20 Best Superhero Fights in the History of Comic Books

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Comic books are one of the most popular brands today and they have millions of fans around the world. Interesting characters, great art and mesmerizing stories are just some of the elements that attract new fans every day. Although comic books differ in a lot of aspects, there are a lot of comics who are based on the fights between a group of good characters and a group of evil characters and these stories are going to be the focus of our article. We are bringing you a list of the best fights in the history of comic books.

The Criteria

When considering which fights to include on our list of the best 20 in the history of comic books, we followed three basic criteria – the epicness of the fight itself, the impact the fight had on the comics themselves and the franchise in general, and its general historical importance in the history of popular culture. We did not limit ourselves to just the American comics published by DC and Marvel, but decided to search for epic confrontations around the world so that you really get a thorough insight into some of the best moments in the history of comic books.

Note: The battles are listed in random order, meaning that their position on the list does not indicate that one is better than the other.

1. Batman vs. Superman (The Dark Knight Returns, 1986)


Title: The Dark Knight Returns (1986)
Authors: Frank Miller (w, p), Klaus Janson (i)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Indecisive (Batman would have won had he not suffered a “heart attack”, thereby sparing Superman’s life)

Frank Miller’s legendary graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, not only redefined Batman, but the whole concept of American comic books, allowing them to finally become a serious medium that could analyse darker and more complex themes.

Although the graphic novel focuses on an old Batman returning to save Gotham once again, it also contains an epic showdown between two former colleagues – Superman and Batman. Although Superman believed he could beat Batman in a one-on-one fight, the Dark Knight proved his worth once again, using his intelligence, tactical skills, and technology to prepare a plan to fight Superman.

In one of the most epic and best-known battles in the history of comics, Batman – with the help of Oliver Queen – managed to beat Superman into a pulp before suffering a “heart attack” and apparently dying. Superman thus survived a lost battle, believing that Batman died in the battle.

As it turned out, Batman faked his death – a fact that Superman would later discover – using the fight to warn him to stay out of his way despite working for the State.


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2. Superman vs. Doomsday (The Death of Superman, 1993)


Title: The Death of Superman (1992-1993)
Authors: Dan Jurgens (w, p), Brett Breeding (p, i)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Draw (both Superman and Doomsday died)

If you’re looking for Superman’s most epic supervillain fight, you don’t have to look any further – it’s Doomsday.

The 1993 storyline about the death of the Man of Steel was an instant success for DC Comics, being the best-selling series at the time and receiving a huge amount of media coverage.

In this comic book, Superman faced his strongest and most dangerous foe, a Kryptonian monster called Doomsday, that landed to Earth from outer space.

Doomsday wasn’t just any villain. He was a genetically engineered juggernaut with a singular mission to cause destruction, and he certainly did.

After an epic battle, both Superman and Doomsday, aware that the only way to end the fight was to kill the other, gave it their all and managed to kill each other with one final blow each.

The tragedy of Superman’s death was a seminal comic book event and one of the most important moments in comic book history, even though the Man of Steel soon returned to help the Earth from different threats.

3. Captain America vs. Iron Man (Civil War, 2007)


Title: Civil War (2006-2007)
Authors: Mark Millar (w), Steve McNiven (p)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Outcome: Captain America Wins (but ultimately decides to spare Iron Man and surrender to the authorities)

The famous movie duel between Captain America and Iron Man actually played out completely different in the actual Civil War storyline, published in 2007. The basic premise – a fight of two superhero fractions over the Superhero Registration Act – remains the same, although the comic event is far bigger than the movie narrative.

In the final battle, Captain America faced off against Iron Man beat him with relative ease; Iron Man even admitted defeat and asked Steve to kill him, but Steve was stopped by the people before he could do that.


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He then realized that his fight resulted in him endangering the same people he wanted to protect, which is when he nobly surrendered and told his team to stand down.

As you know, the movie’s ending was far less noble. Although the actual fight between the two was shown on just a few panels, it still remains as one of the most epic and most important fights in comic book history.

