Moon Knight Vs. Deadpool: Who Would Win and Why?

moon knight vs deadpool

Marvel Comics are filled with mercenaries and assassins with awesome powers, but none are as prolific, amusing – and insane – as Moon Knight and Deadpool. Both have incredible special powers and skills, but who would win if the two ever fought, and why?

Moon Knight would win in a fight against Deadpool most of the time. He’s more focused and determined and would likely take the fight more seriously than the fan-favorite Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool’s healing factor would prevent Moon Knight from killing him, but Marc Spector would win nonetheless.

However, as with most comic book battles of characters, both stand a chance. Deadpool could surprise Moon Knight and take him down, especially if he’s angry and serious about the fight – even more so if we take the version of Moon Knight without the Fist of Khonshu powers. Let’s dive into the comparison to see who would come out on top and why.

Durability & Stamina

Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, was a highly-skilled, experienced mercenary left for dead in Egypt. An ancient Egyptian Moon god, Khonshu, felt pity, so he healed Spector and turned him into Moon Knight.

With the powers of Khonshu, Moon Knight has superhuman abilities, including increased strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Due to his violent personality, Spector’s fighting style is insane – he literally lets the opponents hit or damage him, fighting through the pain and eventually overpowering them.

We’ve seen Moon Knight getting shot several times and still keep going. He doesn’t have a strong healing factor like Deadpool, but Spector’s determination to fight through injury makes him insanely durable for a human being. Even when his stamina depletes and Spector gets tired, he keeps going through sheer power of will.


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On the other hand, one of the most well-known Deadpool abilities is his insane healing factor. Wade Wilson was also a mercenary, but after he got terminal cancer, Wilson underwent the Weapon X experiments where he received an enhanced, altered healing factor from Wolverine.

There’s a constant battle in his body between the healing factor and cancer, with the disease destroying his cells rapidly while the healing factor rapidly replaces them with new cells. As a result, Deadpool is virtually immortal. Even if you chop him into pieces, the Merc with a Mouth will regenerate and survive.

If only a single molecule of his body is left, Deadpool can heal from it completely. Also, Wilson has superhuman stamina, never getting tired regardless of how long the battle lasts.

There are versions of Marc Spector without superhuman powers, meaning his durability and stamina would depend solely on his power of will. In contrast, Wade Wilson is practically immortal and never gets tired.

Deadpool gets the first point, and it’s not even close.

Point: Deadpool (1:0) Moon Knight


Deadpool is prolific with all kinds of weaponry due to his background as a mercenary and assassin. We mostly see Wade Wilson use two katanas or two guns, but he also used other weapons throughout his career, including rifles, knives, etc. Also, we’ve seen him use holographic disguises and teleportation devices numerous times.

His suit doesn’t have anything special – neither excellent extra protection nor epic functions. As great as he is with all sorts of weapons, his equipment is far inferior to Moon Knights.

Moon Knight is known as Marvel’s version of Batman – he’s a wealthy vigilante who uses insanely high-tech equipment to fight crime and evil, mostly against street-level threats. His equipment includes high-power weapons, guns, crescents, blades, and awesome vehicles – not just for the road but aircraft as well.

moon knight deadpool comics 2

Also, his armor is quite strong and includes many useful gadgets and weapons. But, most importantly, it was made out of carbonadium – at least before he moved to the west coast. Spector claimed it’s almost as tough as adamantium, but much more flexible, as we learn in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1.

But, most importantly, carbonadium has one particular property that no other material has – due to its radioactivity, carbonadium disrupts the healing factor that Deadpool or Wolverine have. If Moon Knight and Deadpool went into a fistfight while Moon Knight is in his carbonadium suit, it would neutralize Wade Wilson’s advantage with the healing factor.

The equipment category belongs to Moon Knight, hands down.

Point: Moon Knight (1:1) Deadpool

Mental State & Personality

News flash – both Moon Knight and Deadpool are utterly insane. It’s hard to say whose insanity is worse, so let’s compare how it affects them in life and battle.

Wade Wilson doesn’t have more than one personality in the movies, but he has at least five in the comics. He doesn’t care about danger or the odds when he’s fighting. In fact, Deadpool is known as the Merc with a Mouth because he never shuts up. Wade cracks jokes left and right, and it takes a special kind of anger and situation to make him take things seriously.

That cost him in numerous battles – he’s more focused on cracking jokes and playing around than actually beating his opponents. Don’t get me wrong – Deadpool is insanely skilled and knows how to fight, but he rarely seems motivated enough to actually try. It cost him once against Moon Knight as well, but I’ll get to that later.


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On the other hand, Marc Spector is also clinically insane and has numerous personalities. The “Marc Spector” personality is determined to be a hero and use his skills to fight crime. However, when his other personality, Jake Lockley, emerges, you better run. 

