Naruto, Shippuden, & Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers

Naruto: Every Character's Age, Height, Birthday and Powers

This list is going to contain a number of main Naruto and Boruto characters, both protagonists and antagonists, that have appeared in the franchise. You’re going to find out their exact ages throughout the story and their birth dates, their exact heights and, of course, some of their main powers.

Naruto & Naruto: Shippuden characters

In this section, we are going to give you the basic information about the main characters of Naruto (Part I) and Naruto: Shippuden (Part II). Although most of these characters are still alive in Boruto, this section is only going to include the information about the first two series.

Naruto Uzumaki12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)October 105’90”
Sasuke Uchiha12–13 (Part I), 16–17 (Part II)July 235’97”
Sakura Harano12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)March 285’41”
Hinata Hyūga (Hinata Uzumaki)12–13 (Part I), 16 (Part II)December 275’34”
Kakashi Hatake26–27 (Part I), 29–31 (Part II)September 155’93”
Orochimaru50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)October 275’88”
Tsunade Senju51 (Part I), 54–55 (Part II)August 25’34”
Rock Lee13–14 (Part I), 17 (Part II)November 275’80”
Minato Namikaze24January 255’87”
Jiraiya50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)November 116’26”
Gaara12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)January 195’64”
Kaguya ŌtsutsukiUnknownAugust 15Unknown
Neji Hyūga13–14 (Part I), 17–18 (Part II)July 35’64”
Madara UchihaUnknownDecember 245’87”
Itachi Uchiha17–18 (Part I), 21 (Part II)June 95’10”
Nagato (Pain)35 (Part II)September 195’9”
HanzōUnknownFebruary 125’80”
Kabuto Yakushi19–20 (Part I), 23–24 (Part II)February 295’80”

Naruto Uzumaki

What Does "Dattebayo" Mean?

Full Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Date of Birth: October 10
Age: 12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)
Height: 1.80 m

Powers and abilities: Because Naruto has Kurama sealed inside him, he is able to access a large source of chakra, which allows him to perform ninja techniques that someone his age could not perform.

However, it is only when he feels anger he that uses the chakra reserves of the bijū. Also, thanks to this same energy, he has the ability to invoke, through the “Kuchiyose no Jutsu”, some varieties of toads. In addition, as the story progresses, Naruto acquired the kyubi mode that would give him its characteristic yellow flaming appearance.

One of the greatest techniques that Naruto has learned is the “Rasengan”, a sphere of energy that concentrates a large amount of chakra.

Sasuke Uchiha

Who Is Stronger - Naruto or Sasuke?

Full Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Date of Birth: July 23
Age: 12–13 (Part I), 16–17 (Part II)
Height: 1.82 m

Powers and abilities: Sasuke is able to understand and practice ninja techniques with ease. In addition, being a member of his clan, he is the possessor of a line of succession technique known as the Sharingan, which provides him with a wide variety of advantages in battle.

After the death of Itachi, Sasuke develops the Mangekyō Sharingan, an evolved form of the Sharingan with which he can perform techniques of a higher level, such as the Amaterasu, which consists of generating powerful black flames that consume everything in their path.

He also uses the Tsukuyomi, a powerful illusory jutsu, as well as the Susano’o, a large skeletal creature that progressively becomes a flaming warrior that protects its summoner and fights for him. Before he escapes from the village, his sensei, Kakashi Hatake, teaches him Chidori, a technique that consists of a series of chakra rays accumulating in the hand.

Sakura Harano

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura 000

Full Name: Sakura Harano
Date of Birth: March 28
Age: 12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)
Height: 1.65 cm

Powers and abilities: During the first part, Sakura’s abilities are almost nil, even though she possesses extensive chakra control, as demonstrated during the few battles she participates in. However, it is not until the second part that she learns to use this ability to her advantage. After training her with Tsunade for two and a half years, Sakura acquires two abilities.

The first is her ability to heal her wounds, giving him her position in her medical ninja team. Also, being a medical ninja, her team cannot let her face each other in battles. On the other hand, her second ability is her supernatural strength, which by focusing her chakra in her fists and releasing it, Sakura can reduce obstacles to rubble with great ease.