4. Wolverine vs. the X-Men (Old Man Logan, 2009)


Title: Wolverine: Old Man Logan (Wolverine #70, 2009)
Authors: Mark Millar (w), Steve McNiven (p)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Outcome: Wolverine “Wins” (believing to have killed all the supervillains, Wolverine had actually slaughtered all his fellow X-Men)

The “Old Man Logan” narrative stands out as one of Marvel’s most poignant and audacious tales. Mark Millar demonstrated his unparalleled creativity with a plot that follows an aged Wolverine, now going by Logan, as he takes on a group of supervillains who have partitioned the Earth into four territories.

But this aspect is not as important as the backstory that leads to the “death” of Wolverine and the destruction of the X-Men. Namely, when the villains launched their attack to destroy all the superheroes, Wolverine was called to the X-Mansion, which was under attack by 40 supervillains, all of them being the worst among the worst.

Seeing that no one was going to help him – the X-Men were, for some reason, not there – Wolverine went berserk and slaughtered all the 40 supervillains, not suspecting a thing. As he killed the last of them, Bullseye, Wolverine snapped out of it and observed that he had been a victim of Mysterio’s illusion this whole time.

What he did not know was that he did not kill one supervillain, but rather 40 of his fellow X-Men, effectively remaining the only living X-Man in the narrative. Although Old Man Logan is part of an alternative timeline, the epic and tragic fight in which Wolverine killed all his X-Men without a problem is certainly deserving of a spot on our list.

5. Goku vs. Frieza (Frieza Saga, 1991)

20 Best Superhero Fights in the History of Comic Books

Title: Frieza Saga (1991)
Authors: Akira Toriyama (w)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing

Outcome: Son Goku Wins

Most Dragon Ball fans will name the fight between Son Goku and Frieza as the most epic fight in the whole Dragon Ball franchise. Being part of the Dragon Ball Z series, the fight has been broadcast through an incredible 18 episodes of the anime and has – practically – been the focus of the whole Frieza Saga in the manga.

The battle of epic proportions between the healed protagonist of the series, Son Goku, and the destructive alien, Frieza, pushed both of them to their limits; Frieza was at 100% power at one point, while Son Goku managed to turn into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

Despite all his abilities, “regular” Goku was no match for Frieza, whose victory would’ve probably meant the end of the universe as we knew it, but when Goku managed to turn Super Sayian, he managed to beat Frieza with relative ease.

Goku even offered Frieza mercy, wanting to spare him, but had to kill him when the alien refused the mercy. What Goku did not know was that Frieza didn’t actually die, although everyone believed it to be true.


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6. Naruto vs. Sasuke (Naruto, 2015)


Title: Naruto: “Naruto Uzumaki!!” (vol. 72, ch. 692-700, 2015)
Authors: Masashi Kishimoto (w, a)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing

Outcome: Naruto Wins (by Sasuke admitting defeat)

A hit among fans, Naruto is a global phenomenon that certainly helped popularise anime and manga outside Japan. Kishimoto’s long-running shinobi-based manga series follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki and his friends as they try to save the ninja world from different threats.

Since it’s based on martial arts, the anime has a lot of fighting and it was truly difficult to pick just one, but we have managed to do it. Although there might be some clashes that were more epic, the final confrontation between Naruto and his friend/rival Sasuke was the most emotional and important fight in the series.

In an 8-chapter story, Naruto and Sasuke gave it their all, only for Sasuke to ultimately admit defeat after neither of them could effectively continue to fight.

This fight – fought to determine the future of the ninja world – eventually lead to Naruto and Sasuke reconciling and becoming friends, which was a proper, emotional end to the whole saga.

7. Batman vs. Darkseid (Final Crisis, 2009)

Batman shooting Darkseid

Title: Final Crisis (2008-2009)
Authors: Grant Morrison (w), J.G. Jones, Marco Rudy (a)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Batman Wins (with a little help from his friends)

DC Comics is rather famous for its Crisis events and Final Crisis is just one of such events in the series. Grant Morrison’s deep exploration of the DC Comics mythos is one of the biggest, but also one of the most divisive Crisis titles ever.

In a world where Darkseid has unleashed the Anti-Life Equation on Earth, the Justice League have to fight the tyrannical god once more. Finding out his weakness, in a very controversial scene, Batman brandishes a gun with a Radion bullet and shoots Darkseid in the chest, wounding him fatally; namely, Radion is to Darkseid what Kryptonite is to Superman.

Batman doesn’t usually carry weapons or kill his enemies, which is why this move caused so much controversy, despite the fact that Darkseid is by no means a regular supervillain.

