73 Best Movie Characters That Start with T (with Images)

Movie Characters that Start with T

There are endless movie characters that we love to remember and think of their traits, characteristics and endeavours. From main to supporting actors to heroes and villains, it is always a good thing to go back to some of our favourite characters. A good way to do that is by making various lists and this is the list of movie characters that start with t.

Tai Frasier (Clueless)

Tai Frasier Clueless

Tai Frasier is a shy girl who is turned into a beautiful swan after Dionne and Cher decide to give her a make-over. With this change, she gains confidence and a sense of style. Tai is portrayed by the late and never forgotten Brittany Murphy.

Tracy Flick (Election)

Tracy Flick Election

Tracy is a smart and ambitious high school student, unpopular among other students due to her competing behaviour and focused, driven and a bit weird personality. It is one of Reese Witherspoon’s most acclaimed roles.

Tallahassee (Zombieland)

Tallahassee Zombieland

Tallahassee is an expert zombie killer somewhere in his 40s who is always seen wearing a hat. He developed a special hatred for zombies and enjoys killing them in a very creative way. He is played by the brilliant Woody Harrelson.

Tamina (Prince of Persia)

Tamina Prince of Persia

Tamina is Alamut’s resident, appointed guardian and protector of the Dagger of Time and the secret of the Sands of Time. She is an independent, brave and beautiful woman with long dark hair and brown eyes, excellently played by Gemma Arterton.

Tango (Tango and Cash)

Tango Tango and Cash 1

Lieutenant Ray Tango played by Silvester Stallone is a stockbroker and LAPD lieutenant, a highly intelligent and serious individual who will take drastic measures to get the job done. He likes making jokes with his partner Cash and in his spare time investing in the stock market.

Tara Walton (Paul)

Tara Walton Paul

Tara is a woman who saved Paul when he crashed on Earth 60 years ago when he accidentally killed her dog in the crash. She has spent her whole life as a pariah as no one believed her story, thinking she was a little girl with a huge imagination. 

Tars Tarkas (John Carter)

Tars Tarkas John Carter

Tars Tarkas is a Green Martian Thark who differs from the rest of his race, being pretty compassionate and sympathetic. He becomes John Carter’s ally after Carter heard the story of Loas, his only love and the daughter he has with her.

Taylor McKessie (High School Musical)

Taylor McKessie High School Musical

Taylor is Gabriella Montez’s best friend, and captain of the East High Scholastic Decathlon Team and one of her biggest wishes is to become the President of the United States. She is very intelligent, mature and independent, might seem a bit snobby, but is actually a loyal friend with a fiery temper. 

Tauriel (Hobbit)

Tauriel Hobbit

Tauriel is a Wood-elf of Mirkwood and captain of the Elven guard of Thranduil’s Woodland Realm. She is a 600-year-old Silvan Elf, strong, brave, determined and resolute, a huntress and Kili’s love interest.

Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island)

Teddy Daniels Shutter Island

Teddy is a very complex character, an alcoholic troubled by his past and tormented with the thoughts of his late wife and World War II images. He is a federal marshall who arrives on the island with his colleague to investigate the disappearance of an island inmate.

Teddy KGB (Rounders)

Teddy KGB Rounders

Teddy is a Russian gangster who runs an underground poker game. He was played by the brilliant John Malkovich who made him one of the most unforgettable movie characters, due to his excellent performance, but also a very realistic portrayal of a player of a kind.

Teddy Hefferman (Jack Ryan)

Teddy Hefferman Jack Ryan

Teddy is Jack Ryan’s colleague at a bank on Wall Street, completely unaware of Ryan’s covert job. 

Ted Gray (Pathology)

Ted Gray Pathology

Ted is a medical student in Pathology who joins his fellow colleague in a deadly game where they will learn who will make up the perfect murder.

Ted Logan (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

Ted Logan Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Ted is a co-founder and the lead guitarist of a rock group named Wyld Styllins. He is free-spirited and immature and tends to be very romantic. Ted is played by Keanu Reeves in three movies that deal with his and his friend’s adventures.

Ted Minton (The Lincoln Lawyer)

Ted Minton The Lincoln Lawyer

Ted Minton is a prosecutor in Los Angeles County with a reputation for being aggressive and not playing fair. He is played by Josh Lucas.

Tej Parker (The Fast and the Furious)

Tej Parker The Fast and the Furious

Tej is a former street racer, mechanical and technical expert and expert hacker who becomes a member of Dominic Toretto’s Crew. He is a humble young man with a great passion for cars.

T.E.Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

T.E.Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia

T.E.Lawrence is the uncrowned King of Arabia, a solitary adventurer and a heroic, but contradictory individual.


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He is blonde with blue eyes and one of the most famous and unforgettable characters ever, played by Peter O’ Toole.

