‘Miraculous Ladybug’: Is Félix a Sentimonster? Explained

‘Miraculous Ladybug’ Is Felix a Sentimonster Explained

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir’ is at the end of season five and marks the end of the Agreste family arc. Adrien and Marinette are finally together; a major event transpires in the last few episodes, with one character making an important decision that will leave consequences for future episodes. Our characters are in peculiar spots right now, but we will use this moment to discuss one of the Miraculous evolutions that are different from usual akumatization – amokization. This article will explain whether Félix Fathom is a Sentimonster.

Félix is a Human Sentimonster. Félix transforms into Argos, using the kwami Duusu and Peacock Miraculous. At one point in season five, he eventually uses the special power of the Peacock Miraculous, amokization, and creates a moon sentimonster, Red Moon. The Sentimonster is a monstrous creature created or manifested using the aforementioned amokization, the superpower exclusive to Peacock Miraculous holders. Félix creates the sentimonster in the season 5 episode, ‘ Emotion,’ where he uses the power to make anyone appear or disappear on his will. We also learn that Félix and Adrien are human sentimonsters manifested when they were in their mothers’ wombs.

Of course, this isn’t Félix’s first rodeo as the antagonist in the Miraculous Ladybug series because he already was one in season three. What is Peacock Miraculous, and why and how is it used in the series? Stick with us to learn more.

What is a Sentimonster in ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ show?

One of the biggest parts of the Miraculous Ladybug series lore is Kwamis and so-called Miraculouses – the magical jewelry with which holders can transform into superpowered beings with the help of the aforementioned spirit beings.

We know that Ladybug and Cat Noir hold Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses, but we also saw them using other Miraculouses to transform into other versions of animal-like superpowered heroes. For example, Marinette temporarily held Cat Miraculous and transformed into Lady Noire.

However, the reason why our esteemed teenagers even transform into superheroes is that they need to protect their home city Paris from the mysterious villain who wants to collect all miraculouses in existence, and that’s Hawk Moth – his powers and personas change over the course of the series with the use of different miraculous.

‘Miraculous Ladybug’: Is Felix a Sentimonster? Explained
Peacock Miraculous.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Monarch or Hawk Moth, the mysterious villain that is actually Adrien’s father, Gabriel Agreste, uses miraculouses for his selfish deeds. Of course, the one miraculous that is quite important for his “villainy” is the Butterfly Miraculous, which the villain uses for akumatization of other people.

Akumatization is a superpower granted exclusively to holders of Butterfly Miraculous, with which Gabriel transforms other people into superpowered individuals and makes them their followers. Hence why Ladybug and Cat Noir have problems with akumatizated victims every day – they become evil as the villain himself.

However, besides Butterfly Miraculous, there has been one that really “upped the stakes” and showcased that there is more in miraculouses and that some of them hold unique and special powers.


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One of them is the Peacock Miraculous, a brooch that, whenever used by the Kwami Duusu, transforms the holder of the magical jewelry into a peacock-themed hero. This miraculous is special because it does hold the power of Emotion.

Whenever the transformed hero uses an extremely powerful emotion, the holder transforms or uses amokization, by charging the feathers from the miraculous with magical energy, and sending it towards the person with strong emotion, ultimately creating a Sentimonster.

Félix Fathom, the cousin of Adrien Agreste and the nephew of Gabriel Agreste is the current holder of the Peacock Miraculous, and he created a Sentimonster in the episode of season five ‘Emotion,’ where he used Adrien’s ring as the amokized object.

Essentially, Sentimonsters are living creatures born or manifested from human emotions using Amokization, Peacock Miraculous’s superpower. They have various superpowers, and some of them are actually humans.

Who is a Sentimonster in ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ show?

Félix is an interesting character who constantly evolves throughout the show – from a villain to a hero, and then returns to the dark side.

He first appears in season three of the Miraculous Ladybug show as the antagonist, who arrives in Paris, and he is shown to be selfish, rude, and pushy, as Ladybug once described.

He and Adrien were very close in their childhood, but when Félix’s father died, the boy changed and closed off completely to his loved ones. However, even with his closed-off and rude behavior, Félix still cares for his family deeply, and despite having quite anarchic feelings, he still shows he cares.

But even his care can go overboard, which we saw in season three, and, more recently, in season five, when the oppression of the people and lack of freedom pushes him towards “villainy.”

‘Miraculous Ladybug’: Is Felix a Sentimonster? Explained
As a human sentimonster, Félix as Argos, can create other sentimonsters using his feelings as the Peacock Miraculous holder.

In the episode ‘Emotion,’ Félix gets his hands on Peacock Miraculous and turns into Argos, a peacock-themed villain who then uses Adrien’s Ring, Miraculous’ feather (amok), and creates Red Moon, a Sentimonster that allows him to make anyone appear or disappear.

It’s quite an intense episode because we see Félix genuinely distressed by the fact that his uncle Gabriel Agreste uses his influence to control everyone around him, even his family.

Sentimonster, in this case, Red Moon, is created out of Félix’s rage, and after seeing that his cousin and Kagami are extremely upset about not having their friends around them, Félix as Argos releases the Sentimonster from his control, and it disappears.


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Sentimonsters can also be humans, and Adrien and Félix are one of those creatures – they manifested when they were in their mothers’ wombs and since then have been “special.”

In the season five episode ‘Representation,’ we learn that Gabriel can control Adrien with his ring by preventing him from kissing Marinette at the end of the episode.

Human sentimonsters aren’t that different from people, but they are more fragile. Besides being vulnerable to control, human sentimonsters can die if their Amok breaks or the Peacock Miraculous holder snaps them away.

Hence, Félix is so devastated whenever he has to let go of sentimonsters – he feels as if they are living beings with feelings as humans.

This was an interesting worldbuilding of Miraculous Ladybug, and we’re excited about what will happen in this cool cartoon’s future episodes.

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