Hinata Hyūga

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura 00

Full Name: Hinata Hyūga (Hinata Uzumaki)
Date of Birth: December 27
Age: 12–13 (Part I), 16 (Part II)
Height: 1.63 m

Powers and abilities: Hinata is part of the powerful Hyūga clan whose members have a hereditary dōjutsu called Byakūgan. By dint of courage and will, and with the help of her cousin Neji, Hinata eventually managed to progress, to master the clan’s most powerful secret techniques.

Hinata’s Byakūgan is often useful during missions with his team to warn enemies or dangers to come in their way; she can see with up to 10 km, and use it to pierce illusions (genjutsu). In the anime, she can also use it to see micro details very precisely, or as infrared vision. Besides her fighting skills, Hinata is shown to be quite intelligent.

In the anime, she is further shown capable of using the “Mystic Palm” healing technique, and she has successfully mastered two Godai Seishitsu Henka, fire and lightning.

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake

Full Name: Kakashi Hatake
Date of Birth: September 15
Age: 26–27 (Part I), 29–31 (Part II)
Height: 1.81 m

Powers and abilities: The left Eye of Sharingan that Obito Uchiha gave him is one of the things that made him famous. Giving him the ability to imitate the movements and jutsu of others, thanks to the Sharingan, Kakashi has a great advantage in battle.

In addition, Kakashi developed the Mangekyō Sharingan after accidentally killing his teammate, Rin Nohara. With this form, evolved from the Sharingan, he can use a technique called “Kamui”, which sends any object or person to another dimension.

Although most of Kakashi’s abilities were acquired by the Sharingan, he has managed to develop two techniques himself. Raikiri is a compilation of chakra rays in the hand and an improved version of the Chidori.


orochimaru era realmente vilao naruto shippuden

Full Name: Orochimaru
Date of Birth: October 27
Age: 50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)
Height:1.795 m

Powers and abilities: Orochimaru is an extremely powerful ninja. His powers, which can easily be considered Kage level, were so great that the Third Hokage feared that no one in the village would be able to defeat him or fight on an equal footing with him.

He was able to hold a fight with Naruto Uzumaki with Four Tails. Because of him fighting is rarely shown, he has only displayed a limited amount of techniques, although it stands to reason that in his efforts to learn all of the existing jutsu, his arsenal of skills has probably made him one of the greatest ninjas.

His fighting style is very fluid and he is almost invulnerable to most conventional techniques, even when impaled. And he has shown that even though he was paralyzed with the Reaper’s Deadly Seal Technique, he could still use ninjutsu without using hand seals.


naruto tsunade anime 1211802 1280x0 1

Full Name: Tsunade Senju
Date of Birth: August 2
Age: 51 (Part I), 54–55 (Part II)
Height: 1.631 m

Powers and abilities: Explicitly the most effective technique used by her was Ninpo: Souzo-saisei. The technique consists of using a large amount of chakra accumulated for a long time in your forehead using it as medical potential, thus achieving not only restoring the cells, but also stimulating the proteins in your body to greatly increase the speed of cell division and reconstruction.

Another of the techniques used by her is the Kuchiyose no jutsu, with which she manages to summon Katsuyu to battle, a very obedient giant slug with the ability to divide into many mini clones, spit acid and transmit healing chakra released by Tsunade.

Finally, one of her most outstanding combat abilities is her outsized strength, capable of making gigantic cracks and house-sized holes in the ground, causing tremors, and blowing the enemy through the air with a punch.

Rock Lee

Naruto Rock Lee 1

Full Name: Rock Lee
Date of Birth: November 27
Age: 13–14 (Part I), 17 (Part II)
Height: 1.77 m

Powers and abilities: Lee is unable to use either magical or illusory arts but only martial arts. Like his teacher, he always wears ankle weights that he can remove only in extreme cases; when he gets rid of them, his already impressive speed increases in an incredible way, becoming so fast as to be almost invisible to the human eye.

Part of his fighting style involves opening the body’s eight defensive doors, or unlocking the natural limiters of the amount of chakra a ninja can draw from his body, resulting in superhuman strength and speed; out of a total of eight doors, Lee has shown he can open five.

