Metallic Rouge: Meet the Major Groups From the Series!

Metallic Rouge: Meet the Major Groups from the Series!

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Directed by Motonobu Hori from scripts written by Yutaka Izubuchi and Toshizo Nemoto, Metallic Rouge is an original anime series that premiered on January 11, 2024, and is currently ongoing. Metallic Rouge is set in a future in which people have colonized Mars and have established a civilization there. It follows a young girl called Rouge Redstar and her friend Naomi Orthmann, who are working together against a group of foes known as the Immortal Nine. The series is a refreshing addition to the anime world, and in this article, we are going to reveal more information about its characters.

Metallic Rouge is an original anime series, so we know what we know from the series. Still, the first episode – as we have said in our review – introduced a great deal of elements of the lore, and we are going to use this article to tell you a bit about the major groups from the series.

Editor’s Note: This article is regularly updated with each new episode, as more groups are introduced. The last update was on February 28, 2024.



As far as humans are concerned, they are the principal group in Metallic Rouge. As far as we know, they aren’t very different from the humans we know, and there is nothing specific about them as far as the series has revealed up to this point. Of course, there is a possibility that the humans portrayed in the series, seeing how humankind has colonized Mars, are a bit different, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as of the time of writing. They live on Mars and collaborate with Neans.



Neans are androids, as far as we can tell, and they are the second major group in the series. They look like people and behave like people, but they generally have darker (grey-ish) skin and special symbols on their bodies. Aside from that, they behave like humans, and while they have consciousness, they are actually subordinate to humans: they work for them, they cannot rebel against them, and they have to obey their orders as they don’t have any free will in general.

The Neans were seemingly created by Dr. Roy Junghardt (or thanks to his contributions), but the exact process has not been revealed. It seems that human DNA did play a part in the process, as Rouge was confirmed to be Gene’s sister, as they share the same mother.

They are governed by the Asimov Code, which prevents them from harming humans, although they can be used by humans for combat, such as during the Great War. On top of that, they have to take Nectar on a regular basis. Nectar is a sort of fuel for Neans, and if they don’t take it, they will end up shutting down and dying, after which they will be disposed of as trash.


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Aletheia was mentioned by Investigator Ash and Noid 262 in Episode 2 when we found out that Aletheia is an organization that governs over Neans; it seems they are a public institution, like Ochrona. It was revealed that Nami and Rouge work for Aletheia. Nothing more is known about them, but based on the short conversation that the two of them had, Aletheia seems to have a lot of power, and their authority over Neans seems to be more than impressive, as far as the lore is concerned. Gene Junghardt was the vice-chairman of Aletheia, while the organization is currently led by Chief Chau.

Aletheia doesn’t have a good working relationhip with Ochrona, as they do not trust each other. On the other hand, they do seem to be a very closely-knit organization; Chief Chau revealed that she allowed Gene to do his own missions in secret, without even wondering what he was actually doing. The Junghardt family definitely has a very large influence over Aletheia, but it is unknown whether Roy helped found it or not. They also seem to be connected to the Visitors in a way, as the series implied that they have direct contact with their technology and possibly them as well.

After the incident with Rouge, Aletheia became a target of Ochrona. Ochrona started following Aletheia more closely and it was even suggested that Aletheia might be shut down and all their operations handed over to Ochrona.



Similar to Aletheia, Ochrona is also a public organization, and it was confirmed that Investigator Ash is actually a member of this group. From what we can gather, Ochrona seems to be in charge of crime, but is related to humans, something like the FBI; they seem to be the same as Aletheia, but they deal with humans and they have some authority over the local police forces, as seen in Wellstown, but the issues over jurisdicion can still appear. They employ both humans and Neans in their forces.

Ochrona doesn’t really trust Aletheia and their Neans, and while the jurisdiction is clearly divied amon them, Ochrona has a special Artificial Life Inspection Department, which seemingly has jurisdiction over those Neans who violate the Use of Artificial Life Code. It has been revealed that Naomi was actually an undercover agent of this Department and that she was sent to Aletheia as a mole to spy on them and work with Rouge. Not only that, she seems to be the current leader of Ochrona, holding the title of the Divine Facilitator, which gives her a large amount of power and authority over every decision made by Ochrona.



