Mythica Movies in Order: The Complete Magical Watch Order

Mythica Movies In Order The Complete Magical Watch Order 00

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Mythica movies aren’t exactly the most well-known in the world. However, those who are familiar with them, such as me, are aware that they present some fantastic experiences for us to enjoy for hours on end. So, let’s see how many Mythica movies there are, and in what order to watch them.

How Many Mythica Movies Are There?

There are a total of five Mythica movies. The first movie was released in the year 2014 whereas the latest movie was released in the year 2016. Below is a list of all Mythica movies in their release order:

  • Mythica: A Quest For Heroes (2014)
  • Mythica: The Darkspore (2015)
  • Mythica: The Necromancer (2015)
  • Mythica: The Iron Crown (2016)
  • Mythica: The Godslayer (2016)

Mythica Movies in Chronological Order

The chronological order to watch the Mythica movies is the release order. Here are the Mythica movies in their chronological order:

1. Mythica: A Quest For Heroes (2014)

Mythica Movies In Order: The Complete Magical Watch Order

Teela, a maiden of Aniset’s temple, is forced to leave as it is invaded by the wicked sorcerer Mekru Nom and his orcs. Marek, meantime, is a slave girl with one damaged limb who covertly trains magic to increase her talents as a magic user. She goes on an errand but returns home late and skips the first watch, only to be apprehended as a fugitive.

She protests against the master’s pounding and goes to the Hammerhead Inn, where she attempts to join an adventure company. At the same time, Teela enters the inn, offering a reward to whoever can save her sister but is mocked by the customers when she can only offer 200 silver.

Marek begs to join her mission and assists in gathering others, including the warrior Thane and the robber Dagen. The party embarked on a journey to free Teela’s sister from captivity.

The plot here follows a fresh cast of fantasy-based characters, including a witch, brute, thief, and healer, as they embark on a rescue mission to save a priestess from a wicked ogre. This narrative has the feel of one of the first levels of an RPG video game, as we meet the many characters who have been attracted together for various reasons and will work together to rescue the day.

It’s odd because if this were a movie, you’d be dissatisfied with the tale, but for television, this is all you need to introduce our heroes and demonstrate what they’re capable of, with a villain that can be easily destroyed in a world with larger concerns.

2. Mythica: The Darkspore (2015)

Mythica Movies In Order: The Complete Magical Watch Order

Marek, Thane, and Dagen are relaxing at the local inn after their rescue mission for Teela’s sister, while Teela is weeping. Marek is visited by her mentor, the magician Gojun Pye, who confirms her status as a necromancer but assures her that her abilities may be utilized for good.

The gang discovers a map and realizes it leads to the vanished city of Mondiathor, which houses one of the four parts of the mighty Darkspore. Teela rallies the group and leads them on a race to reach Mondiathor before Kiskkumen. To get there first, though, you must take a risky route.

They rescue the dark elf Qole from a fairy trap along the road, and he joins the group, where he and Marek find an attraction. Meanwhile, the Thieves Guild’s leader, Peregus Malister, has acquired Marek’s slave deed from her owner and is pursuing her, desperate to capture her.

The tale continues with Marek and her team’s exploits as they go on their newest journey, which will need them to confront evil to win control of the planet.

By continuing the adventure, we get to see where the people we met in the previous film have gone next; we don’t need to spend time learning them; we just need to raise the stakes in the conflicts, which they do and pull us into the wider picture park of the world we’re in.

We do get to see each individual get an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and value to the squad, which will be essential in the future, as you could expect. This narrative accomplishes everything necessary to advance the plot to the next level, leaving us eager for the next chapter.

3. Mythica: The Necromancer (2015)

Mythica Movies In Order: The Complete Magical Watch Order

When Marek and Gojun Pye are ambushed by Szorlok’s henchmen, she is learning more about her necromancer skills from Gojun Pye. Gojun notifies Marek that Szorlok is on her tail and advises her to seek refuge near their campfire.