He also knows two Lotus techniques He also has a natural predisposition for drunk style and also seems able to fight even when he is almost unconscious.

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze.PNG

Full Name: Minato Namikaze
Date of Birth: January 25
Age: 24
Height: 1.792 m

Powers and abilities: According to Masashi Kishimoto, Minato was the strongest ninja in Konoha’s history. Like Tobirama Senju, Minato proved to be a high-level Sensor Type, being able to detect the presence of people within an area simply by placing his finger on the ground.

And he managed to take the technique of this Flying Thunder God Jutsu to a new level being recognized by it that he had better speed and that he was fast-acting.

Although Minato has never been shown to possess high-powered jutsu or techniques, it is appreciated that his enormous power was due to his ability to exploit the abilities he possessed, such as focusing on his speed to surprise the enemy, or analyzing things quickly and efficiently, so he knew how and when to attack, he is the only ninja who has shown such a fighting style.

Also in the movies, he demonstrates the ability to erase a person’s memories with the Memory Eraser Seal, as well as being an expert in Fuinjutsu being taught the techniques of the Uzumaki Clan by Kushina.


What is the Clan of Jiraiya in Naruto?

Full Name: Jiraiya
Date of Birth: November 11
Age: 50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)
Height: 1.912 m

Powers and abilities: Jiraiya is one of the three legendary ninjas or sanni. When Jiraiya was little he was very clumsy (almost the same as Naruto at that time), he always fell into the same traps that for they set him, saying the Third Hokage that he was incredible for doing that.

He developed a transparency technique to be able to spy on women without being discovered. But with the passage of time, Jiraiya became a great ninja, being so good, that when the third Hokage died, the members of the council of elders of the village asked him to be the successor of the Third Hokage, but he rejected it.


What Episode Does Jiraiya Die In? & When Does Naruto Find Out He Died?

He is considered to be an S-class ninja and one of the best and most powerful shinobi. He is a genius summoning toads. In the battle against the six bodies of Pain, Jiraiya uses the senjutsu, techniques of the hermit, where, he also used the Cutting Barrier, which destroyed a body of Pain when crossing it, thus defeating the one he summoned.



Full Name: Gaara
Date of Birth: January 19
Age: 12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)
Height: 1.725 m

Powers and abilities: Because he has the Shukaku inside him, Gaara can control the sand. To attack his opponents, Gaara uses the sand to bury them and then compresses it to crush them in the process. While Gaara is attacked, a sand shield activates automatically, thus blocking attacks and preventing anything from damaging him.

Also, Gaara covers his skin with a layer of sand, as a preventive defense measure in case the sand shield were to be pierced. At the end of the first part, Gaara demonstrates the ability to use sand to transport himself, allowing him to fly. Like other jinchūriki, Gaara can manifest certain traits of the beast that is encased in him.

While covered in sand, Gaara can take on the appearance of the Shukaku but in miniature, thereby increasing his resistance and speed.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Kaguya 3Ftsutsuki

Full Name: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
Date of Birth: August 15
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

Powers and abilities: In the anime, Kaguya manifested extraordinary powers long before she consumed the fruit of the Divine Tree. She could perform interstellar travel, put people to sleep, hypnotize them, erase their memories, or even release a powerful shock wave from her eyes, capable of knocking back or even slaughtering her enemies.

Kaguya attained such unparalleled power that she was able to seriously injure Isshiki, though he was caught off guard; as well as pacifying the world that was torn apart by war alone, causing people to worship her in fear. Hagoromo, being a legendary figure himself, praised his mother’s power as superior to all others, including his combined with his brother’s.

Neji Hyūga


Full Name: Neji Hyūga
Date of Birth: July 3
Age: 13–14 (Part I), 17–18 (Part II)
Height: 1.721 m

Powers and abilities: Neji possesses the Byakugan, the innate ability of his clan, which gives him an almost 360-degree view, and a special fighting style called “Juken”, which allows him to damage the circulatory system of the chakra and internal organs.