Darkseid tried to transfer his consciousness into detective Dan Turpin’s body, but the two Flashes (Barry Allen and Wally West) sent the Black Rider his way before he could do that so that the embodiment of Death finished the job and killed the god of Apokolips.

Oh, as for Batman, he was shot by Darkseid’s Omega Beam and seemingly killed, but was actually sent back in time and had to fight his way back to the present time.

8. Thanos vs. Thanos (Thanos Wins, 2018)


Title: Thanos Wins (Thanos #13-18, 2018)
Authors: Donny Cates (w), Geoff Shaw (p, i)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Outcome: Thanos Wins (he had to, anyway)

The five-issue Thanos Wins event, although a bit depressive, scary and certainly mindlessly overpowered, is a truly interesting character study of Thanos, written by Donny Cates.

In the story, a future version of Thanos, known as King Thanos, calls his younger self from the past to assist him in killing the Silver Surfer. While waiting, King Thanos recounts how he killed everyone in the universe, including all of Earth’s heroes, Galactus, the Asgardians and, well… everyone else.

The only ones left are Hulk, whom King Thanos imprisoned and keeps him as a pet, Ghost Rider, who’s already dead anyway, and the Silver Surfer. After killing the latter, Thanos will be able to unite with Lady Death, the only love he’s ever known.

But there is a catch. In order to be with her, Thanos has to die, and the only one who can kill Thanos is – Thanos. This is the real reason why King Thanos summoned his younger self.

The two of them engage in a bitter fight, but when Thanos is supposed to kill King Thanos, he is disgusted by his weakness and refuses to kill him, returning to his own time, vowing to never become him.

As he’s talking to Lady Death, King Thanos begins to fade away, realizing that his younger self has indeed erased him from existence.

9. The Flash (Barry Allen) vs. Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) (Flashpoint, 2011)

FlashReverseFlash 1

Title: Flashpoint (2011)
Authors: Geoff Johns (w), Andy Kubert (a)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Reverse-Flash Loses, Barry Allen Doesn’t Win – Batman Wins (it’s pretty confusing, don’t worry)

This is the first time we’re mentioning Geoff Johns on this list, but certainly not the last. Geoff Johns is responsible for some of the most memorable storylines in modern DC Comics history, redefining a lot of the stories, the characters and even the narrative continuities.

In the Flashpoint storyline, Johns sent Barry Allen back in time to prevent the murder of his mother by Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, only for that change to create a completely new timeline, known as the Flashpoint Universe.

In it, Barry Allen never became Flash; there is no Superman; Wonder Woman and Aquaman are sworn enemies and enemies of the Justice League; and Bruce Wayne was the one killed in Crime Alley, with his father, Thomas, becoming Batman, and his mother, Martha, going insane and becoming The Joker.

After almost dying, Barry manages to regain his powers and wants to help this timeline’s heroes, but is soon confronted with the truth (since he lost his memories about the time travel) by Reverse-Flash, who tells Barry that this timeline is all his fault.

The two engage in bitter, super speed combat with Reverse-Flash seemingly winning, but just as he was boasting, he was stabbed through the chest with a sword by none other than Batman. This allowed Barry to return back in time and fix the timeline, which he did, although things would never remain the same.

So, ultimately, Batman won in the fight between the two Speedsters (because Batman always wins), but this epic fight between Barry and Thawne is worthy of a place on our list because it changed so much in the DC Comics continuity and still remains one of its most important stories.

10. Thanos vs. Odin (Warlock and the Infinity Watch, 1994)


Title: Warlock and the Infinity Watch #25 (1994)
Authors: Jim Starlin (w), Angel Medina (p), Bob Almond (i)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Outcome: Odin Wins (although the fight is interrupted)

The famous fight wasn’t part of any large event but was presented in an issue of Warlock and the Infinity Watch, written by The Infinity Gauntlet writer Jim Starlin. After they bring an imprisoned Thor to Asgard, Odin attacks Adam Warlock, Thanos and the others.

A bitter fight ensued between the All-Father and the Mad Titan, where Odin shows just how powerful he is. Despite all of his might, Thanos doesn’t really stand a chance against Odin. All of Thanos’ attacks deal little to no damage, while Odin throws Thanos around as if he were a toy.