Thane, on the other hand, gets kidnapped by Peregus Malister, and Marek realizes she can’t stay behind and do nothing. She, Dagen, and Teela approach Malister and offer to repurchase Thane.

Instead, they are told that the only way to rescue him is to go on a mission to steal an illustrious cargo. As they set off, Szorlok appears, looking for another Darkspore piece.

The narrative follows Marek and her companions’ experiences as they must embark on their newest quest to save one of their own, which may expose Marek to the evil that is seeking her.

We are not even halfway through the franchise, and the tale is capable of providing us with yet another adventure while also bringing us a larger story going on on the planet. We keep things basic since that’s all we need, and you can see how the tale is beginning to take from larger fantasy films.

Even while the picture feels quite secure and simple to watch, the action in it continues to grow in scale. It is the fantasy aspect of the picture that continues to develop as the film progresses.

4. Mythica: The Iron Crown (2016)

Mythica Movies In Order: The Complete Magical Watch Order

In a raid on a land vehicle, Marek, Dagen, and Thane seize the final component of the dark spore. They continue on in the hijacked car, chased by Szorlok’s liches.

A trio of warriors dispatched to collect the dark spore is also on their tail. They are acting on behalf of the dwarf Hammerhead, who wishes to transfer the dark spore to Szorlok in exchange for the Iron Crown, which would allow him to reclaim his throne as King of the Dwarves.

Throughout this, the gang makes an effort to get the dark spore to the Temple of Owls so that it can be neutralized. Thane becomes certain that the late Teela’s ghost is possessing Marek in the middle of all of this.

The plot here continues the war for control of the Darkspores, with Marek attempting to free the final one from Szorlok’s grasp, which will see her leading the squad against additional adversaries before selecting which path she wants to choose herself.

For this story, we get the most cohesive story yet; it is a simple adventure from point A to point B with various people attempting to stop them; the story is told in such a way that it doesn’t feel like it is taking everything too seriously at the end, which gives us a relaxing mood throughout the film, which was needed after the previous one became slightly stale.

The action in the picture is greater than we’ve seen before, thanks to the massive set pieces developed, even if they all feel a little slower than necessary. The fantasy world continues to expand, which is amazing to see, and it also prepares us for the next chapter of the series.

5. Mythica: The Godslayer (2016)

Mythica Movies In Order: The Complete Magical Watch Order

As the Lich King’s undead armies wreak havoc on the earth, Marek, a cursed teenage sorceress, sets out with her buddy Dagen, a self-serving half-elf rogue, on a journey to earn a weapon from the gods.

But, when she joins her sworn adversary in a desperate bid to rescue the world, she must rediscover the good in herself before all of her allies are killed, and defeat the Lich King before the gods are destroyed and the earth is permanently enslaved.

The Godslayer begins with Szorlok’s reign of terror sweeping over the realm, bringing the dead back to life with his undead army. Teela and Thane are attempting to stop the killing, which is becoming too difficult in time. Marek and Dagen are hunting for a godly weapon, and we see how she is rethinking her decision to give Szorlok the final Darkspore, as they now confront the zombie army as well.

Marek must learn about her background if she is to beat Szorlok once and for all; but, this will lead her down a path of confusion about who she is rather than her powers, with only Dagen to assist her, while Szorlok attempts to convert her to the evil side.

The epic adventure of Marek and her allies comes to a close as they try to stop Szorlok from gaining control of the world, discovering their own destiny along the way. This is the sort of narrative that has earned this kind of finish; we’ve seen a lot of effort from prior chapters that have demonstrated the characters develop along the road, evolve, and become greater fighters.

However, we need to have seen the prior films to comprehend what has been going on, which might be a flaw of this picture, but you will rarely be viewing this one without having seen the previous one.

When it comes to completing a series, this does take away the humor that made the previous one so enjoyable, but it also becomes the serious level necessary with the additional risk in the picture.

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