he was helping both himself and the doctor become free. He was bitterly disappointed to find out that Afdal was a traitor this whole time and he was soon killed by him.


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Investigator Ash Stahl


Investigator Ash is a mysterious figure introduced at the very beginning of the second episode alongside his assistant, Nean Noid 262. The two of them are working on the murder of Dr. Roy Junghardt, whose death is mentioned in the very first episode and seems to be an important moment in the narrative, as well as one of the series’ biggest mysteries. As we found out based on the video, Rouge seems to be responsible, but it was revealed that it was Giallon impersonating her.

Ash and Noid 262 are on their way to find Rouge, but it is not known who they are working for and what they intend to do with her. Ash seems to have a drinking habit, although it is unknown how problematic it is. It was revealed that he is actually working for Ochrona, a public organization that does important investigative work. He later allies himself with Rouge and Aes/Alice, helping them after their escape from Ochrona and Silvia. It is also revealed that he respected the Neans and that he treated Noid 262 as a person; he was broken when Noid was killed by Ochrona’s soldiers.

Noid 262


Noid 262 is a Nean working closely with Investigator Ash. He seems to be very loyal to his companion and is always nearby, ready to help him when needed. He is also an investigator and seems to have a variety of different skills at his disposal. Despite being a Nean, he is more loyal to humans and doesn’t really like other Neans that much, although he is not a bad guy by any means.

It turns out that Noid 262 is actually an employee of Ochrona, which is somewhat odd, but it is not really that unusual that Neans are working closely with people and that they are loyal to humans. It is unclear how big of a role he is going to play, but his story will certainly be expanded upon as the narrative progresses further. Despite being an employee of Ochrona, he helped his fellow Neans and remained loyal to Inspector Ash when he helped Rouge and Aes/Alice.

He enjoyed a lot of freedom while working with Ash and was loyal to him, as we’ve said. He was tragically killed during the Immortal Nine’s attack on Aletheia, when an Ochrona officer shot him in the chest. Ash tried to help him, but Noid sadly died due to bloodloss. He was buried with a book of poems by his favorite author, William Blake.



Juval was introduced as the leader of the Council of Free Neans, whih was surpsiring to everyone since he looks like a child. It is revealed that he is a model Nean that has been “given” to 23 families in total to replace their dead children and his experiences vary from family to family. He seems to be a gentle person, but he is also quite intelligent and is a firm leader.

Naomi later revealed that he is a major figure in the world of Neans and seemingly had some influence, which is why his death came as a shock to everyone. Of course, Rouge was blamed, but it was an apparent trick. It turned out that Rion killed him, as he wanted to help Afdal and become free, but he did not know that Afdal was a villain so his effort was in vain; Afdal (Phantom Verde) was the one who as supposed to kill Afdal.



Had he not been labeled as the traitor, Dumas wouldn’t have ended up on this list, but his connection to Giallon makes him a very interesting character to talk about. Dumas is a Nean and a member of the Council of Free Neans, seemingly one of the more respected ones. He voiced his concern about the humans and even attacked Huey, calling him an “outsider”, then the latter suggested that the Council should meet Rouge. Still, he did not stop Juval from agreeing with Huey.

He was later seen with Giallon, whom he made some sort of deal with, and he then approached Doctor Afdal and seemingly forced him to agree to something against his will. It is unclear how he is involved in Juval’s apparent death, but the series heavily implied that he has something to do with it. It turned out that Dumas was probably dead – killed by Giallon – who took his identity and then told Afdal, a member of the Immortal Nine, to murder Juval.

Dr. Roy Junghardt


Although dead, Dr. Roy Junghardt is an exceptionally important character in the series. In fact, he was murdered and his murder is one of the central points of the plot of Metallic Rouge, as everyone seems to want to know who killed him. Rouge was seen at the murder scene, but Episode 5 seemingly revealed that he was killed by the Immortal Nine because they rebelled against him; the next episode confirmed that he was indeed killed by Giallon, who was impersonating Rouge.

Junghardt is Gene’s father and, by proxy, Rouge’s father as well, although she is a Nean; this has yet to be explained. It is clear, though, that he is a major scientist involved in the creation of the Neans and that he also created the Immortal Nine, who rebelled against him. Since still lack details about his story, it has yet to be seen whether he is a villain or not.

Gene Junghardt


Gene Junghardt is related to Roy Junghardt, and the series has revealed that he is his son. He is the current Vice-President of Aletheia and is collecting the IDs taken from the killed members of the Immortal Nine. He has heterochromia and that is his most distinguishable feature. He is also a skilled piano player. He played an important role in his father’s experiments and is now in charge of the organization overseeing Neans.

He is considered to be Rouge’s brother, as they obviously stem from the same mother, despite the fact that Rouge is a Nean. The process of how Neans are created is yet to be explained, so more details about this are definitely going to arrive in the future. He is the one who sent Rouge and Naomi on a secret mission, whose exact peculiarities have yet to bee revealed.

After the reveleation that he had used Rouge for his personal dealings, he was removed from his position. Later, a document revealing his name as “Carl Leonhardt” and describing him as a systems engineer was shown, but the purpose of that document has yet to be clarified.


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Dr. Eva Kristella

Metallic Rouge: Who Is Rouge's Mother? Meet Dr. Eva Kristella!

The mysterious female scientist was initially introduced during the flashbacks that Rouge had while under the influence of the Puppeteer, but her identity was not revealed during these scenes. She seemed to be important, but we did not know how or why at the time. But, her story was expanded in Episode 8, when it was confirmed that she is a crucial character in the series.

