Is Miraculous Ladybug Over or Ongoing?

Is Miraculous Ladybug Over or Ongoing?

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Miraculous Ladybug is still one of the most popular cartoons on the planet. At first, only a children’s animated series, this French cartoon became quite popular among teenagers and young adults. Marinette and Adrien are the show’s titular characters, and the pair of superheroes working under the superhero personas of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and protecting the city of Paris, currently has five seasons. However, despite being aired worldwide, some people started questioning the show’s continuation, especially after being confused about the schedule and release of the new episodes. This article will discuss whether Miraculous Ladybug is over or still ongoing.

The Miraculous Ladybug show is far from over and still airing season five episodes worldwide. This successful French cartoon has been airing in the United States on Disney Channel and DisneyNow platforms, with Disney platforms, among others, steadily airing new episodes worldwide. Of course, French channels have earlier access to the show, with new English releases being aired at least a month later worldwide. Miraculous Ladybug show has been confirmed to have at least three more seasons, which will make many fans happy, and confirms that this show is far from over.

We will discuss this topic more by explaining the phase of the Miraculous Ladybug show, how it airs across the world, and discuss the future of the popular teenage show. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Miraculous Ladybug show is currently airing worldwide

Miraculous Ladybug is one of those children’s shows that became extremely popular among older age groups, particularly teenagers and young adults. The adventures of Marinette and Adrien, combined with computer animation, seemed like the series would fall into the sea of other European cartoons released during that era.

However, in 2015, the Miraculous Ladybug show gained success from the first released episode in France and slowly but surely expanded to other nations in Europe. The French cartoon became extremely popular outside of Europe, particularly in Brazil, where the show won awards for the best and most popular cartoon.

What made Miraculous Ladybug different from other shows was how it developed its main characters. Marinette became a great example of a young girl who deals with her “regular” life and being a superhero in a city like Paris. Moreover, critics praised how the story of Miraculous and the overall lore of the show was executed and combined with characters whose decisions could either save or destroy the capital of France.


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There is a whole lore behind Hawk Moth’s motivations and how his family suffered after his wife’s mysterious “death.” Adrien’s shaky relationship with his father, the show’s main villain, and other characters enrich the Miraculous Ladybug TV series. It’s safe to say that Miraculous Ladybug is far better than the usual computed animated shows that overwhelmed children’s television worldwide. 

Of course, its popularity is most definitely granted, but why do people have a hard time watching this cool show? Well, because in most countries, or regions, Miraculous Ladybug is airing on network TV. Specifically, the show moves to streaming platforms after the network TV airs the whole season of Miraculous Ladybug. 

Is Miraculous Ladybug Over or Ongoing?

The biggest example is the United States of America, where the show is airing on the Disney Channel, which will then move the whole season of the show on their Disney+ platforms. Most importantly, the show is ongoing and still holds the “title” of one of the most popular children’s shows worldwide.

Season five is currently airing worldwide, with France having the “earlier” access to the new content (being a French production helps) over English and International releases. Interestingly, Brazil is “further” in episodes than English releases, where Gloob and Globoplay stream the show across the biggest country in South America. It’s not a surprise Miraculous Ladybug is so popular there. However, in most cases, television projects are always “fickle” regarding future releases because the studio or something else could easily cancel the show.

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Will Miraculous Ladybug continue after season five?

Thomas Astruc announced seasons six and seven of Miraculous Ladybug in 2021 and confirmed that season six of Miraculous Ladybug is in the writing stages.

With the show’s popularity, Miraculous Ladybug fans don’t need to be afraid because one of the showrunners confirmed future seasons in his tweet in 2021. Of course, Thomas Astruc used his Twitter to calm down some fans who thought the Miraculous Ladybug show would be too long.

The fear is validated since most shows lose their “flavor” in fewer seasons, but the showrunner dismissed the concern and encouraged fans to be happy with the new Miraculous Ladybug content. Officially, Astruc confirmed that season six is in the writing stages in June 2022.

However, more seasons were confirmed even before the resolution of season five, with the showrunners announcing season seven plans, which surprised the fans. The determination of the Miraculous Ladybug showrunners didn’t stop there, with season eight also being seemingly planned.

This information was “leaked” by the fan account on Twitter, which looked up the Licencing Russia 2022, where ZAG studio showcased the presentation of their plans and potential future dates of the future season of the Miraculous Ladybug show.

This information isn’t confirmed, but it could also be true since these fan channels don’t slack regarding new Miraculous content. Nevertheless, Miraculous Ladybug has a future, and the show’s popularity hasn’t subsided.


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Mostly consistent storylines, good characters, and a brave premise for the children’s show are more than sustainable for having more seasons in the future. Season five is currently airing worldwide, and future seasons most definitely will have something to offer to fans.

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