At a young age, Neji already knew how to use the Byakugan, and he knew all the secret techniques of the main branch (such as the celestial rotation and the 64 palms technique). His Byakugan is more developed compared to that of the other members of his clan: he has, in fact, developed the ability to see perfectly the opponent’s vanishing points and in adolescence, he has a sight of 50 meters at 358º and can zoom up to 1 km in a straight line.

Despite his great abilities, Neji has a weak point which is the blind spot of the remaining 2 ° on his back. In fact, when that happens, Neji finds himself in serious trouble. Although in the second part he manages to learn the “Hakke Kushō” technique to compensate for the weakness.

Madara Uchiha

madara uchiha 1

Full Name: Madara Uchiha
Date of Birth: December 24
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.79 m

Powers and abilities: Madara has been referred to by various characters as one of the most gifted ninjas in history, and it has been noted that he was born with a particularly powerful chakra, which he claims is the reason for his “stubborn refusal to die.”

Even the Kyubi mentioned that Madara’s chakra is even more sinister than theirs. Madara has proven capable of defeating several powerful opponents. Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, describes Madara’s visual abilities as something that can make even the best ninja speak, while Gaara said that he had the power of a God.

Tsunade, on his part, doubts that Tobi is actually Madara Uchiha and that he is only using his name because the name ‘Madara Uchiha’ is synonymous with power while Obito carried out his plans.

Itachi Uchiha

itachi featured 1632854701914

Full Name: Itachi Uchiha
Date of Birth: June 9
Age: 17–18 (Part I), 21 (Part II)
Height: 1.78 m

Powers and abilities: Itachi Uchiha was considered a genius in his village, even within the famous Uchiha clan, adept in combat. He was able to effortlessly learn a new jutsu from mere observation and quickly rose through the various ninja ranks. His prowess rivaled Shisui Uchiha, who was considered the strongest Uchiha of his time. He was particularly versatile: he excelled in taijutsu, ninjutsu, seals, and genjutsu and won praise from his allies and enemies.

Orochimaru, one of Konoha’s Three Legendary Ninjas, openly admitted that Itachi was stronger than him. Tobi reveals to Sasuke that, although weakened by illness, Itachi could have killed him during their fight if he wished. Even while holding back, a team of jônin was pushed back into their entrenchment by the latter.

Nagato (Pain)

Nagato Squelettique

Full Name: Nagato Uzumaki (Pain)
Date of Birth: September 19
Age: 35 (Part II)
Height: 1.755 m

Powers and abilities: According to Jiraiya, he would have mastered the six nature changes of the Chakra and the five elements at only ten years old thanks to his Rinnegan, a unique fact in the history of ninjas. He is able to manipulate six corpses at the same time, which he names Pain, after having implanted dozens of extremely resistant black piercings (transmitters and receivers of Chakra) in them all over the body and face.

He controls, in the same way, many invocations that one of his corps can use. When the Six Paths of Pain are joined together they form Pain Rikudô. After the death of his best friend Yahiko, Nagato will make his corpse the main body among the six.

Although he resides most of the time in the hidden village of Ame, when he wishes to handle the bodies in a remote place, Nagato must also leave the village and stay at a reasonable distance from the corpses, in a place as far away as possible. high as possible, to maintain full control over them.


Hanzo Naruto

Full Name: Hanzō 
Date of Birth: February 12
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.77 m

Powers and abilities: Hanzō’s abilities and techniques are not shown throughout the franchise, but it is interpreted throughout it that he is a character with great power and abilities, according to the legendary shinobi fame he has. The so-called three Sannin (Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade) were no match for him, barely surviving.

The character’s favorite weapon was a large kusarigama (a weapon from Japan). He used the weapon both offensively and defensively, or even to immobilize opponents. The main characteristic of the character is a bag of poison that he carries housed inside his body. Hanzō used it to poison his enemies or his own kusarigama.

However, this was also a double-edged sword for Hanzō, because if the bag were to break, the poison would paralyze Hanzō, although it would not be lethal to him. On the other hand, the poison was highly lethal to anyone, causing incredible pain and paralyzing the body.

