Money Heist: Korea: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, & More

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Money Heist is one of the most popular shows on Netflix and has a lot of different fans worldwide due to the compelling drama and storyline that comes with this series. Due to its popularity, Money Heist, a Spanish series, has gotten a Korean version called Money Heist: Korea, which is set to adapt the storyline of the original version. So, when is Money Heist: Korea going to be released?

Money Heist: Korea is going to be released on June 24, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. The series is not a 1:1 adaptation of the original Money Heist, as the Korean version takes place during an impending reunification between South Korea and North Korea, and the Professor is looking to steal the new currency.

While Money Heist: Korea isn’t going to be simply a Korean version of the original Money Heist, the good thing is that it has its own take on the heist genre. As such, fans of the original Money Heist should be able to enjoy this series and are going to be able to find Money Heist: Korea as entertaining as the first one. That said, let’s look at what we know about Money Heist: Korea.

Money Heist: Korea Release Date

Among all of the different series that you can watch on Netflix, Money Heist has become one of the most popular shows you can watch on the streaming giant’s massive library as there are a lot of exciting scenes and drama involved in a series that follows suit from the popular heist movies that we have seen in the past. Money Heist, which is a Spanish series, has become so popular that it ranks fifth all time in terms of its popularity among all of the different Netflix originals.

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Of course, Money Heist isn’t the most popular series on Netflix as it pales in comparison to the popularity of the ultra-violent and nerve-racking Korean series called Squid Game, which is the most popular launch title that Netflix has ever had. However, Netflix was smart enough to combine the huge market for Korean shows and the popularity of Money Heist. That means that there will be a Korean version of Money Heist called Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.


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Money Heist: Korea is set to become one of the biggest Netflix releases in recent memory because people are now becoming more and more aware of how high-quality Korean productions are. And combined with a plot that’s similar to the original Money Heist, Money Heist: Korea might become just as popular or even more popular than the original series. But when is Money Heist: Korea going to be released?

Netflix announced that Money Heist: Korea is going to be released on Friday, June 24, 2022. Like the original Money Heist and a lot of the different Netflix original series, Money Heist: Korea is set to release all 12 of its first season at the same time so that fans of the genre and the original Money Heist can binge through it during the entire weekend. 

Money Heist: Korea Trailer

If you want to know more about Money Heist: Korea and what it is all about, Netflix released a teaser trailer that will allow you to get hyped about its upcoming release.

Money Heist: Korea Plot

While Money Heist: Korea may be an adaptation of the original Money Heist, which is a Spanish production, what fans should know is that it isn’t exactly a 1:1 adaptation of the original series because the plot and premise of Money Heist: Korea is unique to its location and to the circumstances surrounding Korea.

Money Heist: Korea focuses on a more Korean setting in the sense that it takes place during a time when South Korea and North Korea are in the middle of a reunification process after decades of division. As such, the two nations are looking to print a new currency that would symbolize this reunification of the two economies. This is where the Professor comes in.

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In Money Heist: Korea, the Professor seeks to use his genius mind to come up with a strategy that would allow his crew of top thieves from both South Korea and North Korea to steal the new currency straight from the mint. As such, it has a similar premise to the original Money Heist, but the plot and setting are quite different. 

Money Heist: Korea Cast

The cast of Money Heist: Korea will be composed of names that are already quite popular when it comes to fans of Korean shows and drama series. Yoo Ji-Tae will be playing the Professor, who is the mastermind of the entire heist. Meanwhile, Park Hae-soo, who is known for Squid Game, will portray Berlin, Professor’s right-hand man.

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Meanwhile, Jun Jong-Seo, who is known for The Call, will portray Tokyo. Lee Won-Jong is the bank robber and voice of reason called Moscow, who is also the father of Denver, who will be played by Kim Ji-hoon. Nairobi, the single mom, is going to be portrayed by Jang Yoon-ju, who made her name in Korea’s Next Top Model. 

Rio, the love interest of Tokyo, has been recast. The character will now be played by Lee Hyun-woo, who is known for The Beauty Inside. The original actor had to drop out because of scheduling conflicts with another production.


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Names such as Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Kyu-Ho will be portraying Helsinki and Oslo. Rounding up the cast are the investigators, who will be played by Kim Yun-jin and Kim Sung-o. There are also names such as Park Myung-hoon and Lee Joo-bin who will be appearing in the series.

Will Money Heist: Korea Have A Season 2?

We do know that Money Heist is a pretty long series that has reached five seasons. In that regard, this might make you wonder if Money Heist: Korea will also have multiple seasons. So, is there going to be a season 2 of Money Heist: Korea?

As of this writing, there are no reports regarding a possible second season of Money Heist: Korea because Netflix is probably still testing the waters to see how well the first season performs. It is possible that Money Heist: Korea will be getting a green light for a second season if the first season performs up to expectations.

That said, Money Heist: Korea’s season 2 might get released some time in late 2023 or early 2024 if the second season does indeed get renewed by Netflix. After all, production for the second season is yet to begin because it hasn’t been given the green light yet.