So far, we have only seen the Wellstown Police Department (WPD), but we managed to deduce some information about this important group. The police is heavily militarized and looks more like an army than an actual police force. It is also dubious how much investigative work they’re doing, as it seems that they’re more focused on simple enforcement than anything else. They are organized and whenever they go into action, it seems like they’re going into war rather than anything else.

They have a working but not very friendly relationship with Ochrona; Ash had access to the headquarters, but was told that the case in Wellstown was not within his jurisdiction. This is akin of the relationship between the FBI (Ochrona, who are doing investigative work) and local law enforcement (the police, which does the informing) in the series. It is not known if every local police force is this militarized but it could very well be like that.

Alters / Proto-Neans


The Alters, or Proto-Neans, were mentioned just once by Giallon in Episode 1 when he was talking to Sarah/Viola in the cathedral. They told her that the “Red Gladiator” (referring to Rouge) was the archnemesis of them, the Alters, and that she was responsible for the deaths of Nius and Achilles. It was later confirmed that the Alters are actually a group of Neans who developed free will and broke from their programming, which is why they are deemed dangerous and have to be taken care of; well, most of them, since Rouge is employed by Aletheia to hunt down the Alters. This is similar to Blade Runner, and while the information is scarce, we have given you all that we were able to deduce based on one short reference. More information will be revealed soon, without a doubt.

Alters, despite being Neans, don’t seem to have the body of a Nean, and they seem to look like regular humans, although they do need Nectar; it has been suggested that they are also able to change their shape and look like regular Neans as well. As stated, this hasn’t been explained properly, and it could turn out that this information is actually related to another group, so we will edit and update this as soon as more information becomes available.

Immortal Nine


The Immortal Nine are a group of nine Alters who rebelled against the system and are considered dangerous criminals who need to be disposed of. Some of them (Giallon) are actual criminals, regardless of what the system says. Each of them seems to be powerful, and each of them has a special power, as well as their own armor (like Rouge, but she doesn’t seem to be a part of this group). At this point, eight members have been identified: Giallon, Viola, Phantom Verde, Silvia, Aes/Alice, Grauphon and the deceased Nius and Achillus.

They promise to be a major villainous group in the series, but as of the time of writing, not much is known about them. The OP/ED have shown other members of the group as well, but they have not been identified as of the time of writing. The Immortal Nine were created by Roy Junghard but rebelled, which is why they became his enemies; it has been implied that they are the ones responsible for his murder. As Silvia stated, their goal is to free the Neans from the control that the humans have over them.


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Suns of Ares


The Suns or Ares, named after the Ancient Greek God of War, whose Roman equal was Mars, the namesake of the planet on which the plot of Metallic Rouge is taking place, are a militant group. They attacked the ride Rouge was on, and they wanted to take her alive. It is unknown who they are working for and why they wanted Rouge, but they eventually failed this time, although it seems that they won’t give up. We assume that more information about them will be revealed as well, but this is what is known about them as of the time of writing.

The Council of Free Neans


The Council of Free Neans is an unofficial organization of Neans that operates from Wellstown. As it seems, it is composed of four members – the former leader Juval, Dumas, Levi, and an unnamed female Nean. Juval is an important figure, not just within the Nean community but outside of it as well. They seem to care for the Neans of Wellstown, providing them with protection and shelter, but they don’t seem to trust humans, as Dumas stated that humans were always looking for a reason to destroy them (although Dumas is a traitor, so it could be that he was simply lying).

They do seem to have a lot of influence among the Neans, as Doctor Afdal confirmed as well. As Juval explained to Rouge, they do not seek to fight anyone but rather to attain freedom from their programming and live as free beings, equal to humans. This is why they wanted Rouge, as she was able to use her own free will, which inspired them. With Juval’s death, it remains to be seen how the organization is going to be reorganized and reformed.

Visitors and Usurpers


The Visitors and the Usurpers are two groups of aliens from a faraway galaxy that visited humanity some time ago. The Visitors came first and their intentions were completely peaceful which is why they easily came to an understanding with the humans and were not considered enemies.

On the other hand, the Usurpers were not so friendly when they arrived after the Visitors and they wanted to fight against the humans. Since an aggreement could not be reached, the two groups clashed in the Great War, with Mars being the Earth’s last line of defense. Humans created many weapons to fight the Usurpers, but it wasn’t until they created Neans that they managed to win. Many of the Usurpers’ war machines still remain and are active, as well as dangerous.

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