Even a combined attack by Thanos and the Silver Surfer couldn’t make Odin twitch. The only thing that made this epic fight more epic is the fact that Thanos, despite being thrashed around, never gave up and that caused even Odin to admit the Mad Titan was a worthy adversary, despite being aware of his own superiority.

Odin knew he could beat Thanos to a pulp and just as he was about to bring the fight to an end, Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill interrupted it and told Odin the truth.

So, technically, Odin didn’t win because Thanos neither yielded nor was he killed, but since Odin was so obviously better and stronger, we can count this battle as a victory for the All-Father.


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11. Monkey D. Luffy vs. Charlotte Katakuri (One Piece, 2017-2018)

Monkey D. Luffy vs. Charlotte Katakuri (One Piece, 2017-2018)

Title: One Piece (vol. 87-89, 2017-2018)
Authors: Eiichiro Oda (w)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing

Outcome: Luffy Wins

In the One Piece series, the most monumental clash occurred after the debated time skip, where the lead character, Monkey D. Luffy, confronted his arch-nemesis, Charlotte Katakuri.

The two face of as Luffy is trying to save Sanji, and Luffy considers Katakuri to be his biggest test for advancing as a pirate. Namely, Katakuri’s Devil Fruit completely mirrors Luffy’s own, which is why Luffy considers him so important as an opponent, but Katakuri also has the ability to foresee the future, which is what makes him an especially dangerous foe.

In a fight of epic proportions, Luffy had to surpass all his boundaries and give his absolute best to defeat his rival, which is what he ultimately did, thereby gaining Katakuri’s respect.

12. Batman vs. Bane (Knightfall, 1993)

batman knightfall hero

Title: Batman: Knightfall (1993-1994)
Authors: Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon et al. (w), Jim Aparo et al. (a)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Bane Wins

The epic physical confrontation between Batman and Bane happened in Batman #497 and was written by the legendary Doug Moench, as a fundamental event in the development of the Knightfall saga.

This saga was a seminal 1990s Batman crossover event and it is today one of the most popular and beloved saga’s in the whole mythos. After fighting a gallery of his opponents, an exhausted Batman faces Bane, who has proven himself to be not only a physical threat but also Batman’s intellectual peer.

Bane orchestrated a series of events that would eventually give him Batman on a silver plate, exhausted and unable to fight. Bane beat Batman to a pulp and eventually broke his back over his own knee, leaving the Dark Knight in mortal danger.

Batman was saved, but left paraplegic, while Bane took over Gotham’s underground. In subsequent events, Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) took over Batman’s costume while Bruce Wayne regained his abilities and powers.

Bruce would later return as Batman and the rematch with Bane was shown in a subsequent storyline, “Batman: Legacy”. The “Breaking of the Bat” remains one of the most memorable moments in comic book history, since Bane became the first supervillain to actually do that to Batman and this is why it landed a spot on our list.

13. The Universe vs. Thanos (The Infinity Gauntlet, 1991)

infinity gauntlet

Title: The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)
Authors: Jim Starlin (w), George Pérez, Ron Lim (p)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Outcome: Thanos Loses

The Infinity Gauntlet not only inspired the first big story arc of the Avengers film series (and the MCU in general) but is also one of the best and most important Marvel Comics stories.

Published through six issues in 1991, Jim Stalin’s story actually focuses on the supervillain Thanos, the Mad Titan, on his quest to gather all the Infinity Stones and gain complete control over the universe.

During the process, Thanos not only fights the Avengers and other heroes in a series of epic clashes, but also a lot of other galactic entities such as Chronos, Galactus, etc.

The fights are truly epic and large-scale, which is why we list them collectively here. The saga ended with Thanos tricking Nebula into using the Infinity Stones to revert things to the state they were in before his quest, after which Adam Warlock gained control of the Gauntlet.

Not wanting to be imprisoned, Thanos apparently kills himself with a bomb, while Warlock returns the heroes to Earth. Later on, Thanos is found by Warlock, living as a farmer on a distant planet.

14. Kira (Light Yagami) vs. N (Near) (Death Note, 2006)

L Number 2.JPG

Title: Death Note: “Finis” (vol. 12, ch. 107, 2006)
Authors: Tsugumi Ohba (w), Takeshi Obata (a)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing

Outcome: N Wins

This duel isn’t your classical fight – Kira and N never engage in physical confrontation – but it is certainly one of the most epic duels in the history of manga.

