Naruto Vs. Jiraiya: Who Would Win and Why?

Naruto vs Jiraiya: Who Would Win?

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Master and pupil. This is the exact relation that exists between Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto series. Jiraiya was perceived as one of the best shinobi mentors and he has taught Naruto a lot, so much that Naruto is, in fact, is thanks to Jiraiya in a lot of aspects. But, what would happen if the two fought each other? Who would win in a fight between Naruto and Jiraiya?

Naruto Uzumaki is stronger than Jiraiya. In the beginning, Jiraiya was his mentor and he was much more powerful than Naruto; in fact, Jiraiya was, at the time, one of the strongest shinobi in the series. But, as Naruto grew, so did his powers, which is why we are absolutely certain that Naruto Uzumaki is stronger than Jiraiya at this moment.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to compare Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see exactly who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.

Chakra and Physical Powers

Being a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, Naruto boasts incredible stamina and vitality, he won’t even age as much as others. It has been noted on several occasions that Naruto possesses a chakra capacity of exceptional proportions, thanks to his being a Jinchūriki of the Nine Tails, making his amounts of chakra four times greater than those of a Jōnin level ninja like Kakashi, after his training with Jiraiya.

He also possesses a very accelerated regeneration (partly thanks to Kurama’s power) allowing him to recover from minor or serious injuries in a matter of seconds or days respectively.

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Jiraiya has chakra reserves large enough to summon Gamabunta, and chakra strong enough to use Senjutsu. He was masterful with his chakra, able to perform a Rasengan with both hands at once, or even carve messages with his chakra even though it was interrupted.

He also knew genjutsu well enough to teach others how to break free of it. His raw power is also considerable, being able to fling Naruto several feet with a single tap of his finger. In the anime, he is shown lifting and throwing large boulders and chasing off some of the multi-headed giant dogs.

Although Jiraiya’s powers in this aspect were pretty amazing, Naruto is a character known for his large chakra reserves, which is why he wins this category easily.

Points: Naruto 1, Jiraiya 0


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In the Academy, the Sexy Technique was the only technique Naruto could successfully perform that had no practical use other than shocking people. Later, he learned more advanced and useful ninjutsu from Jiraiya. These included summoning toads from Mount Myōboku to help him crush his enemies from above.

He became adept at shurikenjutsu and was able to throw weapons quickly and accurately. Naruto’s repertoire expanded to fūinjutsu, where he could store his weapons in scrolls. His fūinjutsu was further improved when he obtained Gerotora at the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Jiraiyas Legacy Boruto Naruto 1

Jiraiya possesses a gigantic variety of types of ninjutsu. He could grow and sharpen his hair for both offensive and defensive purposes, and even throw oil from his mouth that could render the enemy immobile. Jiraiya learned a technique from his disciple Minato, the Rasengan, managing to master it and develop great variants.

Thanks to his knowledge, he could even teach Yahiko and Nagato how to manipulate the nature of his chakra. Jiraiya was often described as a perfectionist.

He had the ability to improvise or expand the boundary of a technique to the point that he could even improve upon a basic E-rank technique. As he did when creating the Jutsu: Transparent Escape, created to help him spy on women, he eventually proved to be very useful in espionage and reconnaissance.

Although Naruto has surpassed his master in this category, we simply had to honor Jiraiya’s teachings and his excellent mentorship skills, which is why we have divided the points in this category.

Points: Naruto 2, Jiraiya 1


After Jiraiya’s death at the hands of Nagato, Naruto began training with Fukasaku on Mount Myōboku to learn Senjutsu and how to enter Sage Mode. To achieve this, Naruto had to learn to detect and control the Natural Energy around him.

Once mastered, Naruto was able to perfect the Rasen Shuriken, so he could cast it, and learn the Kata of the Toads, the style of Taijutsu that uses natural energy around the user to improve the range and power of his attacks.

In Sage Mode, overall Naruto’s physical capabilities are dramatically enhanced to the point that he could launch entities much larger than himself with little to no effort, such as the Animal Path Giant Rhinoceros and Kurama.

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Thanks to Jiraiya possessing large reserves of chakra, he was able to be trained in Senjutsu, giving him the ability to enter Sage Mode, a transformation that allowed him to use natural energy to greatly enhance all of his abilities.

Before entering this state, Jiraiya summoned the Two Great Wise Toads: Shima and Fukasaku; which were in charge of gathering the natural energy that Jiraiya needed to enter the Sage Mode and acting as battle companions.

Due to Naruto’s chakra reserves being so powerful, we simply had to award this point to Jiraiya’s former pupil.

Points: Naruto 3, Jiraiya 1


Naruto, as has been said throughout the series, is a tactile learner, so he learns from the exercise rather than theorizing about it. His learning style was exploited by his teachers such as Kakashi, who using the benefits of Naruto’s shadow clones accelerated the Nature Transformation training, and Fukasaku who decided to go to Sage Mode practice after it didn’t work in theory.

Furthermore, Naruto can be considered to have the ability to teach, as he was able to transmit his Jutsu: Shadow Clone, Sexy Jutsu and Rasengan to Konohamaru Sarutobi.


Although he was very clumsy, Jiraiya developed a great intellect, thanks to his extensive experience, allowing him to acquire knowledge about a large number of jutsu and, in addition, in fights he could carefully analyze the abilities of an opponent, being able to counter them in the most effective way.

Although Naruto is definitely not stupid, most characters use their intelligence better than him. Jiraiya is certainly such an example and that is why we have to give this point to Naruto’s former master.

Points: Naruto 3, Jiraiya 2

Naruto Uzumaki Vs. Jiraiya: Who Wins?

This comparison wasn’t actually that difficult to make, despite the points possibly suggesting otherwise. But, if you’ve read through our elaborations, you will have noticed that Naruto surpassed his former master at one point and as since kept on growing, becoming much more powerful than Jiraiya ever was. This is why Naruto wins this one easily.


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