Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects, and How to Make It

Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

Minecraft features several potions that players can use for their growth in the game, as these potions give special abilities to Minecraft players. Players can use these potions to improve their strength and capabilities to fight off mobs and aggressive enemies. One of these potions is Mundane Potion in Minecraft, but its use and ingredients can leave players feeling somewhat perplexed. 

Mundane Potions have no use, other than being an ingredient for Potions of Weakness. Players can brew normal Mundane Potions with one of many base ingredients to create a regular Potion of Weakness or brew an Extended Mundane Potion with Redstone Dust to create an Extended Potion of Weakness.

Each type of Potion has its place and importance in Minecraft. While the Mundane potion itself is not all that useful, players will need it to craft higher-tier potions. Stick around to find out about the Mundane potion’s use and benefits in Minecraft, as well as how to make it.

Mundane Potion Uses

There are a few valuable potions in themselves, but some potions can also prove useful in making other valuable potions. The Mundane potion is one such potion – offering no benefits or advantages to players, other than the potential for creating a different high-tier and lucrative potion.

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Negative potions can be created using the Mundane potion or the Extended Mundane potion. These potions are essentially the same in terms of their type, but they will differ concerning the necessary ingredients.

Mundane Potion Effects

Other than its usefulness in crafting this potion, it has no benefits. The Mundane Potion has no effects of its own when you drink it. The Mundane Potion is a pretty useless potion when compared with the other potions in Minecraft.

The Mundane Potion has little to no effect on Minecraft gameplay, but players can use it to get the time-limited effect. The Mundane Potion also extends the potion duration in Minecraft. So, overall it has no significant effects of its own in Minecraft. 

Potion of Weakness

Potions have a magical effect in Minecraft, and they usually help players enhance the speed, power, or duration of their footholds in front of their enemies. But, creating the best potions in the game often requires players to craft primary potions to start with.

Mundane potions will enable players to make the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft. Despite its useless nature, most of the players find it useful for the prospect of creating the Potion of Weakness, a potion that proves beneficial to players in various in-game circumstances.

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A Potion of Weakness will help you reduce a player’s attack damage by 0.5%. This Potion lasts 90 seconds. A player usually uses this Potion against their enemies and other competitive players. The other primary purpose behind using this Potion is to cure the zombie villagers. So, there is only one benefit that you get from a Mundane potion. That benefit is to make a potion of weakness. 

How To Make Mundane Potions

The ingredients and creation method for Mundane Potion are quite simple. But, there are quite a few ways that players can create this potion, all of which will result in varying effects and final products.

Players will need to use water in combination with any of the following base ingredients in order to brew variants of the Mundane Potion on a brewing stand in Minecraft:

  • Glistering Melon
  • Spider eyes
  • Magma Cream
  • Sugar
  • Ghast Tears

You have many other options to choose from. Use your brewing stand to make the Potion for the better performance of your Minecraft gameplay.

What Items Are Needed To Make A Mundane Potion?

You can make a Mundane potion relatively easily in your gameplay by searching for the required items in your world. You will only need one of the primary base ingredients to make a regular Mundane potion.

How To Make Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft Including Recipe And Materials 01

Players can use either sugar cane, magma cream, spider eyes, ghast powder, or glistering melon as the base ingredient to craft a normal Mundane Potion. You will use the blaze powder as fuel for your brewing stand, and use a cauldron to hold the water – although, you can also use the cauldron to fill your water bottles. 

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You can easily find the items mentioned above in its Minecraft world. However, some of them are difficult to mine in this gameplay. So, it might be possible that you need to search for them in the Nether in Minecraft. 

That being said, players will need some other specific items for the crafting process, namely:

  • Glass bottles 
  • Water bottles
  • Cauldrons 
  • Blaze Powder (Fuel)

Where To Find Necessary Items

Sometimes, players may find it boring to mine and craft different raw materials in Minecraft. At the same time, sourcing the materials needed to create potions is necessary, as Minecraft Potions offer amazing benefits for improved and enhanced gameplay overall.