Death Note has become a cult classic since it’s debut and although the main antagonist of the series, Kira, has more fans than he should (seeing that he’s a serial killer), the second protagonist, N, is likewise essential to the story.

Some hardcore fans might consider our choice blasphemous because we put N in front of the beloved L, but we have to say that although L did figure it out eventually, and although his work was essential in N cracking the case in chapter 107, it was N who ultimately outwitted Kira, not L. L died, despite being one step ahead of Kira, he actually died; N survived and that is why he’s on our list instead of his mentor.

So, we decided to put this duel on our list because the ending of Death Note and Kira’s ultimate demise at the hands of N (the manga and anime endings differ just a little, but not on an essential level) is one of the most thrilling and interesting moments in the history of manga.


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It is probably the best battle of wits in the whole genre, full of twists and turns, unexpected outcomes and an ending – although anticipated – that was still unforeseeable due to the unpredictability of the whole franchise. And that is why, despite it not being an actual fight, we have decided to put it on our list, since it satisfies all the criteria mentioned above.

15. Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid (Justice League: The Darkseid War, 2015)


Title: Justice League: The Darkseid War (Justice League #40-50, 201-2016)
Authors: Geoff Johns (w)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Anti-Monitor Wins (with Darkseid dying)

Like so many times before, Geoff Johns has proven himself to be one of history’s most inventive DC Comics writers.

During his run of the Justice League series, he pitched the mighty Darkseid against another superpowered cosmic entity, the Anti-Monitor, the whole conflict being a part of a plot organized by Darkesid’s treacherous daughter, Grail.

The battle between them is of epic proportions, with the Justice League participating on the sidelines.

At one point, Darkseid gains the upper hand and seems to be ready to declare victory, but it is then that the Anti-Monitor uses the Flash and fuses him with the Black Racer, the embodiment of Death and the carrier of the Anti-Life Equation, as provided by the Anti-Monitor.

In a surprise move, the Black Racer/Flash hybrid attacks Darkseid, killing him in front of everyone. He was later resurrected, but the shock of killing the all-mighty Darkseid, along with the epic proportions of the fight, is the main reason why this battle found its way on our list.

16. Ken Kaneki vs. Kishō Arima (Tokyo Ghoul, 2014)


Title: Tokyo Ghoul (vol. 14, 2014)
Authors: Sui Ishida (w, a)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing

Outcome: Arima Wins

Tokyo Ghoul is definitely one of the most popular recent manga and a lot of fans were sad to see it end in 2018. Sui Ishida created a truly special and unique story that spanned an anime and live-action adaptation, both of which have received a lot of positive reviews.

Tokyo Ghoul follows the adventures of a teenage boy-turned Ghoul named Ken Kaneki, from his transformation to him becoming the One-Eyed King and the person to reconcile the humans and the Ghouls.

The franchise is known for its dark and bizarre tone, epic fights, and tragic sensibility that made it what it is today.

It was really difficult to pick just one fight since most of them were epic, but – and we might have been a bit subjective here since we love Arima – we decided to pick the battle between Kaneki and Arima from volume 14 because it was not just a fight between the two strongest characters in the franchise, but also a very important narrative element that helped shape future events.

Arima literally wiped the floor with Kaneki, but this move turned out to be very important in the development of their relationship. Later on, the two would fight again, with Arima admitting to Kaneki that he is the only one who could actually defeat him, although that never actually happened (in their final battle, Kaneki refused to kill Arima, so the latter cut his own throat in front of Kaneki).

17. White Lanterns vs. Black Lanterns (Blackest Night, 2010)

BlackestNight 1

Title: Blackest Night (2009-2010)
Authors: Geoff Johns (w), Ivan Reis (p)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: White Lanterns Win

Blackest Night is still one of the seminal Green Lantern stories. Geoff Johns pioneered the modern Green Lantern stories, significantly expanding the lore and all the different narrative elements.

In the monumental confrontation of Life versus Death, DC’s superheroes were challenged by the emergence of the Black Lantern Corps, led by Nekron. Even with the combined strengths of the Justice League and other Power Ring wielders, they struggled against Nekron. That was until Hal Jordan tapped into the force of the White Lantern, representing Life.