Her name was revealed to be Dr. Eva Kristella, and she was confirmed to be Gene’s and Rouge’s mother. She was a talented biophysicist who was an assistant of Dr. Roy Junghardt and is credited as the co-creator of the Neans. She also developed the Asimov Code, which made the Neans servile to the humans, which she later regretted. That is why she developed Code Eve, a code that could overturn the Asimov Code and free the Neans, which she implanted into the Ids of the Immortal Nine. She died in an accident 17 years prior to the present timeline.

Chief Chau


Chief Chau debuted in Episode 6 of the anime series, when it was revealed that she is the actual leader of Aletheia. It is unknown what her actual agenda is and what her relationship with the other groups is, but she is a skilled scientist and she likes to keep Aletheia’s bussiness within Aletheia’s jurisdiction, as she is not that trusting towards Ochrona. She even warns Gene about there being an Ochrona mole inside the organization (although it doesn’t seem like she knows it is Naomi).

She has a lot of trust in Gene Jungardt, as she allows him to have his own missions and plans, and doesn’t question his activities, despite the fact that she doesn’t know what he is doing. It is implied that she also had a good working relationship with Roy Junghardt, Gene’s and Rouge’s late father. More details about her will certainly be revealed later.


Opera 1

Opera is a secondary character introduced in Episode 4; along with the Puppeteer she seems to be running the carnival that came to Wellstown; it was later revealed that she is the Puppeteer’s subordinate. She was initially seen observing the town and the townspeople as they were happy to see the carnival arrive. She has a somewhat menacing aura around her. At the end of the episode, she was leading some members of her carnival to the Nean part of town, from where she took Rouge and Afdal’s corpse.

She is a skilled fighter who is fast and fights using two blades. She is also able to control the Usurpers’ war machines, although it has not been specified how she is able to do it. She is quite loyal to the Puppeteer. It turned out that she was either a Junoid herself or working for them, possible even as the final member of the Immortal Nine.



The Puppeteer was revealed to be the leader of the carnival and Opera’s boss. He has a very menacing appearance, even more than Opera; his true intentions were not revealed initially, but when he kidnapped Rouge and Afdal’s corpse, it was revealed that his true goal was to actually set the Neans free, although we do not know why. Using his abilities and advanced technology, he is able to enter the mind of a person and explore, as well as manipulate memories in order to gain useful information or to influence that person. Suspicion arose that he might be an Usurper, and that was finally confirmed in Episode 9, when he was seen leading the Junoid (Usurper) attack on Venus.

Aes/Alice / Double-Headed Aerkos


Aes and Alice are semeingly twins who were aboard the same ship as Rouge and Naomi; they were in the neighboring room. Aes is a feminine looking boy with pink hair who is very friendly and nice; he thinks that Naomi and Rouge are very pretty. He doesn’t know how to swim, but he likes to read a lot and paper books at that, liking the smell of paper.


Alice is Aes’ twin sister. She looks exactly like him, but she has a completely different personality. She is rude and blunt, and she thinks her brother is naive. She thinks that Naomi and Rouge are simply “not ugly”, but doesn’t think they’re pretty. She knows how to swim, but it is unclear whether she likes to read or not. It was late revealed that Aes and Alice are actually Neans and one and the same person; namely, they are two separate personalities within one Nean body and they seem to be able to switch between personalities however they want.


On top of that, it was revealed that they are also one of the Immortal Nine, the orange-armored Gladiator known as Double-Headed Aerkos. But this caused more complications. Namely, it turned out what Aes was an ally of Rouge’s who was on the run from Silvia, as he did not want to join her group and only wanted to lead a normal life, staying away from the fights that the Immortal Nine are engaged in. On the other hand, Alice openly attacked Rouge and helped Silvia, which created a very complex situation as far as Aerkos is concerned. Their attacks are based on using ice.

Cyan Bluestar


We have already written about a “copy” of Rouge, who seems to be her sister. The hallucinatory episode with the Puppeteer revealed her existence and that she has split from her sister, as well as Aletheia, but we were initially unsure as to whether she was real or a hallucination. Episode 7 confirmed that she did exist, indeed, and that she has somewhat different hair than Rouge. In Episode 8, her name was confirmed and she was revealed to be Rouge’s younger sister, which came as a shock revelation to everyone.


When she revealed herself, she immediatelly attacked Rouge, thus confirming our earlier theories that the two of them aren’t on good terms. Rouge refused to fight her despite the taunts, and then Cyan gave up, saying that she does not want to fight someone who doesn’t want to fight back. But, she said that she has come to kill her and that Rouge should call her once she is ready to fight her. The two of them ultimately fought during the attack on Aletheia, when it was revealed that they are completely even in terms of power, but Rouge managed to outwit her thanks to Naomi’s help.



Grauphon is the mysterious character who greeted Giallon when he fell down on the planet, surviving his fight against Rouge. Not much is known about him, save for that he knows and seemingly dislikes Giallon, but they seem to be frenemies. This strongly implied that Grauphon is the penultimate member of the Immortal Alive revealed in the series, which was ulfimately confirmed in Episode 8.


Grauphon’s Gladiator name has not been revealed yet, but we saw his armor and it was confirmed that he is a loyal associate of Jill / Silvia. He can create gravity balls that can crush anything they come into contact with and his armor also has the ability to create two additional arms.

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