Terence McDonagh (Bad Lieutenant)

Terence McDonagh Bad Lieutenant

Terence McDonagh is Nicholas Cage’s detective who investigates the killing of five Senegalese immigrants in post-Katrina New Orleans. He is fighting his own demons, not rarely drowning his issues in drugs or gambling.

Terry Benedict (Oceans trilogy)

Terry Benedict Oceans trilogy

Terry Benedict is the main antagonist in the Oceans trilogy, a hotel-casino owner and manager brilliantly played by Andy Garcia. He is Danny Ocean’s archenemy.

Terry Leather (The Bank Job)

Terry Leather The Bank Job

Jason Statham is Terry Leather in this intriguing crime drama about a bank robber and former car salesman who leads a group of non-violent petty thieves chosen by the British government to rob a bank.

Terry Malloy (On the Waterfront)

Terry Malloy On the Waterfront

One of Marlon Brando’s most famous roles is the one of Terry Malloy, a brooding young man who spends his days taking care of his racing pigeons, not really interested in work and anything that goes with it. 

Tess Ocean (Oceans trilogy)

Tess Ocean Oceans trilogy

Julia Roberts’ Tess Ocean is Danny Ocean’s wife who works as a museum curator and plays a small role in the casino robbery, even though she constantly trying to persuade Danny to live a simpler life.

Thaddeus Stevens (Lincoln)

Thaddeus Stevens Lincoln

Tommy Lee Jones plays Thaddeus Stevens, the Republican Congressman of Pennsylvania and the leader of Radical Republicans who feared that Lincoln might turn his back on emancipation.

Thelma Dickinson (Thelma & Louise)

Thelma Dickinson Thelma Louise

Thelma is a housewife and unhappily married woman who lives with her disrespectful and controlling carpet-sailing husband Danny. Even though she despises him, she is afraid to stand up to him and always complies with him for support.

Theo Faron (Children of Men)

Theo Faron Children of Men

Theo is an apathetic former political activist who has lost all hope for humankind. When he becomes the unexpected guardian to Kee, the mother of the last baby on Earth, he embarks on a journey that will bring back his long-lost hope.

The Terminator (Terminator)

The Terminator

Terminator is an android in appearance but described as a cyborg, created for surveillance and assassination missions. It consists of living tissue over a robotic endoskeleton. It is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous roles.

Thomas Gabriel (Die Hard 4)

Thomas Gabriel Die Hard 4

Thomas Gabriel is the main antagonist in this movie, a former DOD analyst and the leader of a group of cyber-terrorists who want to systematically shut down the US infrastructure. He is very intelligent and an extremely powerful genius portrayed by Timothy Olyphant.

Thomas “Tug” Benson (Hot Shots! Part Deux)

Thomas Tug Benson Hot Shots Part

Tug Benson is a former admiral who became president and needs someone to take care of a threat coming from a certain Middle Eastern dictator. He is played by Lloyd Bridges.

Thor (Thor)


Thor is a warrior-prince of Asgard, the God of thunder and a self-proclaimed protector of Earth. He is very tall, muscular with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes and possesses a great number of superhuman abilities. He is described as arrogant and full of himself and seeks battle to prove his strength.

Tibby Rollins (Sisterhood of Travelling Pants)

Tibby Rollins Sisterhood of Travelling Pants

Tibby is a young girl who grew up travelling with her hippy parents and now works as a shelter stocker at Wallman’s. She is sarcastic and cynical, has multi-coloured hair and is pretty rebellious and can be rude and blunt, but underneath it all, she is very sensitive.

Tim Conrad (Dinner for Schmucks)

Tim Conrad Dinner for Schmucks

Tim Conrad is an ambitious young man who wants to get a promotion to the corner office but one very important dinner might cause some problems for him when he invites a man he’s just met. Paul Rudd excelled in this unforgettable role.

Tim Lippe (Cedar Rapids)

Tim Lippe Cedar Rapids

Tim is a 34-year-old insurance seller who lives in his small hometown in Wisconsin and whose life starts changing after he travels to Cedar Rapids to try and save his company. He is a sheltered, gullible and naive young man, played by Ed Helms.

Timothy Fenwick Jr (Diner)

Timothy Fenwick Jr Diner

Kevin Bacon is brilliant in this role of a spoiled and privileged young man who is always trying to find something that will make him happy and satisfied and alcohol helps a lot very often. He is a college dropout who lives in Baltimore and spends his days drinking or in front of the TV.

Tina Harwood (Ice Princess)

Tina Harwood Ice Princess

Kim Catrall plays this disgraced former skater who owns the skating rink and doesn’t like when her skaters are filmed while training.  

