My Hero Academia: How Many Quirks Does All For One Have?

My Hero Academia: How Many Quirks Does All For One Have?

All For One is Japan’s most powerful supervillain and the most powerful villain in My Hero Academia in general. Thanks to his Life Force Quirk, All For One is virtually immortal and has been active since the inception of Quirks. He has collected many Quirks with a huge range of applications and can combine them at will. This, along with his ability to steal all of his opponent’s quirks, makes defeating All For One nearly impossible. In this article, we are going to talk about All For One and some of his powers and abilities, i.e., the Quirks that he has stolen. In this article, we are going to tell you just how many Quriks All For One has.

At this moment, All For One has 28 known Quriks. This includes his basic All For One Quirk, as well as 27 stolen Quirks he is currently in possession of. Additionally, there are 11 known former Quriks that All For One had at some point, but he has given them to other characters at one point or the other in the series. This number is, of course, not final.

The rest of this article is going to be dedicated, as you might have deduced, to All For One. We are going to tell you who he is, what his powers and abilities are, as well as how many and which Quirks he has. All For One is a magnificently powerful villain, and we have decided to bring you all the details you need to know about him. Be careful, though, as we are going to give you some spoilers.

How many Quirks does All For One have?

As we have said, at this precise moment, All For One has a total of 28 known Quriks. This list includes his basic All For One Quirk, which is the source of his greatest powers and abilities, as well as 27 stolen Quirks he is currently in possession of; these Quirks are quite varied and have different applications. Additionally, there are 11 known former Quriks that All For One had at some point, but he has given them to other characters at one point or the other in the series. This number is, of course, not final, and it will probably be changed as time passes.

What are All For One’s Quirks?

The real head of the villain organization initially concealed his identity with the name Sensei; until now, only his surname is known: Shigaraki, which, after taking him under his wing, he gave to Tomura. He is a crime boss who, in the past, used the spreading of Quirks to create a criminal empire. His Quirk, All For One, allows him to steal the powers of others to infuse them into himself or other people. He seriously injured All Might years ago, and, according to the same, All For One unintentionally created the One For All.


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At the time when the Quirks began to manifest themselves, the world population welcomed these changes with fear and hatred due to the dangerousness of these individuals; it was in this climate that All For One used his powers to surround himself with acolytes by giving them the abilities he had stolen from others, creating his empire. The only one to oppose was his brother, who, although apparently born without a Quirk, did not tolerate the work of All For One. These first segregated him, then gave him a very powerful Quirk capable of accumulating the strength of the human body to empower it.

All For One

However, what they both ignored is that their brother actually possessed a Quirk, whose only power was that of being able to be passed from person to person: the two Quirks unexpectedly united, mutating into One For All, which he passed on to another in the hope that, in time, the Quirk would have enough power to stop All For One.

His face distinguishes it: completely formed by scar tissue from the upper lip up, which makes it impossible to recognize any facial feature except, with difficulty, the barely mentioned orbits: this is derived from the first fight he had with All Might. This event changed him, having lived for decades without ever worrying about the future. Still, the terrible conditions he’s in have made him want to pass his power so that All For One doesn’t die, so his purpose is making Shigaraki his successor, as well as All Might with Midoriya.

For this reason, he had his Quirk extracted by Dr. Garaki and took an artificial duplicate with him, with the aim of giving Tomura the original version of All For One. He is defeated a second time by All Might at Kamino and later arrested. In combat, he simultaneously uses multiple Quirks in a synergistic way, thus obtaining the same strength, resistance, and speed of All Might as well as compensating for the lack of the sense organs of the head.

Now that we’ve gone over the introduction, let us see the Quirks he has:

All For OneHe can take other people’s quirks and make them his own. He is even capable of combining his stolen quirks. This quirk has the ability to lend others stolen quirks.
SearchThis was Ragdoll’s Quirk initially. He has the ability to track up to 100 people at once, including their locations and weak areas.
WarpingAll For One is capable of creating a black liquid that functions as a portal.
Air CannonFrom his arms, All For One sends a shockwave into the air.
Springlike LimbsThis quirk can be utilized to boost other quirks like projection and seems to improve physical prowess.
Kinetic BoosterAll For One seems to generate and release more kinetic energy thanks to this unknown quirk.
Strength EnhancerAll For One’s physical power appears to be increased by this nameless Quirk.
Forced Quirk ActivationWhether a target is aware or not, All For One can change his fingers into long, jagged spikes that penetrate them and trigger their quirk against their will.
Impact RecoilAll For One can reportedly fully reflect the impact of an attack back to the attacker, according to this quirk.
InfraredAll For One can use infrared rays to sense his surroundings thanks to this Quirk. He makes up for his blindness by using this Quirk.
HypertrophyThis Quirk appears to enlarge All For One’s arms.
RivetsThis Quirk creates rivets on its user’s arm.
Spearlike BonesThis Quirk creates bone formations resembling drill bits on All For One’s arm.
MultiplierThis Quirk increases the number of arms of its user.
Rivet StabThe user’s fingers can arise from other regions of the body, such as the spine.
Life ForceHe received this quirk from Doctor Garaki, which has given him an extraordinarily long life.
Radio WavesRadio waves can be interfered with by All For One, breaking up communications.
Hardflame FanAll For One can create a wall of flames as defense, thanks to this Quirk.
Unnamed Telekinesis QuirkAll For One has the power to levitate objects with his hand because of this quirk.
Unnamed Mind Control QuirkAll For One can command a person’s activities by touching their head thanks to this Quirk.
Unnamed Levitation QuirkAll For One may hover in the air because of this Quirk.
Unnamed Lie Detector QuirkAll For One is able to detect deception and the appearance of malice because of this Quirk.
Unnamed Razor Blade QuirkAll For One can produce crescent-shaped razor blades thanks to its Quirk.
Unnamed Ooze QuirkAll For One may create a muck-like substance that can cover and dissolve an area thanks to this Quirk.
Unnamed Mouth QuirkAll For One can transform the flesh on his hand into a mouth that can be shot forth in an attack thanks to this quirk.
Unnamed Vibration Detection QuirkAll For One is able to sharpen his perceptions of his environment thanks to this quirk.
Unnamed Glue QuirkThis Quirk enables All For One to produce a substance resembling glue that may be utilized to quickly patch together torn components.
Unnamed Hardening QuirkAll For One may harden his skin remarkably because of this Quirk.


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As for his former known Quirks, they include:

QuirkDescriptionGiven to
Air WalkAll For One is able to levitate in mid-air.Lady Nagant
Power StockpilingAll For One was able to store energy thanks to an unidentified quirkMerged
Navel LaserThe owner of this quirk has the ability to project sparkling laser beams from their navel.Yuga Aoyama
Transforming ArmsThis Quirk enables the user to change the curvature of their arms.Hood
MoleWith the use of this Quirk, the user can develop spines on their back and claws to dig through the ground.Gigantomachia
OverclockThis Quirk enables the user to boost the perception of information in their brain, improving their speed, reflexes, and healing factor.Number 6
Muscle AugmentationThe possessor with this Quirk can alter their appearance while increasing the strength of their muscles.Wolfram
Unnamed Self-Destruct QuirkThis Quirk causes the user to explode violently as they self-destruct.Lady Nagant
Body BulkThe user of this Quirk grows enormously, considerably enhancing their strength.Spinner
ScalemailThis Quirk gives the person greater strength and protection and blades resembling fish scales.Spinner
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