As violent as Spector is, Lockley is much more aggressive and vicious, looking to hurt you, not caring at all if he’s the hero or the villain. Moon Knight’s insanity is probably even worse than Deadpool’s, up to the point where it became unclear if the Fist of Khonshu even exists, or is it just another personality stemming from Marc Spector’s insanity.

As for his personality, Spector is extremely focused and determined in battle. I mean, the guy purposely takes a punch if it opens space for him to counter even stronger. Moon Knight doesn’t get distracted, and in that regard, he’s superior to Deadpool.

Even if you deem them equally insane, Mark Spector’s personality, determination, and focus certainly push him over the top in a fight with Wade Wilson.

Point: Moon Knight (2:1) Deadpool

Combat Skills & Additional Powers

Deadpool is an incredibly skilled combatant, both in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. In close combat, Wade relies mostly on swordsmanship, while he uses guns and other weaponry for long-range attacks.

Apart from Deadpool’s prolific combat skills stemming from his job as a mercenary/assassin, and his insanely powerful healing factor, the Merc with a Mouth also has (to a certain degree) superhuman strength, reflexes, and agility. That’s about as far as his powers go.

On the other hand, Moon Knight is one of the most skilled combatants in the world. You could say he and Deadpool are around the same level in terms of marksmanship, but Moon Knight is even better than the fan-favorite jokester in close and hand-to-hand combat.

The guy destroyed the Taskmaster in a fight – so much so that Taskmaster was frightened to death, scared of Marc Spector forever. 


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Additionally, Moon Knight has incredibly advanced technology and equipment and expert detective skills. One could call his indomitable will insanity – but one could also consider it additional power. Before separating from Khonshu, Marc Spector also had superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, depending on the lunar cycle.

Finally, suppose you consider The Age of Khonshu storyline. In that case, Moon Knight also has magic ankhs granting him the ability to absorb other hero’s powers, such as Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Iron Fist. He even wielded Mjolnir at one point. Still, it’s not a regular version of the character, so it’s unfair to use it as a reference point.

To conclude, Moon Knight is more skilled in combat, has the stronger will, and better equipment, while both of them have (or had) some level of superhuman strength, speed, and agility. However, Deadpool has something Moon Knight never had – an insanely powerful healing factor.

I think it’s only fair that both characters get points in this category.

Point(s): Moon Knight (3:2) Deadpool

Comic Fights

Finally, Moon Knight and Deadpool are similar characters, both being mercenaries enhanced with superpowers. Of course, that’s a fertile ground for epic comic book battles. The two faced off several times in the comics, most times ending without a winner. However, one particular storyline saw Moon Knight win comfortably against Deadpool – twice.

In Vengeance of the Moon Knight #7, Deadpool was hired to kill a man on his death bed in a hospital, but Moon Knight wouldn’t let that happen. They fought in the hospital, and Moon Knight was at an advantage due to Deadpool not taking the fight seriously. 

moon knight deadpool comics

As Wade got angry and started to come back, a hot nurse distracted him for a split-second – long enough for Moon Knight to punch him out of the window.

In the next issue, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #8, they met again. This time, Wilson surprisingly attacked Spector at a carnival. The fight led them from a rollercoaster into a house of mirrors, where Moon Knight asserted his dominance. He broke the mirrors, found Deadpool, and literally chopped him into pieces before leaving.

Sure, Moon Knight got the advantage to begin with, as the fight was happening within the pages of his comic. Still, it showed that Moon Knight was more serious and, at least in this case, much deadlier than Deadpool.

Point: Moon Knight (4:2) Deadpool

Moon Knight Vs. Deadpool: Who Wins?

There you have it – it’s 4:2 on the scoreboard in Marc Spector’s favor, meaning Moon Knight wins against Deadpool – more often than not, at least.

Despite Deadpool being incredibly skilled, Moon Knight’s combat skills are superior, mainly due to his fighting style and indomitable will. He’s focused, determined, and aims to get the job done, unlike Deadpool, who rarely takes things seriously and jokes around the entire time.

Also, Spector’s equipment is much more advanced – barring the teleportation devices Deadpool sometimes wields.


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Wade Wilson’s biggest advantage is the healing factor and stamina – but it doesn’t do you any good if you’re chopped into pieces. Also, if Marc Spector is equipped with carbonadium, it neutralizes the healing factor, leaving them to fight skill-versus-skill, and Moon Knight comes out on top here.

Deadpool could win with an element of surprise or outlast Moon Knight with his superhuman durability and stamina. However, in a straight one-on-one fight, Moon Knight beats Deadpool at least 7/10 times.

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