More Rumors Confirm That the MCU Silver Surfer Will Be a Woman


Among all the upcoming MCU projects, ‘Fantastic Four’ is getting the most attention, sharing the spotlight with ‘Deadpool 3.’ The reboot has a big task ahead after some not-so-great movies in the past, and fans are busy digging through rumors to figure out who will play the iconic characters.

People are talking a lot about Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm and linking Joseph Quinn and Daveed Diggs to Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm. A few weeks ago, many thought Pedro Pascal would be Reed Richards, causing a mix of excitement and disappointment. There’s also talk about Javier Bardem playing Galactus.

But, there’s another rumor causing a stir—it says Silver Surfer will be a woman villain in the new movie. MyTimeToShineHello, a source that’s usually right about these things, confirmed this again in a recent AMA, backing up info leaked a few months back.

The first name in the running for the Silver Surfer role is reportedly Anya Taylor-Joy, as shared by Daniel Richtman and Jeff Sneider. While some fans express disappointment, criticizing what they see as an embrace of “Wokeism” in the MCU, another group notes that many of Galactus’s Heralds have been women.


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Considering Anya Taylor-Joy’s impressive track record, portraying memorable characters like Beth Harmon in ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ Casey Cooke in ‘Split,’ and Emma Woodhouse in ‘Emma,’ she seems a fitting choice for the Surfer role. Her versatility across genres, from psychological horror to period dramas, has garnered widespread acclaim. Have thoughts to share? Drop them in the comments below.

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