Kabuto Yakushi


Full Name: Kabuto Yakushi
Date of Birth: February 29
Age: 19–20 (Part I), 23–24 (Part II)
Height: 1.77 m

Powers and abilities: The first notions shown of his character in the play reflect a low-level ninja with very basic knowledge, however, this was a cover under which to act as Orochimaru’s spy. His main instrument in battle is usually his intelligence. Kabuto is extremely insightful and calculating, always improvising and adapting in combat.

In battle he never leaves anything to chance and is able to analyze his opponents in just moments, knowing how to anticipate his movements in almost any circumstance. His main attribute is his abilities as a doctor, which is why Orochimaru wanted to make him his disciple.

Boruto characters

In this section, we are going to do the same to Boruto characters. Now, some of the characters you’re going to see in the table are going to be repeated from the table above, but with new information; still, those characters won’t be individually analyzed, only those that appear solely in Boruto.

Naruto Uzumaki19-21 (Blank Period), 32-33October 105’90”
Sasuke Uchiha33July 235’97”
Sakura Harano33March 285’41”
Hinata Uzumaki (Hinata Hyūga)33December 275’34”
Boruto Uzumaki12, 16 (Flashforward)March 274’10”
Sarada Uchiha12March 314’9”
Himawari Uzumaki10Unknown4’6”
Rock Lee33November 275’80”
Konohamaru SarutobiUnknownDecember 305’9″
Mitsuki12July 254’10”
Gaara32–33January 195’64”
Momoshiki ŌtsutsukiUnknownUnknown5’9”
Isshiki ŌtsutsukiUnknownUnknownUnknown
Koji KashinUnknownUnknownUnknown
Sumire Kakei12June 124’9”
Kinshiki ŌtsutsukiUnknownUnknown7’6”

Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto27s Rasengan

Full Name: Boruto Uzumaki
Date of Birth: March 27
Age: 12
Height: 1.63 m

Powers and abilities: Descended from both of his powerful bloodlines, Boruto is a prodigy, considered capable of accomplishing anything he attempts in a remarkably short time. Having inherited his paternal grandfather’s genius and his father’s unpredictability, he achieved the highest mark in his class in the Genin Examinations, and is considered well above the rest of his generation.

As a genin, Boruto is considered an elite who excels in all areas of combat. His prowess proved crucial in defeating formidable opponents including Momoshiki, Urashiki, and members of Kara. His potential is also seen as a threat to the Ōtsutsuki clan.

Sarada Uchiha

Uchiha Sarada

Full Name: Sarada Uchiha
Date of Birth: March 31
Age: 12
Height: 1.47 m

Powers and abilities: Inheriting her father’s prodigious talent, to the point of being compared to him in his prime, and her mother’s intelligence, Sarada was rated third in her Academy class, her teachers claiming she would pass. the Genin Exam easily, and that she had what it takes to achieve her dream of becoming Hokage.

As a kunoichi of the Uchiha clan, she is considered an elite genin who excels at everything, being able to make it to the final round of the Chūnin Exam and judged to have Chūnin-level combat analysis and leadership skills by the senior ranks. By gaining more practice with her Sharingan, she is able to defeat experienced shinobi such as Buntan Kurosuki, Ashimaru, and Kirara.

Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari27s indecisiveness

Full Name: Himawari Uzumaki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 10
Height: 1.38 m

Powers and abilities: Himawari unknowingly awakened her Byakugan when she was fighting against Boruto because the latter, not wanting her to bring his favorite stuffed animal on the day of the ceremony where their father was going to become Hokage, tore his stuffed animal, the sadness and anger that She felt she ended up awakening her Byakugan.

Himawari was also seen using the Jûken as when she hit her father, who came between her and her brother, and she reached one of her vital points, her father lost consciousness. at this blow received.

Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Part 3

Full Name: Konohamaru Sarutobi
Date of Birth: December 30
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.775 m

Powers and abilities: At the beginning of the series, the skills Konohamaru understood little, mainly some poor techniques and the shapeshifting technique. After an encounter with Naruto, most of his technical arsenal is made up of very sexy techniques that he learned from the techniques or basics of Naruto. He had some skills in setting traps.

However, after learning the meaning of true determination, Konohamaru’s abilities began to show significant improvement over time, implying that he may have inherited the natural talent from his grandfather, the Third Hokage.



