Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

Minecraft has several potions that players can use for their growth in the gameplay. These potions give special abilities to Minecraft’s players. They make them strong and capable of battling with their enemies in a much better way. Minecraft players can make any potion depending upon their availability and need in their gameplay. One of those potions is Mundane Potion in Minecraft. 

You can make a mundane potion if you have a water bottle, a brewing stand, and a Redstone dust in your stock. All you need to do is to go to your brewing stand. Then put the Redstone block and water bottle on fire. It will help you get your Mundane Potion within a bit of time. Your Potion is ready to use now. 

Each Potion has its place and importance in Minecraft. There are a few valuable options in themselves, but they can prove to be helpful to make other valuable potions. Mundane Potion in Minecraft is a useless and purposeless Potion that you will need to make a vital potion (Potion of Weakness). In this guide, I will explain to you how to brew mundane Potion in your Minecraft gameplay. 

You will also learn about the required material that you can use to make this Potion. 

Mundane Potion Uses

Mundane Potion will let you make the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft. Mundane Potion has no effects of its own when you drink it. Mundane Potion is a pretty useless potion when compared with the other potions in Minecraft. Still, most of the players find it useful for a variety of reasons. 

They want to make this Potion to get many benefits from it. The most obvious use of this Potion is its ability to make the Potion of Weakness. You can make any other potion by using the mundane Potion. 

Potion of weakness will help you reduce a player’s attack damage by 0.5%. This Potion lasts 90 seconds. A player usually uses this Potion against their enemies and other competitive players. The other primary purpose behind using this Potion is to cure the zombie villagers. So, there is only one benefit that you get from a mundane potion. That benefit is to make a potion of weakness. 

Mundane Potion Effects

Mundane Potion has little to no effect on Minecraft gameplay. A player can use it to get the time-limited effect. Mundane Potion also extends the potion duration in Minecraft. So, overall it has no significant effects of its own in Minecraft. 

Mundane Potion Receipt

Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

The receipt for Mundane Potion is quite simple. It would be best to make a mundane potion in Minecraft to use water bottles and other brewing items. These items are Redstone dust, blaze powder, or magma cream. 

You have many other options to choose from. Use your brewing stand to make the Potion for the better performance of your Minecraft gameplay. To put it in a nutshell, you can make a mundane potion using a brewing process in Minecraft. 

What Items Are Needed To Make A Mundane Potion?

You can make a mundane potion (Thick potion) relatively easily in your gameplay. You can search these things in the Minecraft overworld. There are a few things that you will need to collect to make a mundane potion in Minecraft. It would be best if you mine a few things first. 

These things include:

  • Glass bottles 
  • Water bottles
  • Cauldrons 
  • Redstone dust 

You can choose from magma cream, sugar, sugar cane, blaze powder, spider eyes, glistering melon, or ghast tears to replace the Redstone dust. These things will allow you to make your potion effective in a variety of ways. 

Where To Find Those Items?

Sometimes, you find it boring to mine and craft different raw materials in Minecraft. But a player usually takes it challenging to get the needed materials to improve the efficiency of its game. Minecraft’s Potion is one way that a player can use to make its gameplay run much better.

Potions have a magical effect in Minecraft. They usually help a player to enhance the speed, power, or duration of its footholds in front of its enemies. But it would be best if you make potions first. You will need a few items in your inventory to make a mundane potion in Minecraft. Let’s get to those items first. 

  • Water bottles 

To make water bottles, you will need three glass blocks. Please put them on your crafting table at their exact position. You will get three water bottles this way. 

  • Brewing stand 

To make a brewing stand, you will need to search for a blaze rod and three cobblestones in your inventory. Use your crafting table to craft a brewing stand for your mundane Potion. 

  • Cauldrons

You can make or find cauldron in Minecraft gameplay. To make one, you will need seven iron ingots. Cauldrons are helpful to store water, and you can dump your Potion in them as well. 

  • Redstone dust

You can quickly make the Redstone dust if you have a Redstone in your inventory slot. 

  • Water 

You will have to find a large amount of water in your gameplay. For this purpose, you can go to the water sources in your Minecraft world. 

How Do You Make Mundane Potions?

Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

Potions in Minecraft are the brewable items that a player brews for its better performance in Minecraft. Mundane Potion is a type of Potion in Minecraft that a player wants to make for its gameplay. But how would a player make this Potion? Let’s find a quick and straightforward recipe for the mundane Potion in Minecraft. 

  • Find the required items

First, you need to find the needed items to make your potion in Minecraft. For this purpose, you will need to following things:

  1. A water bottle 
  2. A brewing stand
  3. Redstone block
  4. Blaze powder
  5. Cauldron 

You can replace the Redstone dust with other options. You can use sugar cane, magma cream, spider eyes, ghast powder, or glistering melon to replace Redstone dust. You will use the blaze powder as fuel for your brewing stand and cauldron to hold the water. You can also use the cauldron to fill your water bottles. 

 You can easily find the items mentioned above in its Minecraft world. However, some of them are difficult to mine in this gameplay. So, it might be possible that you need to search them to the nether in Minecraft. 

  • Use of a brewing stand

The brewing stand is an essential thing that you will need to make the mundane potion in Minecraft. The next step to make a mundane potion is to place all your collected items on one side of your brewing stand.

  • Add the items at their exact positions

Go to your brewing stand. Then you will have to put the water bottle and the red stone block on fire by using your brewing stands.

  • Obtain your Potion

Once you have put all the items at their exact positions, you will get your mundane potion within a short time. You will see the Potion near your brewing stand. 

  • Move the potion to your inventory

Now you will have to move the potion to your Minecraft inventory slot. This step will make you able to use the mundane potion anytime in your gameplay.  

You have successfully made your mundane potion. Aside from the method mentioned above, there is another way to make a mundane potion. 

You can also make the mundane Potion by changing one of your ingredients in the above method. To put it in a nutshell, all you need to do is use sugarcane instead of red stone dust. For this purpose, you will need to search and get sugarcane. Then make sugar from sugar cane. Use your brewing stand to make the mundane Potion. 

How To Make An Extended Mundane Potion

Modifications for anything are crucial if they have a beneficial impact. You can modify the mundane potion in a variety of ways. You can enhance its effects by adding glowstone to it. Duration of mundane potion effect increases with the addition of Redstone dust. You can make a splash potion by adding gunpowder to your mundane Potion. So, this is all about modifications. 

Extended mundane potions are beneficial for a player. These potions can increase the duration of manifolds. You can easily make an extended mundane potion in Minecraft. You need to add the Redstone dust to the mundane Potion to extend the duration of its effects. So, it would be best to modify the mundane Potion to make it an extended mundane potion. 

Are Mundane Potions Useless?

Mundane Potion (Thick potion) has no purpose in Minecraft. It is a pretty useless potion in Minecraft gameplay if we compare it to the benefits the other potions provide. 

Mundane Potion has no effects of its own when you drink it. The only benefit that a play can get from this potion is to make the Potion of Weakness.

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