Before you get started on collecting the ingredients needed to craft a Mundane potion, it’s best to sort out the essentials first. Below is an overview of everything you’ll need to craft potions in Minecraft:

Minecraft ItemCrafting Resources
Glass Bottles 3x Glass Blocks (3 water bottes)
Crafting Table
Brewing Stand Blaze Rod
3x Cobblestone
Crafting Table
Cauldron7 Iron Ingots

Brewing stands can also be located in villages around the Minecraft world. You can also find a cauldron in your Minecraft world throughout gameplay. Cauldrons are helpful to store water, and you can dump your Potion in them as well. 

Players will need to use glass bottles and transform them into water bottles by filling them with water. Source water from various water bodies in your Minecraft world, such as ponds, rivers, or oceans.

How To Brew Regular Mundane Potions

There are two ways that players can make a Mundane Potion, depending on what resources you have available in-game as well as your intended final product. Players can use a Mundane potion to create a Potion of Weakness or use an Extended Mundane Potion to create an Extended Potion of Weakness.

Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

Once you have gathered the necessary items and have your utility blocks ready to go, you will be able to craft a regular Mundane potion. Follow the steps below to craft a normal Mundane Potion:

  1. Place all collected items on one side of your brewing stand.
  2. Go to the brewing stand.
  3. Place the water bottles on the brewing stand on the bottom blocks.
  4. Place the base ingredient on the brewing stand on the top block.
  5. The normal Mundane potion will be created, left near the brewing stand.
  6. Collect the Mundane potion and place it in your inventory.

You can also make the Mundane Potion by changing one of your ingredients in the above method. The same recipe can be followed using any of the abovementioned base ingredients.

How To Brew Extended Mundane Potions

Crafting an Extended Mundane Potion is just as easy as creating a normal Mundane potion – the only difference will be the base ingredient. Instead of the abovementioned base ingredients, players will need to use Redstone dust.

Mundane Potion: Uses, Effects and How To Make It

Follow these steps to craft an Extended Mundane Potion:

  1. Place all collected items on one side of your brewing stand.
  2. Go to the brewing stand.
  3. Place the water bottles on the brewing stand on the bottom blocks.
  4. Place the Redstone dust on the brewing stand on the top block.
  5. The Extended Mundane potion will be created, left near the brewing stand.
  6. Collect the Extended Mundane potion and place it in your inventory.

Potion of Weakness Recipes

Once you have created the Mundane potion, you’ll be able to brew a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft. The variant will depend on the type of Mundane potion you have chosen to brew, and players will only need one extra ingredient for both variants – Fermented Spider Eyes.

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Extended potions are beneficial for a player, as these potions can increase the duration of manifolds. You can easily make an extended Mundane potion in Minecraft. You need to add Redstone dust to the Mundane Potion recipe, as mentioned above, to extend the duration of effects when brewing the Extended Potion of Weakness.

But, players can enhance a normal Potion of Weakness as well – in case you change your mind later. The recipes and differences between the Potion of Weakness variants are as follows:

Potion of WeaknessMundane Potion
Fermented Spider Eyes
Damage dealt is halved for a minute and a half
Extended Potion of WeaknessExtended Mundane Potion
Fermented Spider Eyes
Damage dealt is halved for four minutes
Extended Potion of WeaknessPotion of Weakness
Redstone Dust
Damage dealt is halved for four minutes

How To Brew Modified Mundane Potions

Modifications for anything are crucial if they have a beneficial impact. You can modify the Mundane potion by switching out the base ingredient, which will allow you to craft a better variant of the Potion of Weakness, and you can enhance its effects by adding extra items to the equation.

Players can use the following recipes to create modified Mundane Potions:

Potion ModificationAdded Ingredient
Enhanced AttributesAdd Glowstone
Splash PotionAdd Gunpowder

Mundane Potions have no purpose in Minecraft. It is a pretty useless potion in Minecraft gameplay if we compare it to the benefits that other potions provide. While the Mundane Potion has no effects of its own when you drink it, this potion can still help players out by enabling the brewing of Potions of Weakness.

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