Transforming into a White Lantern, Hal Jordan rejuvenated his comrades. United, they overcame Nekron and resurrected many of their fallen allies, except for the significant absence of Bruce Wayne. This battle was not only a grand duel for the universe’s destiny but also ranks among the most cherished moments in contemporary DC Comics lore.


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18. Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach, 2009)


Title: Bleach: HEART (vol. 41, ch. 350-358, 2009)
Authors: Tite Kubo (w, a)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing

Outcome: Ichigo Wins/Indecisive (Ichigo did overpower Ulquiorra, but he didn’t kill him as he disintegrated due to being too weak to stay alive)

Bleach is one of the most popular manga and anime franchises ever. It was a long-running series that followed the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends. Heavily based on martial arts and sword-fighting, Bleach has had a whole plethora of memorable fights during its run, but one of them truly stands out as being the most epic.

That is the fight between Ichigo and the demonic Ulquiorra, who had taken Ichigo’s love, Orihime Inoue. While attempting to save her, Ichigo clashed with Ulquiorra, but he was initially no match for the demon, who actually killed Ichigo using his Cero. But his love for Orihime saved him, as Ichigo returned to life in his Hollow form.

As a Hollow, he defeated Ulquiorra without trouble and dismembered him using a Cero, leaving his one-armed torso to die. But that was not the end of their epic clash. As the Hollow Ichigo couldn’t control his powers and charged his Cero to kill Orihime, Ulquiorra jumped and saved her by “killing” Ichigo’s Hollow.

Ichigo soon returned to life, fully healed, with Ulquiorra also slowly regenerating. The difference this time was that Ulquiorra’s regeneration was just a farce, since he did not have enough energy to continue living and soon started disintegrating.

He pleaded for Ichiro to kill him since their duel would end without a victor if Ulquiorra would disintegrate, but Ichiro refused, not wanting to win in such a manner.

19. Deadpool vs. Everyone (Deadpool Killology, 2012-2013)


Title: Deadpool Killology (Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated, and Deadpool Kills Deadpool)
Authors: Cullen Bunn (w)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Outcome: Deadpool… wins? (well, he kills everyone, even himself, so… he technically does win, we guess…)

This no-brainer of a series just had to land a spot on our list because of its historical importance and the mindless epicness it represents. We all know that Deadpool is a bit nut. Add practical immortality to the formula and you have a formidable foe, regardless of who you are.

Well, in 2012, Cullen Bunn decided to make Deadpool a destructive nihilist who decided to kill every superhero and supervillain in the Marvel Universe – and Deadpool did exactly that. In the end, he even killed the writers and threatened the reader.

Pretty depressive, right? Well, in the next part of the “killology” he started slaughtering the multiverse but ended up killing the literary influences that inspired a lot of Marvel characters, killing the likes of Captain Ahab, the Marsh sisters, Tom Sawyer, and others.

Ultimately, a good Deadpool went after the evil Deadpool, so Deadpool ended up killing Deadpool in the last part of the series. While the fights were obviously twerked in Deadpools favor, they are still very interesting and we just love the mindless chaos they represent, which is why we’ve decided to include this series on our list.

20. Batman vs. The Joker (Batman: Endgame, 2015)


Title: Batman: Endgame (Batman #35-40, 2014-2015)
Authors: Scott Snyder (w), Greg Capullo (p), Danny Miki (i)
Publisher: DC Comics

Outcome: Draw (no clear winner, with both Batman and The Joker apparently dying in the cave, only to return later; Joker’s plan did fail, though)

A fitting end for our list, the Snyder-Capullo run on the main Batman comic book ended with the epic story Endgame, which brought us the long-awaited “last” confrontation between Batman and The Joker.

Returning once more, now fully resurrected, The Joker launched a city-wide attack on Gotham, wanting to poison the whole population and turn them into maniacal versions of himself.

Batman managed to stop this, but he had to fight The Joker in a cave beneath the city to do so. It was their craziest fight in history, with both of them giving their all, as if it were truly their last battle ever.

Never has Batman suffered so much damage, nor was Joker so much wounded after this epic showdown. In the end, both of them – like two friends – gave up, admitting a draw, and apparently died as the cave collapsed on top of them.

They, of course, came back, but this fight will surely remain as one of the most epic fights in comic book history.

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