Full Name: Mitsuki
Date of Birth: July 25
Age: 12
Height: 1.49 m

Powers and abilities: While most of his abilities are unknown, it is said that Mitsuki stood out among his comrades due to his exceptional talent. He is shown to be nimble on his feet and can make his body extendable, he is able to dislocate his joints and extend, and elongate his limbs using his chakra. Mitsuki possesses the ability to use Hermit Transformation; however, he is only able to awaken this ability unconsciously.

Unique to him, he is covered in a shroud of chakra in the shape of ethereal serpents all around his body to aid him during his ranged attacks, a single horn growing from his forehead. His speed increases dramatically, as shown when he was able to snatch a scroll and key from Orochimaru before he realized Mitsuki had moved.

Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki


Full Name: Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.76 m

Powers and abilities: Momoshiki was an extremely powerful being who, alongside Kinshiki, was considered almost as great a threat as Kaguya, the ancestor of chakra. He was able to stand up to multiple Kage simultaneously. After absorbing Kinshiki, he could compete in battle with Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki, who both used Hermit Rikudō’s chakra. Additionally, Momoshiki possesses the power to levitate, as shown when he attacked the Chūnin Exams with Kinshiki.


boruto naruto kawaki 1278178

Full Name: Kawaki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 14
Height: 1.83 m

Powers and abilities: Although not a ninja, Kawaki remains a remarkably powerful fighter, having undergone harsh combat training by Jigen, armed and unarmed, to master his various techniques. In the past, he was able to destroy dozens of dangerous robot puppets.

With the power he possesses he would have killed Team Konohamaru with a single attack if Boruto had not tapped into his own Kama and absorbed it, Delta openly praised Kawaki’s power. Kawaki would possibly be an incredible shinobi if he could learn to use ninjutsu in addition to his Kama and his Ninja Artifact.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

Isshiki27s Teleporting Rift

Full Name: Isshiki Ōtsutsuki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

Powers and abilities: Isshiki’s power is so vast that Jigen’s body, despite the various upgrades he had gained to be monstrously powerful, struggles to contain it, preventing him from using its full extent for long. . While limiting himself, he can simultaneously face Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, the two strongest shinobi in history, and with further practice defeat them both decisively, sealing the former while killing almost the second.

Amado described Isshiki’s power as being so immense that if he was able to fully harness his true powers, he could destroy the Earth without anyone being able to stop him.

Koji Kashin

Koji Kashin

Full Name: Koji Kashin
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

Powers and abilities: As a clone of one of the Sannin and an Inner of Kara, Koji is considered a powerful monster with superhuman abilities. He was able to easily defeat one of Konoha’s best jōnin. In the anime, he was considered a very troublesome opponent by Kakashi Hatake.

He appears to be among the strongest internals, as he easily defeated and killed Victor and was confident he could defeat Delta. Even Isshiki Ōtsutsuki himself recognized Koji as a competent man being able to kill the latter’s vessel after being severely weakened and even stand up to Isshiki himself.

Sumire Kakei

Sumire Kakei

Full Name: Sumire Kakei
Date of Birth: June 12
Age: 12
Height: 1.47 m

Powers and abilities: Having trained from a young age, Sumire is a very stealthy and capable kunoichi. Thanks to her relationship with the Gozu Tennō, Sumire is able to summon Nue to help her, in addition to the fact that she has shown her power to create a kind of dark chakra snake that she uses for various actions both offensive and supplementary.

On the other hand, Sumire showed great skill in hand-to-hand combat, being able to fight on par with Mitsuki for a few moments. However, the most powerful feature of hers is her deceitful and manipulative character which allowed her to create a new identity. At the same time, she is very stealthy and sneaky, being able to hide her presence.

Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki

Kinshiki y sus armas de chakra HD

Full Name: Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 2.31 m

Powers and abilities: Kinshiki was an extraordinarily powerful being who, along with Momoshiki and (in the anime) Urashiki, was considered a greater threat than Kaguya. He was able to contain a perfect jinchūriki, simultaneously standing against several Kage-level opponents and blocking Sasuke Uchiha.

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