Tobin Frost (Safe House)

Tobin Frost Safe House

Tobin is a calm, powerful and ruthless criminal who isn’t afraid of stressful situations but behind his cold exterior, there is a mind that is always calculating possible risks and problems. Denzel Washington gave an excellent performance.

Todd Hockney (The Usual Suspects)

Todd Hockney The Usual Suspects

Todd is an auto mechanic by day but deals with criminal activities, being an expert in explosives. He is cocky and has no problems making wise-guy remarks even when interrogated by the police. 

Tom Booker (The Horse Whisperer)

Tom Booker The Horse Whisperer

Tom Booker, played by Robert Redford is a so-called horse whisperer who runs a horse ranch in the remote Montana mountains. He is a talented horse trainer who has a gift of understanding horses and is asked to help an injured teenager and her horse get well.

Tom Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)

Tom Buchanan The Great Gatsby

Tom is Daisy’s filthy rich husband, arrogant and full of himself. He was a football star at Yale and is tall and muscular and doesn’t see anything wrong in the way he treats Daisy.

Tommy Conlon (Warrior)

Tommy Conlon Warrior

Tommy is a former marine who is now working as a professional MMA wrestler. He is quiet, serious and angry since life hasn’t treated him nicely and has left him miserable. 

Tom Dobbs (Man of the Year)

Tom Dobbs Man of the Year

Tom is a news anchor who decides to run for president and shocks everyone when he manages to win. But what no one knows is that there is a technical glitch to this election which will soon be uncovered.

Tom Hagen (Godfather)

Tom Hagen Godfather

Tom is Vito and Carmela’s adoptive son and consigliere and head lawyer of the Corleone family.


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He is very logical and intelligent and always gives sharp advice to Sonny. He is brilliantly played by Robert Duvall.

Tom Hansen (500 Days of Summer)

Tom Hansen 500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Tom, a hopeless romantic and idealist who works as a writer at a greeting card company and is convinced that he will be happy when he finds true love, which he sees in his current girl Summer.

Tom Ludlow (Street Kings)

Tom Ludlow Street Kings

Tom is Keanu Reeves’s LAPD police officer and a veteran vice detective whose life has completely changed after his wife’s death a few years ago. 

Tommy Cahill (Brothers)

Tommy Cahill Brothers

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Tommy Cahill, an ex-convict released from jail just after his brother Sam leaves for his fourth tour of duty. Tommy is quiet and calm and his only wish is to redeem himself to his family.

Tommy Callahan (Tommy Boy)

Tommy Callahan Tommy Boy

Tommy is the president of Callahan auto parts,  interested in bringing success to his store and by doing it he gets into a series of funny situations.

 Tommy (Snatch)

Tommy Snatch

Tommy is Turkish’s friend and business partner who is named after a famous 19th-century ballet dancer. Even though a supporting character, he plays an important role in many pivotal situations. 

Tom Stall (A History of Violence)

Tom Stall A History of Violence

Viggo Mortensen delivers one of his most famous and best roles in this dark movie about Tom Stall, a local restaurant owner, kind, calm and reasonable. But he is hiding something very gloomy and unusual behind his mild exterior.

Tony Manero (Saturday Night Fever)

Tony Manero Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta’s Tony Manero is a young Italian-American member of the working class who spends his weekends dancing and drinking at a local discotheque. He is struggling with social tensions and feels trapped in his family, having to deal with their issues.

Tony Mendez (Argo)

Tony Mendez Argo

Ben Affleck plays Tony Mendez, a specialist for the CIA who finds a way to extract six American diplomats from their hiding point during a period of political turmoil in Iran. He is one of the best in his field, resourceful, intelligent and determined.

Tony Montana (Scarface)

Tony Montana Scarface

Tony Montana was once a humble refugee from Cuba who became the most powerful drug lord in the USA and one of the most iconic villains in movie history. Al Pacino’s portrayal of this dangerous and intelligent individual is one of the most unforgettable performances by an actor ever.

Tony Stark (Ironman)

Tony Stark Ironman

Tony Stark is a famous inventor and billionaire industrialist and one of the most famous superheroes ever, played by the talented Robert Downey Jr. He is a complicated and complex character who only cared about fame and wealth but changed after he was captured by terrorists.

Tony (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)

Tony The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Tony is a con artist who attempts to use a travelling show as a vehicle for fame and fortune. He is intelligent, charming and charismatic, responsible for fraud, embezzlement and obtaining money by deception. This is Heath Ledger’s last movie role.

Topper Harley (Hot Shots)

Topper Harley Hot Shots

Played by Charlie Sheen, Topper Harley is a pilot in the U.S. Navy who is asked to come back to his work to help with a new top-secret mission. He is charismatic, witty and always gets himself in dangerous situations.

Torrance Shipman (Bring It On)

Torrance Shipman

Torrance is the cheerleader of The Toros who is elected to replace the team captain. She is enthusiastic, driven and eager to win and she absolutely adores her hobby. It is one of the most memorable of Kristen Dunst’s performances.

