Is Deku the Last User of One For All? (& Will He Pass It On?)

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In episode 131 of My Hero Academia, we learned more about the true nature of One For All and how it had undergone a massive change and evolution throughout the years that it was used. In that regard, we learned that the Quirk is now an entirely different version of itself compared to the type when Yoichi Shigaraki was still the one who possessed it, as it was suggested that Deku could be the final user. So, is Deku the last user of One For All, and will he pass it on?

The previous wielders of One For All suggested that Deku is the last user of the Quirk due to how it has become too dangerous to pass it on. One For All’s evolution has allowed it to become too powerful for anyone to handle. As such, if Deku were to pass it on, it would only shorten the person’s lifespan.

The thing about Deku is that he was the right person at the right time for One For All because he is Quirkless and has the right willpower and temperament to finally end All For One during the final stage of One For All’s lifespan. So, with that said, let’s look at whether or not Deku is the last user of One For All or if he will pass it on in the future.

Is Deku The Last User Of One For All?

One of the things that we know about My Hero Academia is that the One For All Quirk is arguably the most powerful Quirk due to the fact that it can be passed on from one person to another and will undergo an evolution as it stockpiles power when it gets passed on. In that regard, the Quirk became so powerful during All Might’s time that he became a legitimate threat to All For One. And during Deku’s time, it underwent a massive evolution.

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It was during Deku’s time as the wielder of One For All that it had evolved to the point that the Quirks of the previous users had been carried to him. In episode 131, we learned more about the nature of the Quirk and how it affected the previous users. And that was when we discovered that there was a massive drawback to using One For All.

The fourth user of One For All, who held the Quirk longer than anyone else other than All Might, presumably died of old age at the age of 40 after he had spent his entire life evading All For One due to the fact that he knew that he had no match for the powerful villain. All Might, through his research, eventually found out that One For All doesn’t do well with users that already have Quirks due to how powerful it is. Once it stacks with the user’s pre-existing Quirk, the body will no longer be able to handle the two Quirks as it takes a toll on the user’s body to the point of aging it rapidly.


Why Did The Second and Third Wielders Turn Their Backs on Deku?

However, All Might was the exception due to the fact that he was Quirkless. Because All Might didn’t have a Quirk before he inherited One For All, it was easier on his body to handle it. And that’s why he could hold on to One For All for 40 years without dying.

Of course, we know that Deku doesn’t have a Quirk of his own and solely relies on the power of One For All. That means that he is the perfect candidate for the Quirk, which works best with those who are Quirkless. And this is where it was suggested that Deku would be the last user of One For All.

Knowing that Izuku Midoriya might not be able to pass the Quirk on to someone else in the future, the previous wielders of the Quirk asked whether or not he had what it took to stop or even kill All For One. And that was when Deku decided that he would stop and save Tomura Shigaraki instead of killing him, as he knew that this Quirk was meant to save people.

Will Deku Pass One For All?

As mentioned, it is unlikely that Deku will pass the Quirk on to someone else. Of course, the Heroes Rising movie is an exception because Deku never fully passed the Quirk to Bakugo as the transfer wasn’t complete. And he transferred One For All to him before it underwent the massive evolution that it experienced when Deku realized that he could use the Quirks of the previous users.

It was also mentioned in the inner world of One For All that the previous users understood that it was Deku’s time that All For One should be stopped once and for all because he could no longer pass the Quirk to someone else. So, with that said, it is highly unlikely that he will pass the Quirk on to another person in the future.

Why Can’t Deku Pass One For All?

The reason why Deku can no longer pass One For All to another person is the fact that it evolved during his time. When All Might passed it on to Midoriya, it was yet to evolve into a Quirk that allowed the user access to the Quirks of the previous users. As such, it was still safe to pass One For All to another person as long as the next user was Quirkless.

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But when the Quirk evolved during Midoriya’s time, it had developed the ability to use all of the Quirks of the previous users. This made it almost impossible for anyone else to handle, as Deku would have to pass on multiple Quirks to another person. Doing so would put a heavy toll on the person’s body such that there is a good chance that even a person without a pre-existing Quirk wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Of course, there is also the fact that the number of Quirkless people is already decreasing to the point that people born without Quirks have become almost extinct. That means that it would be too difficult for Midoriya to pass the Quirk to another person due to the fact that there are almost no Quirkless people left in the world and that it is unlikely that even someone who is Quirkless would be able to handle the power of an evolved One For All Quirk.

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