Minecraft: Here’s How To Stop Slimes From Spawning


Anyone who has played sandbox games in the past is familiar with slimes, pesky monsters showing up in several other games like Minecraft. These slimes, just like most of their other game counterparts, may not be the strongest enemy a player will face in the game, but their presence may cause problems to all of the hard work they’ve put into the game. So, how to stop slimes from spawning in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • If you want to stop slimes from spawning in your areas, you might want to consider lining your flooring with transparent blocks.
  • There are also several other cost or material-efficient ways to get rid of the slimes through commands or changing locations.
  • Understanding how and where slimes spawn is a game changer if you want to avoid having a slime-infested base.

How and where do slimes spawn?

Slimes are hostile mobs that do not spawn randomly. They spawn deep underground in chunks and also during the night in swamp biomes. If you have a slime problem in your area, you’re probably located on a slime chunk. Players have often tried to get rid of slimes by lighting the area where they usually spawn, but light levels do not affect this small cube creature in some areas.

Group of slimes
A group of slimes enjoying themselves in the swamp

There are very specific conditions that need to be met in order for slimes to spawn. They only spawn in the Overworld in a specific chunk called a slime chunk. Slime chunks are found below layer 40. Slimes also spawn in swamp biomes between layers 51 and 69 under the condition that the light levels need to be seven or less since these layers are already close to the surface.

Since slime is considered a hostile creature, mobs cannot spawn within 24 blocks of any of the players, and the area must be clear of any solid or liquid obstruction. So, technically speaking, having a clear obstruction like a glass pane in a spawnable area can effectively prevent slimes from spawning.

How to stop slimes from spawning in an area by using materials?

One of the best ways to fix a slime problem is lining the flooring where they usually spawn with transparent blocks such as barriers, ice, glass beacons, and other clear materials. This might take a great amount of time, but this is one effective and creative way to eliminate slimes. 

glass flooring
Glass flooring will stop the slimes from spawning

For example, if the backyard of the player’s house happens to be an area slimes frequently spawn, you can replace grass with leaf blocks instead. Leaf blocks are pretty close to the grass, so you don’t have to worry about it looking off in your backyard. Using glass blocks as flooring is also an aesthetic way to stop slimes and have a fantastic-looking house.

Wooden slabs are also another effective material to use to neutralize slime chunks. What’s incredible about the slabs is that they come in different colors, so no matter what you do, your flooring can still fit the theme of your home.


Will slimes stop spawning if players increase the height of their base?

If the player hasn’t finished creating their building yet, then maybe creating a structure a little higher might solve the player’s problem. This route might be more difficult to achieve than just gathering the materials, but it’s a great way to test a player’s creativity. 

Slimes can only spawn at a vertical height level of less than 40. So as long as your building or base is higher than 40, then you won’t have to worry about slimes spawning in your building. If you just started building, this is pretty easy to do. However, this will prove to be a massive challenge for players who have already created their masterpieces.

Is there a command that stops slimes from spawning?

If both increasing the height of your base or switching up the materials you use is taking too long, or you’re beginning to lose your patience, you can also use a command to stop slime from spawning. First, you need to type down the command /give @s repeating_command_block in the Minecraft chat. Once the code is entered, right-click the purple-colored block found in your inventory and type the code /kill @e[type=Slime]

A player can choose to have the commands run indefinitely, so they no longer have to deal with slimes spawning in certain areas. Players can also cancel the command whenever they feel like it in case they decide that slimes aren’t as bothersome as they are made to be or if they need certain materials from the slimes.

Are slimes useful?

Despite players wanting to get rid of them, slimes are actually pretty useful for a certain item they drop. They drop a resource called a slimeball, which a player would need for crafting all sorts of valuable items. So, despite the command to stop slimes from spawning being present, a player would eventually have to turn that command off to farm slimeballs.

A couple of useful items you can create with slimeballs are items like magma cream and sticky pistons. Some players even make slime farms in order for them to harvest this resource in the game.

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