Toto (Wizard of Oz)

Toto Wizard of Oz

Toto is Dorothy’s loyal dog, a small terrier who follows her all around and is one of her best friends and beloved companions. 

Toula Portokalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Toula Portokalos My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula is a member of a big, loud and temperamental Greek family who lives in Chicago and she is the only one from the family who still hasn’t found a husband. She is shy, insecure and cynical at the beginning but changes when she meets an easy-going English teacher. 

Tonya (I, Tonya)

Tonya I Tonya

Margot Robbie portrays a talented, but never accepted figure skater who always stood out because of her heritage and simply didn’t fit with the image of grace and privilege that was expected. She is a world champion and an Olympic.

Tracy Mills (Seven)

Tracy Mills Seven

Tracy Mills is Detective David Mills’ wife who used to work as a kindergarten teacher before she moved with him to the city. She enjoys being at home and spending time with her husband, but hates living in the city. It is one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s first significant movie roles.

Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)

Travis Bickle Taxi Driver

Travis is a mentally unstable taxi driver whose actions are pretty unpredictable. He might seem sympathetic and wants to fit in with other people initially, but slowly his true nature starts revealing itself. Travis is one of Robert de Niro’s most iconic roles. 

Trevor Anderson (Journey to the Centre of the Earth)

Trevor Anderson Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Trevor is a family man and adventurer, a geologist who loves exploring new things and travelling the world. He is intellectual and a bit nerdy, but also fearless and always ready to learn new things.

Trevor McKinney (Pay It Forward)

Trevor McKinney Pay It Forward

Trevor is a young boy, good-natured and caring and he comes up with an excellent idea of doing three selfless deeds for three complete strangers and asking them to do the same for someone else. 

Trinity (Matrix)


Trinity is a Zion operative and Neo’s lover, a tall and beautiful woman, athletic, with short black hair and blue eyes.


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She is a very skilled individual, excellent at martial arts and the use of computers ad firearms. 

Tripp (Failure to Launch)

Tripp Failure to Launch

Matthew McConaughey stars as Tripp, a 35-year-old man who still lives with his parents. He is spoiled, charming and handsome and used to getting what he wants. 

Trish O’ Day (Romeo Must Die)

Trish O Day Romeo Must Die

Trish is the love interest of the movie’s main character, the daughter of a gangster’s kingpin who doesn’t want to have anything to do with her father’s criminal activities. She is portrayed by the late singer and actress Aaliyah.

Tristan Thorn (Stardust)

Tristan Thorn Stardust

Tristan is the future king of Stormhold, a tall and slender young man, portrayed by Charlie Cox in the movie. He is very shy, but also very brave and ready to do whatever it takes to prove his love to the woman he wants to marry.

Tristan Ludlow (Legends of the Fall)

Tristan Ludlow Legends of the Fall

Tristan is a handsome, wild and charismatic son of an ex-US Army officer who is very well acquainted with the Native American culture. He has a great relationship with his brothers until they meet their youngest brother’s fiancee and fall in love with her.

Troy Bolton (High School Musical)

Troy Bolton High School Musical

Troy is a big high school basketball star with a love for singing and dancing, a handsome young man with brown hair, blue eyes and full lips. He is a lovable character, outgoing and kind, portrayed by Zac Efron.

Troy Dyer (Reality Bites)

Troy Dyer Reality Bites

Troy is a cashier at a local newsstand who loves philosophy, playing the guitar and smoking cigarettes. He is cynical and defines himself as an outcast which makes him a loner. He is portrayed by Ethan Hawke.

Trudy Chacon (Avatar)

Trudy Chacon Avatar

Captain Chacon is an ex-marine pilot who is in charge of transportation and battle missions. She is strong-minded, rebellious and fierce.

Tuvia Bielski (Defiance)

Tuvia Bielski Defiance

Tuvia is the middle brother of the Bielski brothers, Jewish brothers who escape into the Belarussian forests and join Russian resistance fighters. He is played by Daniel Craig.

Turkish (Snatch)

Turkish Snatch

Played by Jason Statham, Turkish is a boxing promoter, owner of a slot machine shop and narrator of the movie. He has a business together with his friend Tommy. 

Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Tyler Durden Fight Club

Played by Brad Pitt, Tyler Durden is the main antagonist in the movie, smart, capable and intelligent, but uses it all for various crimes, such as vandalism, terrorism, kidnapping and assault. He is very charismatic and can make other people think and act the way he wants.

Tyler Gage (Step Up)

Tyler Gage Step Up

Tyler is a foster child, a stubborn, hot-tempered and a big problematic young man who shows great talent for dance. He is also very honourable and ready to defend the ones he loves.